(not) parkrun week 12 31 August – 6 September 2020

Despite what the parkrun email says about it being week 11, the results table says it's definitely week 12 of (not) parkrun! This week 18,308 parkrunners took part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:07 ⏱️

47 of these were Porty parkrunners giving us a (not) parkrun record turnout but still some way off the top of the UK (not) parkrun table :(


We had 7 first timers to (not) parkrun, welcome to Dave Tucker, Douglas Forrester, Naomi Miall, Iain Hockenhull, Alex Boyack, Matt Gorrie and Blair Dinwoodie! From the returnees there were an impressive 14 PBs, congratulations Dorothy Groobie, Luca Basso, Heike Ulferts, Merryn Ulferts Kilpatrick, Annette Davison, Fiona Squires, Joanna McKenzie, Elinor Evans, Chris Noden, Georgia Rogers, Graeme Thom, Alison Elgin, Dave Stone and Gareth Warren!

This weekend would have been the deferred Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend which is usually one of our largest parkrun attendances of the year with a deluge of visitors here for the races. It was lovely to see some people on Porty prom with "race" numbers on taking part in the virtual events on Sunday, although it was maybe a little warm for running a marathon by late morning. "Congratulations" if you took part!

The latest COVID update from parkrun can be found here. Before anyone looks, i've researched flights to the Falkland Islands and Northern Territories of Australia and it's impossible to get there before Saturday! ;)  There is also a glimmer of hope for the UK with the announcement of the intention for parkruns in England to return by the end of October. Note that this is only England at the moment and there is no guarantee it will happen by then.  Before you rush off to book a weekend south of the border, the parkrun COVID framework does ask that you attend your local events and avoid unneccessary travel to non-local parkruns. Now I love a bit of parkrun tourism as much as anyone (ok, possibly more than most people!) but let's all be sensible about this and respect the requests to keep events as safe as possible once they return.

In the mean time, get your trainers on, run where ever and when ever you like and log some (not) parkrun times. I'll get us in that top 5 one week!!