(not) parkrun week 16 28 September – 4 October

The results are in from week sixteen at (not)parkrun with 16,316 parkrunners taking part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:07 ⏱️ We had 40 participants from Portobello, recording 51 (not) parkrun times over the week, with an average finish time of 32:50.  Welcome to first time (not) parkrunners Sinead Fielding and Lynsay Burgess!

The rain did not stop play with 12 of the 40 runners taking part in (not) parkrun on Saturday, you hard core people!  I had a (not) parkrun date on Saturday morning with fellow Run Director the lovely Claire (cakes) Mathieson. We met at the slightly random but mutually convenient Straiton retail park and did a loop round Loanhead, followed by an al fresco coffee and catch up, it almost felt like a normal parkrun morning!

The Personal Best congratulations this week go to Douglas Forrester, Jennie Simpson, Paul Barnaby, Elinor Evans, Chris Noden, Naomi Miall, Annette Davison, Scott Balfour, David Mill, and me!

The latest update from parkrun HQ can be found here. There is more good news for parkruns resuming around the world, including plans to start Guernsey and Nobles parkrun on the Isle of Man at the end of this month. Before any plans a tourist trip, there are serious restrictions on travel to both islands!

I know I always say "stay safe and keep running" but this week I have a plea on the safety front that's not covid related.....it's about visibility! The nights are drawing in and either milk tray have resumed home delivery services or the runners of Edinburgh need to ensure they can be seen by fellow pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. If you're new to winter running or maybe running outside more then please get yourself some lights and reflective gear. There's some very cheap lightweight hi-viz vests that you can throw on over any clothing and the reflective "snap band" type strips are great for round arms, ankles or bags. Don't be a ninja runner unless it's a sneaky sprint finish!!

It's World Mental Health day on Saturday 10th October and we all know that nothing boosts your mood quite like a parkrun. Hopefully there won't be anything in the Government announcements later today that prevents us from still doing our (not) parkrun so if you can, why not make a "date" with a running buddy and head out for a run and a chat. The miles go so much faster with company!

Stay safe, don't be a ninja, and keep running!