(not) parkrun week 18 12 -18 October

The results are in from last week at (not)parkrun with 17,562 parkrunners taking part across 20 countries, with an average finish time of 34:09 ⏱️ In total, over 70,000 unique parkrunners have now recorded over 500,000 (not) parkruns!

42 of this week's runners represented Porty parkrun with an average finish time of 33:47. We only had 1 first timer to Porty (not) parkrun this week so welcome to Andrew McGowan who joins the increasing number of (not) parkrunners who've never run a "real" parkrun.

Of the returnee (not) parkrunners, 9 recorded a personal best time week. Congratulations go to Heike Ulferts, Mike Lieberman, Connor Ulferts Kilpatrick, Jan Maxwell, Catriona Mutch, Douglas Forrester, Zoe MacDonald, Elaine Wilson, and Nicola Fielding who got in touch to tell us she finally beat the 30 minute mark on the 3rd anniversary of her first parkrun. Sadly we couldn't be there to celebrate with her but I imagine the reaction was something like this classic from our archives!


This week's update from parkrun HQ can be found here. It won't come as a surprise to hear there's no further news on a planned return for mainland UK events but in the mean time we would like you to help keep the Porty parkrun spirit alive and join in our (not) parkrun Halloween themed week next week.  Either comment on the facebook post or drop us an email to portobello@parkrun.com with your creations and outfits:

  • Do a (not) parkrun on Sat 31st wearing your best costume. 
  • Carve a parkrun themed pumpkin or colour in a parkrun design
  • Make and decorate some halloween themed cakes or biscuits (samples to Claire cakes please!)

I'm off to polish my broomstick, keep running, stay safe and make it spooky!