Potternewton Parkrun Number #107 Report 28/05/2022


It was a lovely sunny morning for Potternewton’s 107th parkrun where 76 people gathered to run/walk/push buggies/power walk around the stunning park surrounded by beautiful trees, 14 of the runners were brand new to the course.

The atmosphere was buzzing, in large part due to the spirit and enthusiasm of the 18 volunteers who made the event possible. HUGE thanks to the following:



The event began with a quick briefing from the Run Director who ran through the rules and hazards of parkrun and thanked the volunteers. Volunteering at parkrun is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded parkrun fanatics in the local community and a great way to make you feel good about yourself because you always get a huge clap! If that isn’t enough of an incentive, you can also gain volunteering milestones to add to your Parkrun profile and build up your t-shirt collection. There are so many different roles you can perform so you can choose one you think you’d most enjoy and send an email across to potternewton@parkrun.com to get involved. If you’re shy about that kind of thing, try bringing a friend along with you to help out too to make the experience even better. 

We also celebrated the achievements of those committed runners who have now joined the milestone club. HUGE congratulations to the following:

Peter RICHARDSON - 25 parkruns

We hope you reach your next milestone soon!


Huge shoutouts should also be given to the following parkrunners who completed their first EVER parkrun today here at Potternewton. We hope you’ll all continue to come back to run with us and gain many PBs. 


Following the briefing, we began jaunting through the park. The first finisher, was Andy TURNER who ran the course in just 17 minutes 48 seconds, setting himself a new PB in the process. In addition to this, we saw a total of 14 new PBs during today’s run. Round of applause for the following runners who worked extremely hard to beat their times and set a new personal best:

Andy TURNER, Daniel BILLINGSLEY, Chris DIETZ, Michael HAYES, David LANCASTER, Paul KEYSE, James COOK, Rebecca CAMPBELL, Matt REES, Anna JONES, Eleanor SLATER, Jessica PREW, Vikki SKIPPER, Alexander TAYLOR


After 2 3/4 laps Potternewton Parkrun #107 was brought to a close by the fantastic Tail Walker, Christine TURNER crossing the finish line.


Thanks to everyone who came to take part!

Amber Edwards



Potternewton parkrun Report – 12/03/2022 | #96



Potternewton and the Bloke from Preston

Saturday dawned early this week as my alarm informed me it was time to get up and park-run ready. While the days have started to get a bit longer in the last couple of weeks, we’re still not quite at the point that 5.30 will greet one with a glorious sunrise (that bit comes later,) However I had missed the opportunity to head to Leeds the previous week so was resolved that I would make my way to the train station and get another Yorkshire parkrun boxed off to make 267 parkruns done at 124 different locations.)
After what felt like a not too long train ride (maybe I’m getting used to it) it was a quick 2 mile jog up to Potternewton Park itself just in time to encounter the team setting up the course including the familiar face of Sam Dooley who I had encountered a few weeks previous just up the road at Woodhouse Moor! Carrying on up the first of many hills that were to come our run director for the morning, Margaret was busy setting up the finish area. Wanting to be helpful I asked if anything needed doing and set to on getting the parkrun flag up. Not as easy as you might think! It was lucky another of the lovely volunteers had arrived by this time and between us we managed to get the job done.
All the while the sun was coming up over the park. I wish my email would allow photos in my reports as every time I have done a parkrun in Leeds the sunrise has been beautiful and it was with this backdrop that we were called over for a first timers briefing by Bobak. Also joining us were 4 people who were entirely new to parkrun so allow me to say WELCOME TO THE PARKRUN FAMILY. You really couldn’t have chosen a better course to start your parkrun journey! As it transpired this was to be a 2 lap and a half course on the paths around the park taking in the manor at the top of the park which had so far completely escaped my notice. The start line was also pointed out to us at the bottom of the valley the park forms. It was at this point that I realised just how many undulations we were about to encounter.
Once this was done I encountered another parkrun tourist who had come even further than me hailing from Widnes. After a discussion about the various parkruns we had both done and an in-depth discussion on the pros and cons of tourism it was time for the main briefing. There were a good number of milestones to be applauded with Jennifer Griffiths completing her 25th run A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU. Special mention once again to Bobak Walker completing his 250th parkrun this week. An EPIC achievement.
Of course the biggest round of applause at parkrun is reserved for the volunteers. It is thanks to people like those below that we all get to indulge our Saturday morning obsession. A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!
Bekki WHEATLEY • Ben SMITHERS • Bobak WALKER • Clare LINTON • Douglas CAMPBELL • Jane HEATH • Janice RUSH • Leroy SUTTON • Lindsay LOWSON • Lizzie FELLOWS • Margaret CLIFF • Maureen COFFEY • Sam DOOLEY
With that the countdown was made from 3 to 1 and we were off. Heading along the centre of the park, in the valley I mentioned earlier we turned left and headed up the first hill passing our first marshall. After a quick shout of thanks it was time to dig in for the a long ascent up to the aforementioned manor at the top of the park. We were rewarded with a quick loop round the gardens and then a downhill section passing more smiling marshalls all shouting their encouragement. Believe me this is one course where you realise how much a bit of encouragement from a hi-viz hero can make all the difference especially as once we had come down it was time to head back uphill to the other side of the park.
There of course we had pass the finish line and all the other volunteers who would be waiting for us in another lap and half's time. A quick loop around the other top end of the park and then we were back in the valley ready to run back up and down and up and down again before finally crossing the finish line.
As always the operation was seamless with barcodes scanned in seconds and after a brief chat and shout of thanks to some of the volunteers it was time to be off. 2 miles back to the train station and before long I was back in Preston happily reliving the memories while writing this report.
Potternewton wasn’t the biggest parkrun I’ve ever done but I have to say it was definitely one of the friendliest. For that, a brilliant (if brutal) course I really cannot sing your praises enough. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS and I will hopefully see you again soon!

Author Ben Smithers


Seasonal announcements from Potternewton parkrun

Weather cancellations

After the tad cold and breezy weather caused us to cancel last week, please be aware we check the course for weather related safety before every parkrun.  The safety of our volunteers and participants is our priority. We take into account both the conditons in the park, and the conditions faced as people make their way to the park.

If a decision is made that to cancel then we will announce this on the Potternewton parkrun Facebook page and on Twitter (follow @pottyparkrun) by 8am on the Saturday morning. So do check before you set off from home on such Saturday mornings.


Christmas Day and New Years Day

These both fall on a Saturday this year.  Please note that Potternewton parkrun will not take place on 25th December.  The last parkrun of 2021 will be 18th December, weather permitting.

However do we plan to have a Potternewton parkrun at 9am on New Years Day.  That is so long as we have enough volunteers to support a safe and enjoyable event.  This year all New Years Days parkruns in England will start at 9am.

And finally, the award goes to........

A big big and very warm thank-you to all who have volunteered at Potternewton parkrun since our return in July this year.  Perhaps we are biased, but we know for sure that our volunteers are the very best there are.  And collectively they win the Potternewton parkrun Sports Personalities of the Year.

Merry Christmas, Seaons Greetings, and Happy New year to you all.






Potternewton parkrun #83 20th November 2021: 3rd Birthday.

We celebrated our 3rd birthday at Potternewton parkrun with some cake, some fancy dress, some dry mild weather, some autumn leaves, some participants reaching parkrun milestones among our largest attendance since the restart in July.

Speculation as to the reason for the big turn-out this week did not reach any firm conclusion but a consensus that the promise of cake may have contributed so it’s fitting to offer a huge thank-you to Fred Jewitt, Liz Stephenson-Payne and Sally Mansfield for bringing us delicious cakes and croissants, which Sally served out to finishers and volunteers alike.

IMG_20211120_091625 IMG_7112shr

Then we need to particularly thank our full team of excellent volunteers who brought today’s parkrun to you all. They were Ben Hartley, Myra Jones, Janice Rush, Michael Mansfield, Lindsay Lowson, Sean Mullany, Bekki Wheatley, Abigail Peach Wheatley, Sean Cook, Clare Linton, Lindsey McDermott, Douglas Campbell, Joshua Tsiga, Rob Greenland, Simon Elliott, Peter Rush, Liz Stephenson-Payne, Louisa McLellan and Richard Kemp.

This was the 150th time that Simon Elliott has volunteered at parkrun and his 150th parkrun finish; a huge double achievement.  Lindsay Lowson  chalked up the 50th occasion she has volunteered at Potternewton parkrun (and her 175th time volunteering across all parkruns).   And today Frankie Bell, Matthew Peacock and Stewart Regan joined the 25 parkrun club.  Congratulations to all of you.

From the finish funnel it seemed like a relatively quick field this week. Indeed 29 of our 156 finishers recorded their quickest time here and 37 of the finishers were at Potternewton for the first time including 2 doing their very first parkrun.  Of the quickest 7 female and 7 male finishers this week, 4 of each recorded PBs !

IMG_20211120_091533_01 IMG_20211120_091521 IMG_20211120_091358 IMG_20211120_091315

We love seeing those final efforts climbing our finishing slope. So a special shout out this week to Leroy Sutton who, in recent weeks, after completing his impressive 5km has been providing one to one encouragement to others as they finish up that hill ! In any case every participant records an achievement as they finish and in whatever time it has taken. All abilities are welcome at Potternewton parkrun.

If you'd like to volunteer at future events please email Maureen and Liz, our volunteer coordinators, at potternewtonhelpers@parkrun.com.


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Potternewton parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Marcos Angel VALERO PALACIOS who recorded a time of 15:59 on 17th August 2019 (event number 39).
The female record is held by Elizabeth DAVIES who recorded a time of 17:54 on 1st January 2020 (event number 55).
The Age Grade course record is held by Elizabeth DAVIES who recorded 85.94% (17:54) on 1st January 2020 (event number 55).

Potternewton parkrun started on 17th November 2018. Since then 3,488 participants have completed 10,566 parkruns covering a total distance of 52,830 km, including 1,925 new Personal Bests. A total of 374 individuals have volunteered 1,344 times


Potternewton parkrun event #79: 23rd October 2021

This week 106 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers at Potternewton, including one person completing what for many is the biggest parkrun challenge of all: getting to and finishing that very first ever parkrun 5km.

This week we saw three of our Potternewton regulars reach a 5km parkrun milestone: Belinda Connolly and Dave Kasher joining the 50 club and core team member Rob Greenland joining the 100 club.   Kudos to all three.  Also kudos goes to all 18 of the finishers recording their quickest time at Potternewton which this week included both female and male first finishers: Charlotte Coffey and Richard Herrington.


Julie and Chris Levitt who were marshalling at coney corner have kindly uploaded to our Facebook page a lovely set of photos of participants as they navigated our very own contraflow section !  Please do take a look !

The week's event was made possible by the 15 volunteers: Maureen COFFEY • Helen DOWNIE • Michael MANSFIELD • Lindsay LOWSON • Emma JAQUES • Hayley LLOYD-HENRY • Rob GREENLAND • Elizabeth STEPHENSEN-PAYNE • Jon ARNOLD • Louisa MCLELLAN • Jane HEATH • Julie LEVITT • Sally MANSFIELD • Chris LEVITT • Joshua TSIGA

The full time scores from Saturday and a complete event history can be found on the Potternewton parkrun Results Page.

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