Preston parkrun is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Preston parkrun event 386 by George Coxon

So where to start with this week's run report as there was so much going on. Well I suppose we start with the one subject everyone is talking about. Coronavirus. Questions were pouring in and the main one was "is parkrun going to be on next week?". There is no answer to that yet and we can only wait until any announcement will be made. What I do know is that our small community of parkrunners will miss each other and later on I will highlight some moments of our great community. But if it is indeed cancelled for however long, we know that this will be for the greater good and that if this happens and lives are saved, that is way more important than holding parkruns. Yes this may be my last run report for a while but I have thoroughly enjoyed following so many of your journeys. Your achievements, your milestones, your PBs, your birthdays and all your smiles. I can think of no other way better than to start the weekend with our great Preston parkrun community. But if it happens and we don't see other for a while, when we do, we can have the greatest of celebrations.


So onto this week's run and what drama. Firstly Chrissie Oakley fell and hurt her elbow and had to abandon her run. I know some people helped her get up and then Lindsay Gaughan came to the rescue by abandoning her own run by getting the first aid box.




We hope you are OK and thank you Lindsay for your quick thinking.
Then we had a young boy having palpitations but luckily his dad ( I think it was his dad ) was on hand to get him through this.
Then finally we had a man who came over quite faint after crossing the finish line. Thankfully for him, two people (I do believe the photo below was one of the helpers) were on hand to help him recover and the young family who were handing out all the lovely chocolates, were on hand to boost his sugar levels. After a while he was fine.




The one thing all these moments show is that our parkrun community does not hide when we have these types of situations but we see heroes show up, when we least expect.
I personally would like to thank all these people and I'm sorry I didn't know all your names because you all deserve a mention by name. So thank you all so very much.
So here I am, way into the run report and only two photos so far, so let's start to remedy this.
Let's start with some stretches. Yes 454 people turned up and many got into the swing of what is now our traditional stretch routine.







This may have been an unusual sight for 42 people, who were visiting Preston for the first time, of which 24 were running their first ever parkrun. Yes Avenham and Miller parks welcomed Benjamin Rowland, Fiona Fellows, Rachel Shaw, Emily Shaw, Danielle Brown, Joseph Whatton, Matt Cuerden, Philip Harrison, Samantha Elliot, Alison Robinson, Andrew Jones, Simon Fulcher, Adam Draper, Mark Dilworth, John Winstanly, Rachel Pearson, Jenna Moore, Adam Cross, Duncan Harris, Zara Darkin, Garran St Vall, Adam Hayhurst, Ehtan Chadwick and Ben Dilworth. I hope you all enjoyed our lovely views and that you come back time and time again. Here is Benjamin Rowland with his proud Grandma Janet.




And here are some beautiful views of our parks.





For the first timers, one thing is guaranteed, yes a personal best time. But for others, they have new PBs to try to get. An astonishing 82 people smashed their Preston PB. Now that is nuts. Our first finisher Harry Everett came home in a crazy time of 17.09.




Some other notable PBs were William Moorhouse and Eddie Chandler going sub 20. Peter Huggil went under 25 minutes. Daniel Watson, Janet Rigby and Theresa Wilson all went under 30 minutes whilst Kersti Croft went sub 35 and Alison Cliff dipped under 40 minutes.
Of course it's almost impossible to keep Harry and Adrian Nicholson out of the headlines, as they zoomed round the course for their 9th consecutive PB.




A huge well done to all our PBers this week.
They were not the only achievers this week as we had a fistful of milestone achievers.
Dylan Croft celebrated his 50th run. Dylan has ran most of his parkruns at Cuerdon and Preston. Well done Dylan.




Abu Wadie also celebrated his 50th run and brought family and friends along, who were giving out so many treats at the finish line. I can assure you that lots of people were thankful for them. Abu has done all of his parkruns at Preston and he was clearly in the mood today, as he broke his PB. Well done Abu.




Nigel Shepherd completed his 100th run. Nigel is also a regular volunteer so he now has red, purple and black tops to be proud about. Well done Nigel.




Jason Spear ran into the hall of fame 250. Jason is also a regular volunteer and has run 183 times at Preston. Well done Jason.




Joining Jason in the 250 club was Anees Shaikh. Anees who also has been a volunteer has run most of his runs at Cuerdon but clearly wanted to celebrate this wonderful achievement at Preston. Well done Anees.




Preston had two birthday boys as well. James Butler and Richard Southworth were enjoying a day to remember in the Preston sunshine. Oddly enough, both James and Richard are in the same age category. Happy birthday lads.





Yes, there was plenty of celebrations and here are just a few more people who had a smile on their faces, all because of being in this great parkrun community.








Of course, none of this happens if it wasn't for our enthusiastic hi-viz heroes. We had so many volunteers and they are a credit to Preston. This week we thank Christine Acklam, John Allen, Matthew Beniston, Amanda Berry, Lisa Bolton, Robert Calderbank, Caroline Clark, Matthew Clark, Shane Collins, George Coxon, David Crawshaw, Warren Crook, Andrew Doublett, Fiona Gutteridge, Andrew Hall, Jenny Hobbiss, Gary James, Nathan James, Phil James, Ashraff Kazee, Bilal Kazee, Maureen Kirkby, Andy Lea, Paula Leslie, Jim McLean, Bernie Mitchell, James Shuttleworth, Mark Slattery, Sean Sweeney, Steve Taylor, Stephen Walsh, Andy Whaley and Sue Wickham




Ash making time to give us a thumbs up.




David, our results processing genius.




John and Maureen cheering everyone on.




Thank you to all of our brilliant volunteers.
All the awesome photos in this run report came from our photographic marvel Steve. Thanks Steve.
My photo of the week is this one of Dylan. Definitely a lad who should feel proud of his achievement today.




Bye for now and look after yourself. See you next time.




Preston parkrun event 385 by George Coxon.



With Leap Day one week behind us, we entered into a new month at Preston and the month of March started with a bang. Yes, it was loud and proud for 200 women who came to celebrate International Women's Day. And celebrate in style they did.






Helping celebrate this special day, 268 men came along to show their support and join in this memorable day.




For 22 ladies, they were doubling up with the celebrations. For these 22 women, it was to be their first ever parkrun and Preston was more than happy to welcome Victoria Musu, Kate Jones, Jennifer Miele, Elaine Lucas, Sarah Katherine Clarke, Jennifer Kernan, Rachel Henrys, Sharon Virk, Janine Wilson, Safiyah Maravia, Melissa Cromie, Kate Holden, Carole Mole, Abigail Callender-Iddon, Hannah Raisbeck, Rachel Lemon, Erica Ball, Hannah Scott Shevills, Karen Boardman, Helena Gadsby, Maariyah Maravia and Khadija Bismallah to the wonderful community that is parkrun. Although whether it was your first parkrun or your 399th parkrun, as it was for Karen Shackleton, Preston is always a warm and welcoming place.







The day was so inspiring for 26 women, as they smashed their own personal best time. Anneke Crosby broke her PB on her 264th run. Now that's inspiring to all of us. Following her lead was Suzanne Bailey breaking her PB on her 52nd run. Other equally notable mentions are Claire Darbyshire and Kersti Frost who dipped under 35 minutes for the first time and Shena Rolfe and Donna Crabtree went sub 30 minutes. Well done to all our PBers and I hope you felt great satisfaction as you rang the PB bell.





It wasn't just the women who found the day inspiring, as some of the boys and men got into the PB act.
Brothers Umar and Ismail Nalla both were in fine form PBing on the same day.




Harry Nicholson once again got his hand on the bell. Harry just can't stop himself, as this was his 8th consecutive PB.




Well done to everyone who ran their PB on Saturday.
We also had a couple of milestone achievers.
Geoff Kenyon ran into the 100 club, having run 66 of these at Preston.




Natalie Croft blazed her way to red 50. Although Natalie has run most of her 50 runs at other parkruns, she decided to enjoy her special moment in Avenham and Miller parks.




Well done to both of you.
Our one birthday runner was Patrick Grant. Patrick is a regular runner at Preston but clearly he was over excited for his birthday, as he forgot his barcode. Happy birthday Patrick.




Of course, parkrun happens because of our incredible team of hi-viz heroes. I know I might mention this the odd time ha, but volunteering is such a wonderful thing to do. Ask any volunteer and they will tell you how much they enjoy it and how simple the roles are. Getting in touch could not be easier, just send an email to Or look at our future roster page. My recommendation as always is try the run report. Thank you to all our volunteers this Saturday who were John Allen, Michelle Allott, Matthew Beniston, James Butler, Robert Calderbank, John Carruthers, Ben Cliff, George Coxon, Stephen Croft, Warren Crook, Gary Daley, Aysha Desai, Fiona Gutteridge, Kate Harrison, Diane Hawthornthwaite, Louisa Henshaw, Joe Howard, Alice Hughes, Helen Hughes, Emily Ingham, Judi Ingham, Ashraf Kazee, Bilal Kazee, Maureen Kirkby, Andy Lea, Robert Lea, Paula Leslie, Catherine Lock, Jim McClean, Annabel Rigby, Christine Rostron, Helen Rutherford, Esther Stanier,
Sean Sweeney




Robin Weston




Andy Whaley, Sue Wickham and Robert Wilson.


Special thanks goes to Steve Taylor, who once again has brought us these awesome photos. Thanks Steve.
But Saturday was all about the women and here are just a few who were having the time of their lives.







My photo of the week was obviously going to be what this day was all about, celebrating women on this great day.




See you all next week.




Preston parkrun event 384 by Kate Harrison, George Coxon and Steve Taylor

On Saturday, Preston parkrun celebrated their first ever Leap Day run and for 456 people it was too inviting to miss and the weather responded in kind by staying dry. Yes, dry. After all the batterings the recent storms have given us, Avenham and Miller Parks still kept its beauty intact.




Unfortunately the toilet blocks are still closed so apologies for this but we hope to see them open soon.




Another huge thank you goes to Galloway's Society to the Blind who continue to let us have the use of their defibrillator.


For many, in years to come, they will remember where they were on Leap Day 2020 and maybe they will come back for the next one in 2048. There were 42 people running Preston for the first time and for 20 people it was their first time running a parkrun.




Hopefully you could hear me as we welcomed Mahmed Nalla, Rio Howard, Reece Worthington, Kirsty Quigley, Craig Chadderton, Oliver Parkinson, Anthony Sands, Leah Hogarth, Andrew Willan, Michael Feather, Jacob Hacking, Rachel Baxendale, Joseph Pickford, Rebecca Wood, Rachel Ashcroft, Jenni Keranen, David Rnkin, Kirstie Pickford, Lottie Stotesbury and Neil Stotesbury. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your first experience of our parkrun community and got into the act of our pre-run warm ups and shoelace checks. Yes, we are creatures of habits, but good habits.







Then it was off to the start line to create your Leap Day memories and for 54 people they had more to celebrate about, as they recorded their personal best times. Some notable mentions are Karl Hodgson who was our first finisher in one second under 17 minutes. Steve Willets went sub 20. Shuayb Ingar went under 23 minutes, which is phenomenal from a junior runner. Neil Healy went sub 25 minutes, Alexandra Taylor went under 30 minutes in 29.35 and another of our juniors, Oliver Cookson smashed the 30 minute barrier. Tina Twist, Joanne Chotard, Helen Hendrickson-Flynn, Julia Barnes and Elaine Walsh all went sub 32 at Preston for the first time. Jo Armitage, running in her Vegan Runner colours left the children and buggy at home this week and was the first female finisher for the 9th time and Harry and Adrian Nicholson continued their hot streak by breaking their personal best for the 7th consecutive week. A massive well done to all our PBers. A proud moment for all of you as you got the chance to ring the Leap Day PB Bell.







There was also plenty to cheer about for our milestone achievers this week.
Asharaf Kazee ran his 300th parkrun.




Faisal Ali joined the 100 club.




Whilst Christine Rostron and Jackie Smith will soon be collecting their very own red 50 t-shirt.





Well done to all of you.


Also on this special Leap day, we had two people celebrating their birthdays. Yes it was an extra special 9th and 10th birthday for Andy Heywood and Alex Proffitt.





Alex is a fabulous supporter of parkrun and has been a volunteer at both Preston parkrun and the junior events for many a year. Sadly Alex has lost her grey and green jacket on Saturday. If anyone found it, could they email Preston parkrun.
Happy birthday to both of you.


Preston is such an amazing place to run a parkrun and our community are always a welcoming sight.








As always, my biggest thanks goes to our amazing volunteers, who once again were awesome this week and 2 were celebrating their own achievements.
Pam Wood, seen of the left here volunteered for her 25th time. Well done Pam.




Catherine Lock volunteered for the 50th time. What a great achievement Catherine.


Also thank you to Andrew Acklam, William Acklam, Matthew Beniston, Rebecca Benton, Gina Briggs, Robert Brown, Stuart Brown, Robert Calderbank, Stuart Cann, John Carruthers, Shane Collins, David Crawshaw, Warren Crook, Samantha Edwards, Ashraf Kazee, Bilal Kazee, Helen McCann, Jim McClean, Helen Rutherford, Ian Scott, Nigel Shepherd, Sean Sweeney, Dianne Taylor and Andy Whaley.


Special thanks from me to Steve Taylor for once again providing us with all these great photos.
Not forgetting Kate Harrison, our data specialist.








Remember, volunteering is easy to do, fun to do and just a rewarding way to give back to this special event. As always, I am on the look out for budding run report writers to share their story (it will give our regular readers a break from me ha) or any of our volunteer roles. Have a look on our future roster page and get in touch by emailing


My photo of the week is a personal chuckle for me. Yes, even rarer than a Leap Day parkrun, Steve captured Sinead absolutely beaming with a great smile. Let's hope we don't have to wait until 2048 for the next one Sinead.




See you all next week.




Preston parkrun event 383 by Kate Harrison and George Coxon

After the brute force of Storm Ciara and then Storm Dennis, Preston decided enough was enough and took the decision to take on Storm Ellen.




Yes a week after our latest cancellation, we were back. The river was raging and I was told that even Mary Poppins flew over people at the top of the hill, the wind was that bad. A special thank you must first go to Galloway's Society for the Blind who generously have allowed us to use their defibrillator.


370 hardy souls decided to take on Ellen, the hill and our 2 beautiful parks. 25 people were running at Preston for the first time and for Ben Woodcock, Liam Wallace, Daniel Lavers, James Eastham, Gareth Woosey and Jamie Smith, it was to be their first ever parkrun. As always, Andrew Tranter welcomed our newbies and all of us.


But before we got to the start line, it was time for our pre-run/walk/jog warm ups.






Not sure about these stretches




Whilst never forgetting those shoelace checks.




Even Louise got in on the act.




So off to the start line we all went, wind blowing in every direction.




At the sound of the klaxon, all 370 people ran the 3 lap course and each and every one made their own significant achievement.


Our milestone achievers this week were Gareth Fairey who completed his 250th parkrun.




Michelle Baker and Saeed Bhula became members of the 50 club.




Daniel Smith ran his 10th junior run, in a personal best time of 31.45.
Well done to all of you.


Speaking of personal best times. An incredible 38 people recorded personal best times, which is fantastic considering how bad the conditions were. Some notable mentions are Karl Hodgson who was our first finisher who ran it in 17.15. Michelle Chadwick was our first female finisher in 19.51 which matched her Lytham personal best. Nadia Kanoun went sub 25 in only her 3rd parkrun. William Proctor got his 3rd PB in a row with a time of 28.39. Shena Rolfe made it a round number coming in at 31 minutes exactly and finally Harry and Adrian's amazing form continued, as they got a PB for the 6th week on the bounce with 43.22. A huge well done to all our milestone runners and PBers..


And also a huge thank you to all 370 people who made Saturday such fun. Here are a few people who were loving it as they blew around the parks.









As always, the biggest thanks goes to all our hi-viz heroes, our volunteers. A personal big thank you from me to Kate Harrison who compiled all this week's data and of course Steve Taylor for the great photos. Thank you both and thank you to Andy Boyne, Robert Brown, Stuart Brown, John Carruthers, Shane Collins, David Crawshaw, Warren Crook, Chris Flowers, Louise Gavell, Louise Harrison, Jane Higham, Ashraf Kazee, Bilal Kazee, John-Paul Lander, Paula Leslie, Catherine Lock, Jim McLean, Christine Rostron, Sean Sweeney, Andrew Tranter, Robin Weston and Andy Whaley.




Sean and Andy getting caught in their serious contemplation looks.




Andy and Louise risking their lives near the river edge whilst time keeping.




Ashraf in a hurry to help with the post event close down.




Catherine and Louise enjoying their morning brisk walk.


As usual, it's time for my shout out to get some more people volunteering. All roles are easy to do and training will be given (well, we will point you in the right direction lol). We are always on the look out for volunteers, whether new ones or ones that have done it lots of times. Or really be brave and put your name down for the first time brief or run report. Honestly, they are fun to do and so rewarding. If you fancy doing any of the roles, just go to our future volunteer page at or email us at


My photo of the week is




See you all next Saturday on Leap Day.




Preston parkrun event 382 by George Coxon



Preston parkrun welcomed 509 visitors on Saturday morning and thankfully for all concerned, Storm Ciara kept away just long enough for us to enjoy our run/ jog/ walk. 47 runners were visiting Preston for the first time and for 17, it was their first ever parkrun. Hopefully for Becky Roberts, John Gregory, Benneta Paluca and Jake Helm, it was the first of many parkruns. A huge welcome to each and every one of you and we hope you enjoyed the views of our lovely parks.




Preston once again topped the 500 figure and 5 runners were from the Vegan Runners Club. Although small in numbers, Emily Sharples, Ian Scott, Jo Armitage, Molly Elsdon and Sarah Clubb made their own headlines, as Ian joined the 100 club, Jo was part of the buggy runners and Molly recorded a personal best time.






So it was, that we made our way to our new start line after our usual shoelace checks and stretches.







After all the pre-run preparations, it was time to go. Three times round the parks and into our new finish funnel. A huge number of people recorded their personal best time at Preston. In fact an incredible 85 people flew round from start to finish. Our first finisher Matthew Holmes was one of the many PBers. Imtiaz Master went sub 30 minutes. Ronan Brogan-Carbutt went sub 25. Christian Dickinson went sub 40. Every parkrun is fabulous and it's another special moment when you get to break your PB and get your hand on the PB bell.




Harry and Adrian Nicholson continued their impressive form with yet another PB. This was their 5th consecutive PB.




Kelly White continued her impressive form and ran her fastest time since she broke her own PB in July 2017.




We had many milestone achievers on Saturday.


William Proctor became a member of the junior 10 club and ran it in style, with a new PB.


Humaira Manjra also joined the magical 10 mark.


Graham Bailey, Rafal Dusza, David Osten and Fiona Alderton will all soon be getting their red top as they all reached number 50.


Paul Wigham and Ian Scott both ran their 100th parkrun.




A massive well done to our milestone achievers.


Two people were celebrating their birthday on Saturday. Louise Gavell celebrated her special day by running round Preston parkrun for the 190th time. Happy birthday to you both.





Congratulations to all our achievers and to all 509 people who make up our happy community of parkrunners. Every parkrun is a great achievement and a great way to meet people. Preston has such a great spirit and it shows on your faces.







Of course, parkrun is indebted to the remarkable people who make parkrun possible. Our hi-viz heroes. Our volunteers. A huge thank you must go to Cathryn Brown, Lynn Brown, Robert Brown, John Carruthers, George Coxon, David Crawshaw, Warren Crook, Anneke Crosby, Felicity Cross, Gary Jackson, Ashraf Kazee, Carl Kellett, Paula Leslie, Catherine Lock, Asif Mamun, Helen McCann, Jim McClean, Edward Nye, Sarah Nye, Freda Peacock, Gill Stables, Sean Sweeney, Steve Taylor who has provided these great photos and Andy Whaley.







Also a huge thank you to Vikki Greenwood who did last week's report. A really interesting read. As you all know, I am keen to hear from our parkrunners, yes you. Let's hear your run report and hear why you like Preston and parkrun. Maybe it is part of your lifestyle. Maybe it was because your parents decided to take you. Maybe it's because it's something you do with friends or your family. Whatever it is, if you would like to do the run report, get in touch by emailing


My photo of the week has kept me smiling since I first saw it. A mixture of diversity with a hint of photo bombing.




Have a great week and we will see you again next Saturday.



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