Preston parkrun event 384 by Kate Harrison, George Coxon and Steve Taylor

On Saturday, Preston parkrun celebrated their first ever Leap Day run and for 456 people it was too inviting to miss and the weather responded in kind by staying dry. Yes, dry. After all the batterings the recent storms have given us, Avenham and Miller Parks still kept its beauty intact.




Unfortunately the toilet blocks are still closed so apologies for this but we hope to see them open soon.




Another huge thank you goes to Galloway's Society to the Blind who continue to let us have the use of their defibrillator.


For many, in years to come, they will remember where they were on Leap Day 2020 and maybe they will come back for the next one in 2048. There were 42 people running Preston for the first time and for 20 people it was their first time running a parkrun.




Hopefully you could hear me as we welcomed Mahmed Nalla, Rio Howard, Reece Worthington, Kirsty Quigley, Craig Chadderton, Oliver Parkinson, Anthony Sands, Leah Hogarth, Andrew Willan, Michael Feather, Jacob Hacking, Rachel Baxendale, Joseph Pickford, Rebecca Wood, Rachel Ashcroft, Jenni Keranen, David Rnkin, Kirstie Pickford, Lottie Stotesbury and Neil Stotesbury. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your first experience of our parkrun community and got into the act of our pre-run warm ups and shoelace checks. Yes, we are creatures of habits, but good habits.







Then it was off to the start line to create your Leap Day memories and for 54 people they had more to celebrate about, as they recorded their personal best times. Some notable mentions are Karl Hodgson who was our first finisher in one second under 17 minutes. Steve Willets went sub 20. Shuayb Ingar went under 23 minutes, which is phenomenal from a junior runner. Neil Healy went sub 25 minutes, Alexandra Taylor went under 30 minutes in 29.35 and another of our juniors, Oliver Cookson smashed the 30 minute barrier. Tina Twist, Joanne Chotard, Helen Hendrickson-Flynn, Julia Barnes and Elaine Walsh all went sub 32 at Preston for the first time. Jo Armitage, running in her Vegan Runner colours left the children and buggy at home this week and was the first female finisher for the 9th time and Harry and Adrian Nicholson continued their hot streak by breaking their personal best for the 7th consecutive week. A massive well done to all our PBers. A proud moment for all of you as you got the chance to ring the Leap Day PB Bell.







There was also plenty to cheer about for our milestone achievers this week.
Asharaf Kazee ran his 300th parkrun.




Faisal Ali joined the 100 club.




Whilst Christine Rostron and Jackie Smith will soon be collecting their very own red 50 t-shirt.





Well done to all of you.


Also on this special Leap day, we had two people celebrating their birthdays. Yes it was an extra special 9th and 10th birthday for Andy Heywood and Alex Proffitt.





Alex is a fabulous supporter of parkrun and has been a volunteer at both Preston parkrun and the junior events for many a year. Sadly Alex has lost her grey and green jacket on Saturday. If anyone found it, could they email Preston parkrun.
Happy birthday to both of you.


Preston is such an amazing place to run a parkrun and our community are always a welcoming sight.








As always, my biggest thanks goes to our amazing volunteers, who once again were awesome this week and 2 were celebrating their own achievements.
Pam Wood, seen of the left here volunteered for her 25th time. Well done Pam.




Catherine Lock volunteered for the 50th time. What a great achievement Catherine.


Also thank you to Andrew Acklam, William Acklam, Matthew Beniston, Rebecca Benton, Gina Briggs, Robert Brown, Stuart Brown, Robert Calderbank, Stuart Cann, John Carruthers, Shane Collins, David Crawshaw, Warren Crook, Samantha Edwards, Ashraf Kazee, Bilal Kazee, Helen McCann, Jim McClean, Helen Rutherford, Ian Scott, Nigel Shepherd, Sean Sweeney, Dianne Taylor and Andy Whaley.


Special thanks from me to Steve Taylor for once again providing us with all these great photos.
Not forgetting Kate Harrison, our data specialist.








Remember, volunteering is easy to do, fun to do and just a rewarding way to give back to this special event. As always, I am on the look out for budding run report writers to share their story (it will give our regular readers a break from me ha) or any of our volunteer roles. Have a look on our future roster page and get in touch by emailing


My photo of the week is a personal chuckle for me. Yes, even rarer than a Leap Day parkrun, Steve captured Sinead absolutely beaming with a great smile. Let's hope we don't have to wait until 2048 for the next one Sinead.




See you all next week.