Preston parkrun event 385 by George Coxon.



With Leap Day one week behind us, we entered into a new month at Preston and the month of March started with a bang. Yes, it was loud and proud for 200 women who came to celebrate International Women's Day. And celebrate in style they did.






Helping celebrate this special day, 268 men came along to show their support and join in this memorable day.




For 22 ladies, they were doubling up with the celebrations. For these 22 women, it was to be their first ever parkrun and Preston was more than happy to welcome Victoria Musu, Kate Jones, Jennifer Miele, Elaine Lucas, Sarah Katherine Clarke, Jennifer Kernan, Rachel Henrys, Sharon Virk, Janine Wilson, Safiyah Maravia, Melissa Cromie, Kate Holden, Carole Mole, Abigail Callender-Iddon, Hannah Raisbeck, Rachel Lemon, Erica Ball, Hannah Scott Shevills, Karen Boardman, Helena Gadsby, Maariyah Maravia and Khadija Bismallah to the wonderful community that is parkrun. Although whether it was your first parkrun or your 399th parkrun, as it was for Karen Shackleton, Preston is always a warm and welcoming place.







The day was so inspiring for 26 women, as they smashed their own personal best time. Anneke Crosby broke her PB on her 264th run. Now that's inspiring to all of us. Following her lead was Suzanne Bailey breaking her PB on her 52nd run. Other equally notable mentions are Claire Darbyshire and Kersti Frost who dipped under 35 minutes for the first time and Shena Rolfe and Donna Crabtree went sub 30 minutes. Well done to all our PBers and I hope you felt great satisfaction as you rang the PB bell.





It wasn't just the women who found the day inspiring, as some of the boys and men got into the PB act.
Brothers Umar and Ismail Nalla both were in fine form PBing on the same day.




Harry Nicholson once again got his hand on the bell. Harry just can't stop himself, as this was his 8th consecutive PB.




Well done to everyone who ran their PB on Saturday.
We also had a couple of milestone achievers.
Geoff Kenyon ran into the 100 club, having run 66 of these at Preston.




Natalie Croft blazed her way to red 50. Although Natalie has run most of her 50 runs at other parkruns, she decided to enjoy her special moment in Avenham and Miller parks.




Well done to both of you.
Our one birthday runner was Patrick Grant. Patrick is a regular runner at Preston but clearly he was over excited for his birthday, as he forgot his barcode. Happy birthday Patrick.




Of course, parkrun happens because of our incredible team of hi-viz heroes. I know I might mention this the odd time ha, but volunteering is such a wonderful thing to do. Ask any volunteer and they will tell you how much they enjoy it and how simple the roles are. Getting in touch could not be easier, just send an email to Or look at our future roster page. My recommendation as always is try the run report. Thank you to all our volunteers this Saturday who were John Allen, Michelle Allott, Matthew Beniston, James Butler, Robert Calderbank, John Carruthers, Ben Cliff, George Coxon, Stephen Croft, Warren Crook, Gary Daley, Aysha Desai, Fiona Gutteridge, Kate Harrison, Diane Hawthornthwaite, Louisa Henshaw, Joe Howard, Alice Hughes, Helen Hughes, Emily Ingham, Judi Ingham, Ashraf Kazee, Bilal Kazee, Maureen Kirkby, Andy Lea, Robert Lea, Paula Leslie, Catherine Lock, Jim McClean, Annabel Rigby, Christine Rostron, Helen Rutherford, Esther Stanier,
Sean Sweeney




Robin Weston




Andy Whaley, Sue Wickham and Robert Wilson.


Special thanks goes to Steve Taylor, who once again has brought us these awesome photos. Thanks Steve.
But Saturday was all about the women and here are just a few who were having the time of their lives.







My photo of the week was obviously going to be what this day was all about, celebrating women on this great day.




See you all next week.