Preston parkrun event 386 by George Coxon

So where to start with this week's run report as there was so much going on. Well I suppose we start with the one subject everyone is talking about. Coronavirus. Questions were pouring in and the main one was "is parkrun going to be on next week?". There is no answer to that yet and we can only wait until any announcement will be made. What I do know is that our small community of parkrunners will miss each other and later on I will highlight some moments of our great community. But if it is indeed cancelled for however long, we know that this will be for the greater good and that if this happens and lives are saved, that is way more important than holding parkruns. Yes this may be my last run report for a while but I have thoroughly enjoyed following so many of your journeys. Your achievements, your milestones, your PBs, your birthdays and all your smiles. I can think of no other way better than to start the weekend with our great Preston parkrun community. But if it happens and we don't see other for a while, when we do, we can have the greatest of celebrations.


So onto this week's run and what drama. Firstly Chrissie Oakley fell and hurt her elbow and had to abandon her run. I know some people helped her get up and then Lindsay Gaughan came to the rescue by abandoning her own run by getting the first aid box.




We hope you are OK and thank you Lindsay for your quick thinking.
Then we had a young boy having palpitations but luckily his dad ( I think it was his dad ) was on hand to get him through this.
Then finally we had a man who came over quite faint after crossing the finish line. Thankfully for him, two people (I do believe the photo below was one of the helpers) were on hand to help him recover and the young family who were handing out all the lovely chocolates, were on hand to boost his sugar levels. After a while he was fine.




The one thing all these moments show is that our parkrun community does not hide when we have these types of situations but we see heroes show up, when we least expect.
I personally would like to thank all these people and I'm sorry I didn't know all your names because you all deserve a mention by name. So thank you all so very much.
So here I am, way into the run report and only two photos so far, so let's start to remedy this.
Let's start with some stretches. Yes 454 people turned up and many got into the swing of what is now our traditional stretch routine.







This may have been an unusual sight for 42 people, who were visiting Preston for the first time, of which 24 were running their first ever parkrun. Yes Avenham and Miller parks welcomed Benjamin Rowland, Fiona Fellows, Rachel Shaw, Emily Shaw, Danielle Brown, Joseph Whatton, Matt Cuerden, Philip Harrison, Samantha Elliot, Alison Robinson, Andrew Jones, Simon Fulcher, Adam Draper, Mark Dilworth, John Winstanly, Rachel Pearson, Jenna Moore, Adam Cross, Duncan Harris, Zara Darkin, Garran St Vall, Adam Hayhurst, Ehtan Chadwick and Ben Dilworth. I hope you all enjoyed our lovely views and that you come back time and time again. Here is Benjamin Rowland with his proud Grandma Janet.




And here are some beautiful views of our parks.





For the first timers, one thing is guaranteed, yes a personal best time. But for others, they have new PBs to try to get. An astonishing 82 people smashed their Preston PB. Now that is nuts. Our first finisher Harry Everett came home in a crazy time of 17.09.




Some other notable PBs were William Moorhouse and Eddie Chandler going sub 20. Peter Huggil went under 25 minutes. Daniel Watson, Janet Rigby and Theresa Wilson all went under 30 minutes whilst Kersti Croft went sub 35 and Alison Cliff dipped under 40 minutes.
Of course it's almost impossible to keep Harry and Adrian Nicholson out of the headlines, as they zoomed round the course for their 9th consecutive PB.




A huge well done to all our PBers this week.
They were not the only achievers this week as we had a fistful of milestone achievers.
Dylan Croft celebrated his 50th run. Dylan has ran most of his parkruns at Cuerdon and Preston. Well done Dylan.




Abu Wadie also celebrated his 50th run and brought family and friends along, who were giving out so many treats at the finish line. I can assure you that lots of people were thankful for them. Abu has done all of his parkruns at Preston and he was clearly in the mood today, as he broke his PB. Well done Abu.




Nigel Shepherd completed his 100th run. Nigel is also a regular volunteer so he now has red, purple and black tops to be proud about. Well done Nigel.




Jason Spear ran into the hall of fame 250. Jason is also a regular volunteer and has run 183 times at Preston. Well done Jason.




Joining Jason in the 250 club was Anees Shaikh. Anees who also has been a volunteer has run most of his runs at Cuerdon but clearly wanted to celebrate this wonderful achievement at Preston. Well done Anees.




Preston had two birthday boys as well. James Butler and Richard Southworth were enjoying a day to remember in the Preston sunshine. Oddly enough, both James and Richard are in the same age category. Happy birthday lads.





Yes, there was plenty of celebrations and here are just a few more people who had a smile on their faces, all because of being in this great parkrun community.








Of course, none of this happens if it wasn't for our enthusiastic hi-viz heroes. We had so many volunteers and they are a credit to Preston. This week we thank Christine Acklam, John Allen, Matthew Beniston, Amanda Berry, Lisa Bolton, Robert Calderbank, Caroline Clark, Matthew Clark, Shane Collins, George Coxon, David Crawshaw, Warren Crook, Andrew Doublett, Fiona Gutteridge, Andrew Hall, Jenny Hobbiss, Gary James, Nathan James, Phil James, Ashraff Kazee, Bilal Kazee, Maureen Kirkby, Andy Lea, Paula Leslie, Jim McLean, Bernie Mitchell, James Shuttleworth, Mark Slattery, Sean Sweeney, Steve Taylor, Stephen Walsh, Andy Whaley and Sue Wickham




Ash making time to give us a thumbs up.




David, our results processing genius.




John and Maureen cheering everyone on.




Thank you to all of our brilliant volunteers.
All the awesome photos in this run report came from our photographic marvel Steve. Thanks Steve.
My photo of the week is this one of Dylan. Definitely a lad who should feel proud of his achievement today.




Bye for now and look after yourself. See you next time.



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