Our contribution to the park

Dear all,

FOPP (Friends of Preston Park) are crowd funding to plant a Cherry Blossom Walk near the tennis courts and we would like to support them as we make a great deal of use of the park and it would be good to be able to make a contribution.

Also, we are very aware that we have lost a number of runners over the last year or so and this would be a way to honour the memory of Alice, Jacko, Issi, Val, Graham and others from the parkrun family.


FOPP would like it to be a place of joy not sadness and therefore not put a memorial with names, but hopefully we can have parkrun included as a donor so please include parkrun in your comment when you donate.
As someone said when we discussed the idea, if you donate in memory of someone, there won't be a plaque but when you are there, if you know, you will know.


By the time you read this the initial target may have been met, but there are extra costs to fund and the plan is to put more trees on paths across the main path in the future - we may be able to make this happen sooner!

Thank you.<


Run Report Event #362 11th September 2021

It’s not normal for Brighton Marathon Weekend to be in September but then what is normal these days? As Run Director this morning, I felt a bit nervous looking at the sea of barriers, toilets and tents as I entered the park. But what is normal and reassuring is the great team and volunteers that step up to ensure that our parkrun happens every week.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers this week:

Sue DIBB • John JAAP • Paul MARTIN • David ROBINSON • Adam PENWARDEN • Chris ARCHER • Jackie RYMELL • Rekha SHAH • Tim WILDMAN • Angelina SMY • Steve ROONEY • Rob BARTLETT • Chris THOMAS • Graham EVANS • Caroline PARKER • Nigel MEAGER • Thomas FLETCHER • Eve ELEY • Barney SPEIGHT • Sonia SPURIO • Martin THOMAS • Sarah MAYFIELD • Sarah RHYS • Maddy ROBBINS • Pete SOUTHERN • Carl ANDERSON • Tony FOULGER • Vicki LADER • Jeannie BROOKER • Shelley DAVEY • Robin DAVEY • Marnie CAMERON • Nichola THOMAS • Misa HAYAMIZU - DENNIS • Martha BOARER • Harry CLARKE

A special shout out goes to our Event Directors, Adam Penwarden and John Jaap for moving barriers, liaising with the Marathon Team and to Adam for whizzing round on his bike last minute to double check the course clearance and safety. Also a special mention to Barney Speight for completing his 13th volunteering session for his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

This week 368 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 61 were first timers (Welcome!) and 42 recorded new Personal Bests (Congratulations!). Both Graham Hole and Pru Daniels completed their 100th parkruns.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.
We look forward to seeing you next Saturday, when everything will be back to ‘normal’.



Saturday 11 Sept – Marathon weekend!

Brighton Marathon Mini Mile races will be in the park on Saturday 11 Sept from 11 am, but that won't stop us parkrunning as usual!
The park will probably be busier than normal, there will be barriers along the course and things to look out for including crossing the marathon start line 3 times in each direction.
Parking in the park may be restricted so be prepared to pay to park on Preston Park Avenue or go a little north to Surrenden area.

Run report 4th September

Why, when typing the title of this run report, did I just type 'September'. It isn't September. For it to be September we would have had August. Where was it?

No matter what month it is (it isn't September), it was a really nice morning for a run or walk, sunny, warm, bit of a breeze, and 447 of you did just that.

A big welcome to the 27 of you that ran a parkrun for the first time. And 18 who visited Preston Park Brighton for the first time, including our lead runner, who on passing the café after his first lap shouted 'which way?'.

Also congrats to those reaching a milestone:

  • Nick Hearn (200)
  • Andy Russell (150)
  • Travis Eyles (50)
  • Roy Ellaway (50)
  • Alexandra Standen (50)
  • Darwin Hernandez (50)

One of the differences in how we are running parkrun since we have come back (to keep things 'distanced') is we no longer have a 'number checker' - this was the volunteer who would note down the stopwatch times of random runners and then noting their name and position. This was the main source of info we had to try and make the results as accurate as possible. Without it there's no easy way to spot any errors with the data.

After the results were processed today, an error was spotted and fixed. The good news is it should have made your result more accurate. The bad news is that it mostly meant your time is now slower than the original email/text would have given you. Sorry!

Next week, it's the Brighton Marathon weekend. We will still be here, and probably welcoming quite a few visitors, but with fences and other bits setup around the park making the course a little narrower in parts, it might not be the best week for a PB!

See you then.



Run Report Event #360 – 28/8/21

The one where we tried not to start early - sorry!

Back to usual form despite 16months to change my style, I will start by talking about the weather. Thank you to the parkrun weather fairy for giving us a lovely sunny morning for event number 360. A huge shout out to the volunteers this week who were awesome and had already started setting up before most of us had arrived at PP, or even thought about waking up!


If you fancy giving our pink hi-viz a try, please get in touch via email (prestonpark@parkrun.com), facebook or twitter - we would love to hear from you and full instructions provided, no throwing in the deep end here!

It still feels so great to be back and I don't think the novelty will wear off for a while yet. And we get to do it again next week!

We had 414 runners this week, of whom 14 were first time ever parkrunners - welcome to the family, we can't wait to have you back again! And welcome to the 39 visitors to PP from other parkrun events, we hope you will come back to visit again soon. 51 people ran a PB with us this morning - amazing!

Congratulations to David RAYNER who joined the 100 club and Sarah RHYS who joined the 50 club with us this week. The milestone t-shirt process is changing slightly, see the latest update from HQ.

Thank you all for joining us this morning, there really isn't a better way to start the weekend. Just a gentle reminder please that you need to have a physical printed barcode - we cannot accept barcodes from phones. You can either print these from your parkrun profile (link in your results email) or you can invest in tags, credit card sized cards or wristbands. Please don't let this be a barrier to your participation, if you need help with access to a printer, let us know and we can help.

Same time, same place next week?


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