run report 15 June: William Edmund Davies parkrun contribution

Credit: Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove. CC BY-SA licence.
[The Chalet cafe. Credit: Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove. CC BY-SA licence.]

Today we give a shout out to William Edmund Davies. He didn't run today, indeed, he has the excuse of having died in 1879 as reason to never having run a parkrun (his loss).

He did, however, leave a sum of money in his will to the Brighton Corporation to buy (and landscape) some of the estate belonging to Preston Manor that was to become Preston Park.

Looking at old photos of the park, it looks like not a huge amount has changed, our beloved cafe looks pretty much as it does today (above), so does the Rotunda cafe (or 'the other cafe' in parkrun parlance).

The Drive, Preston Park, Brighton['Mind the bollards'. credit: Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove CC BY-SA]

Probably the biggest difference was the fence running round the park and the rather grand entrances:

Entrance to preston park. Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove CC BY-SA
[Entrance to preston park. credit: Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove CC BY-SA]

During WWII the park gained a water area used for D-Day training, and the higher, eastern section was used as allotments. Both can be seen in the 1940's area view here.

As a city park, it can't be said to be doing too badly. The home, start (Brighton Marathon) and end (pride) of many major events. Clock tower, rose garden, tennis courts, walled garden, bowling greens, Britney, Kylie (soon!), and the oldest working velodrome in the world.

I like to think that old William, towards the end of his years, dreamt of hundreds of Brightonians, Hovians, and Visitorians, meeting together at 9 am each Saturday, in clothing of colours that he would probably described as most unbecoming, to jog, walk and run. Without forgetting their barcode. Or ducking the funnel.

Which brings me to the actual run report...

Lovely day today. Great turnout, and everything ran smoothly - thanks to our volunteers and co-operation of all our runners.

Numbers fans (and who isn't): Preston park parkrun number 315 had 530 runners, 33 volunteers, 40 first timers (welcome!) and 67 PB's!

There were 33 volunteers today doing all sorts of things. Have you done it recently? We do sometimes struggle to get the number needed to make it all go smoothly, do consider dropping us an email, or replying to a facebook message.

We hope you all enjoyed the event and would love to see you again soon!

Liked the history and photos above?

I'd liked to say this was extensively researched from a variety of primary sources, but actually was knocked up in a few minutes grabbing a few facts from google and wikipedia.

However there are some great sites online if you are interested in the history and photos of Preston park and Brighton.

See you all soon,



#314…with a little help from our friends.

If you're anything like me, watching the advance weather forecast for 09.00 on a Saturday is a regular feature of your week.  The weather today was certainly challenging.......gusting winds of over 40 mph and then it started to rain just as the runners started off, luckily not for long.  Knowing I had volunteered to interview our DofE volunteers then write the run report I came prepared with an umbrella (stupid idea in the wind and luckily not needed) and a clip board so my paper didn't blow away!
Before the start of the run I tried to encourage a few runners to volunteer in the coming weeks, as we are often short over the summer.  I walked round holding our 'Volunteer sign-up' whiteboard and spent 15 minutes chatting and answering questions about volunteering to a few groups of people.  These were some of the queries that came up:
*Two fast runners were unaware that they could run and also volunteer afterwards (bar code scanning, helping the funnel manager, token sorting) so earning both a run and volunteer credit at the same time.
* A runner, who has a slight injury, told me she wanted to walk, so I talked to her about the walk/jog pacer or tailwalker roles, again gaining a run and volunteer credit.
*  A few of our regular volunteers offered to sign up in the next few weeks, we can always rely on them to step up to the plate when needed.
Before the start our Run Director Paige told us a little about her own experiences when she was new to parkrun. She really wanted to get to know people but she was a bit nervous about volunteering at first.  She told herself she would volunteer after 10 runs and she did.  Volunteering was definitely worth it as she made so many friends and really enjoyed it.....she must have as she's now an experienced Run Director!  If anyone is feeling nervous about volunteering I would encourage them to give it a go. Even if the rota looks full please put your name forward as we can always find a role for you.
Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E)
For those of you who don't know the D of E is a leading UK youth charity that gives young people aged 14-24 the chance to develop skills, fulfill their potential and have a brighter future. The award has 4 sections- volunteering, physical,IMG_1319 skills and an expedition. There are 3 award levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.   parkrun is an Approved Activity Provider for volunteering and as Preston Park has several secondary schools nearby we have many requests from young people to undertake volunteering with us.  Before they start we require them to sign up to parkrun so they have an ID number and their volunteering credits can be registered. Then we collect relevant data from them, e mail an introductory letter and offer them a start date. As we can only accommodate 12 under 18's at a time we might have to add them to our waiting list. To adhere to our Safeguarding Policy they need to be within sight of the finish area so you won't see them marshalling away from the bollards.    The D of E volunteers must complete 13 sessions(Bronze), 26 sessions (Silver) or 52 sessions (Gold), so it's quite a commitment.  They turn up in all weathers and do a terrific job supporting us, gaining in confidence along the way .  A very big thanks to all the young people who support our parkrun, we really value them.
Today Charlie and Noah were completing their 13th volunteering session with us. They told me what they enjoyed most about parkrun was the friendly atmosphere and nice people. Their favourite roles are Finish tokens and Barcode scanning, least favourite.....token sorting!  Charlie is keen to return as a runner with us and Noah is thinking about it.  In the photo you can see some of our Dof E volunteers huddling together out of the wind before the start of their duties.  If you see any of them volunteering please give them a thanks.
Chris Archer - DofE Co-ordinator

The hi viz heroes that made your run happen this week are named below.

Tim CARDER • Issi DOYLE • Malcolm KEMP • David HOY • David ROBINSON • Adam PENWARDEN • Alexandra WITT • Chris ARCHER • Sam CHECKLEY • Rupert BURGESS • John CAREY • Ros COOK • Nicola SWANSON • Dante OPRANDI • Leah WILLMOTT • Chris THOMAS • Chris KEENE • Bernadette PELLING • Philip DAVIS • Evie WHITEHEAD • Ruth SCHOFIELD • Paige RICHARDSON • Sarah MAYFIELD • John SCHOFIELD • Jacy MARKS • Richard TURNER • Fin TURNER-MCQUEEN • Fenton HOPKINS • Noah WILMSHURST • Charlie MOUNTFORD • Rowan FAHEY • Elliot SALT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.

The male record is held by Finn MCNALLY who recorded a time of 14:47 on 28th November 2015 (event number 133).
The female record is held by Katy HEDGETHORNE who recorded a time of 17:22 on 30th June 2018 (event number 265).
The Age Grade course record is held by Chris NAYLOR who recorded 91.10% (21:55) on 18th November 2017 (event number 234).

Preston Park parkrun, Brighton started on 20th April 2013. Since then 13,247 participants have completed 110,844 parkruns covering a total distance of 554,220 km, including 18,087 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,216 individuals have volunteered 7,766 times.


Run Report – Event 313 – 01/06/19

Looking its very best in the sunshine, beautiful Preston Park welcomed 579 parkrunners to the Chalet Café for the first of five parkruns this month.

A special mention and welcome goes to the RunPals and RunPals Kids, who were out in force, with their usual cheerful, bonhomie. They were at PP to support and celebrate with Jenny and Adam on their 50th parkruns. For Adam and many of the other RunPals, it was their first time at PP. Don't leave it too long before you come and visit again!


There were many other milestones too...
Matthew Harper, Laura Bint, Lesley Hay and Linda MacCallum Stewart also completed their 50th .
Andy Collier, although not an official milestone, his 150th
junior runners Theodore Tarafder and Isaac Jeffrey their 10th.

Many congratulations to you all. we look forward to seeing the bright new milestone shirts very soon!

Saturday was also parkrun UK's GP Pledge Day, celebrating the first year of this amazing, ground-breaking initiative. GP practices are joining forces with their local parkruns, to encourage physical activity and volunteering. The idea is to help improve the health and wellbeing of both patients and staff.  Just one year into this initiative, there are now more than 1,200 parkrun practices across the UK, currently two of which are signed up to Preston Park. To all those that were here today, perhaps for the first time, we hope you had a great parkrun experience.

Each week we rightly acknowledge our volunteers, many are here regularly, some from time to time and of course, others that may not have volunteered before.  Please do give this a thought, especially if you've not volunteered before, or not for some time. It is very much a team effort, and regardless of experience, every role is as crucial as the next. parkrun simply would not happen without volunteers.

A massive thanks to this week's volunteer team at Preston Park:-


For the run stat's, this week's full results and a complete event history, venture over to the Preston Park parkrun, Brighton Results Page.



If you've never looked over, or been the other side of the hedge by the 'U turn', you've missed a real treat.  Above is the beautiful, scented rose garden in full bloom, very therapeutic after parkrun.  So if you leave at that end of the park, or you fancy a stroll, you wont be disappointed.

See you all on Saturday when we can do it all again.



Firstly, thanks to everyone for listening and reading my moans about ducking out of the finish funnel. Results were fairly easy this week, please keep it up!

Something I saw on a facebook group this week, and have heard people query previously is that when they check their run record (eg by clicking their name on our results), the total number of runs doesn’t match the number in their email or on the results page.

Because the results system is very busy on Saturday morning processing around 300,000 results, all the web pages don’t get updated immediately. Today’s results are done first and historical records catch up later, so if you spot a mismatch it’s probably worth checking back in a day or two, by which time it should have ll caught up.

This week we had 515 finishers including 18 first time ever parkrunners and 70 who got a pb.

For most people, PBS are easy to start with but gradually become more difficult so notable among the PBs were Andy Russell on his 101st run at PP - has improved from 25:15 at the end of 2018, now 22:32 and David Evans, 126 runs with us, 3 PBs in 3 weeks having not PBd since October 2016 - well done!

Other achievements were Bill CHIDGEY, R CARNO and Sandy BROWN who ran their 50th and Henry MCLAUGHLIN his 100th - keep an eye on your email, when stock is available you'll be invited to claim you free T shirt!

Our top 3s this week were


Jack MCKOEN 17:39 SM20-24
Harry BROOKS 17:44 SM18-19
Jamie SIGNY 17:50 SM30-34


Emma DIXON 18:11 SW20-24
Jade ELPHICK 19:49 SW25-29
Geraldine MOFFAT 20:18 VW55-59

Junior Female

Katie BULLEN 22:54 JW15-17
Silva FRANZEN-JONES 23:37 JW11-14
Olivia JARMAN 27:01 JW15-17

Junior Male

Charlie CLOKE 20:25 JM15-17
Sammy DOUBLET 20:43 JM15-17
Ethan NEALE 21:44 JM11-14

Next Saturday is parkrun UKs GP pledge day - there are now over 1000 GP practices signed up to parkruns, we have 2 plus 2 more who are looking into it and they will encourage some of their patients to run/walk or volunteer - this Saturday GPs are being encouraged to come along to parkrun to see what it's all about.



Report for Saturday 18 May

To start with, let’s get them out of the way first, a few moans!

If you cross the finish line then pleeeaaassseee go all the way through the funnel, take a finish token and give it back after you have (or haven’t scanned). We appreciate that you haven’t all registered or brought your barcode with you but not taking a token moves everyone’s time up by one place and by the end this can be a very large error which gives our results processor lots of work to fix and spoils the event for the people whose times are wrong.
We prefer everyone to go through finish so that we have accurate attendance number but please either cross finish and take a token or don’t do either. the extra work in puzzling this out meant that we didn't leave the cafe until 11.30 last week!

Here's us trying to work out what it all meant!



Also please remember that if you run slower than about 23 mins it's likely you'll be lapped, so please always leave a gap on your right to allow faster runners through - you don't have to go all the way to the left, just leave a metre or so on your right.

OK, onto the fun bits, this week 568 of you walked, ran or jogged the course including 16 doing their very first parkrun, welcome to you we hope to see you back with us,
and 14 people making their first appearance at PP including visitors from Bushy Park and Cardiff.

79 of you managed PBs, well done, unfortunately too many of you to mention all by name, Oscar Saunders does get a mention though as he had a PB on his 10th run and being JM15-17 qualifies for a 10 T shirt. Also Louise McCusker 50th run, Gerald FEATHERSTONE 100th, well done all!

No records broken this week, but last week Geraldine Moffat set the VW55-59 record with 19:53! Congratulations! you can see all the age category records here if you want to compare your self against the best at PP.

parkrun isn't all about speed, we try to have a jog/walk pacer when we can (please mail us if you'd like to give it a go. There's no target time, just jog and walk alternately for 1 or 2 minutes - it's a good way to help people who are bridging the gap between walking and jogging all the way and gets you a run and a volunteer record at the same time.

As always thank you to the volunteers, we can't do it without you! If you'd like to volunteer, please mail us or write on the whiteboard. We will explain every role and if you're a bit nervous about it there's no need to worry, just ask for an easier job to start with and we'll find something that suits you.

After you've run you're all welcome to hang around for coffee and chat at the cafe.

See you again on Saturday


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