Prospect parkrun Event #83 – The one on the other side of the hedge

Run report by Helen DICKENS

1: Today was the first time we have had a special  revised 3 lap course as when Gary arrived this morning he found a football match underway at the bottom of the course.   The route had a small alternation and  was switched to the other side of the hedge.

3 parkrunners from Slinn Allstars running club in Swindon joined us this morning.

5C:   Temperature this morning, it  was a damp overcast morning today but warmer than last week

10% of participants today achieved a personal best which is very impressive given the muddy course and the 3 lap course  which provides plenty of twists and turns to slow your pace.

10 people forgot their barcode, don’t forget to bring yours next week to get your results registered and work towards your milestones.

18 people took a token for the first time today and joined the parkrun family.  We hope you enjoyed it and will return soon

19:25 was the time of the first runner in the funnel.  Congratulations to Clewin  Griffith, a Prospect regular and member of the Lonely Goat Running Club.  Clewin then went on to volunteer and scan barcodes.

22 running clubs fielded representatives at prospect parkrun this week,.

21:27 was the time of our first female runner, Sarah Thompson on her 17th visit to Prospect.

26 High Vis Heros and Heroines volunteered this week to make parkrun happen.  Many thanks!

37 People were tourists visiting Prospect for the first time.  Sarah Chamberlain did the first timers briefing this morning which had such a large crowd some people thought it was the main briefing.

50  Milestone parkrunners today were Sarah Thompson and Scott Archer,  who will have a red T shirt arriving soon.

74.72% Was our highest age grade weighting this week which was claimed by Liz Hartney and who also registered a PB.

83 events of Prospect parkrun have taken place

100 milestone congratulations go to Makombe Chinodyaruswa who qualified for his black T shirt today

217 people ran, jogged or walked Prospect parkrun this week

402 was the number of parkruns by the most experienced parkrunner today: Kevin Wheeler who has had his barcode scanned 402 times and was also second this week.

11,647 miles was approximately the distance travelled to Prospect parkrun this morning by a tourist visiting from New Zealand.

Next week is brought to you by the EVEN numbers as it is the first parkrun of an even month we will have pacers for EVEN times.   Look forward to seeing you there!

This week 217 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 53 were first timers and 22 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers: Clewin GRIFFITH • Phill DEAN • Mary WILSON • Anthony EASTAWAY • Gary BRAMPTON • Jon WILLIS • Janet LEVERTON • Sunil FERNANDES • Helen DICKENS • Nicola STEVENS • Leanne OUGHTON • James GREAVES • Sarah CHAMBERLAIN • Michael CROKER • Ross CLARK • Daniel MERCER • Oliver LOTTER • A J JAIN • Steve LANGDON • Tiggy GUNSTONE • Donald TOWNSIN • Thomas BRAY • Megan BURROWES • Alistair DOWLMAN • Ben WILSON • Elicia HOTSTON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Prospect parkrun Results Page.