Prudhoe Riverside parkrun 7 March 2020 Run Report

Event number 171
7th March 2020

For all you storm-chasing thrill-seekers, it was a disappointing day at the Prudhoe Riverside. No gale force winds making the back of the Spetchells that bit too special, no driving rain in the face, no steeplechase water jumps, no mud all the way up the back of the legs to change the colour of the bath water, no imminent threat of blizzard, and no unwinnable internal debate about what to wear to be just warm enough and dry enough. What a change from January and February. We had the perfect day for International Women’s Day parkrun. The conditions were mild, calm and dry. And that’s just as well because it was also pacing week. We had blue bib wearing pacers with 23, 25, 28, 30, 35 and 38 on their backs doing their utmost to run an even pace and finish close to the target time. If you haven’t donned a pace bib, give it a go - it’s fun and a challenge to do well.

Last week we asked for more volunteers as it was becoming difficult to fill the roster. As you know, without volunteers, the event just won’t happen. We asked, you answered. Thank you. 26 wonderful people had starring roles and dazzled in the new parkrun hi-viz superhero outfit. Is it pink, is it salmon, is it chartreuse with a dash of purple? Answers on a postcard please.

The cast of today’s blockbuster:

Joanne LUCKING • Graham YATES • Richard WEYMES • Mel REED • Hazel HUGHES • Robert EMSON • Joseph GREEN • Paul GRIFFIN • Paul RAFFERTY • Michael BOADEN • Lucia ELLMAN • Chris JONES • Helen BOADEN • Steven BRADY • Amanda FLETCHER • Haydn WEYMES • Angela ELLINS • Jonathan MCDONOUGH • Grace MCCLENAGHAN • Simon HEAL • Sharon CARR • Andrew ATKINSON • Debbie BEEKS • Adrian WILSON • Neil ATKINSON • Katie ATKINSON

Mighty thanks to all for cheering, stopping people from taking a wrong turn to Wylam, timing, scanning, pacing, tail-walking, run directing, funnel managing, setting up and packing away, photographing, greeting, and organising the whole kit and caboodle. Next week, it’s a takeover by Prudhoe Medical Group and Branch End Surgery. The week after: more volunteering please! If you haven’t done it before: don’t be shy, it isn’t difficult, it is fun and you’ll see a whole new side to parkrunning. There’s an opt-in to the weekly volunteer emails that gift you a timely reminder of what roles we have yet to fill in the roster. It’s just one little click: I want to be a star. You can also email

“Are there any visitors?”, asked Michael the Run Director. “Essex” came the reply, followed by “Norwich”, a pause and then, quietly, “Canada”. Fantastic. It’s always great to see people make the effort to come to Prudhoe: whether it’s from five minutes up the road or all the way across the Atlantic.

There was a grand total of 172 of the finest parkrunners today and they walked, jogged and ran the two laps that make up our lovely course.

We also had a milestone: Jo Edwards ran her 100th parkrun and it would have been a PB, had it not been for an escapee barcode bracelet that flew backwards and had to be retrieved mid-run.

Our first female finisher today, Ellie Fellows, made quite an impact on the results. Why mention first finishers when everyone’s a winner at our parkrun? Well, Ellie runs in the JW11-14 category. “This Girl Can” - she certainly did.

24 parkrunners ran Prudhoe for the first time, 11 of those were running their first ever parkrun and amongst those we had Robert Atkinson - celebrating his 12th birthday. Happy birthday Robert, and a warm welcome to the parkrun family for all of the first-timers.

There were 34 personal bests today: see, the running conditions were good. Also, an impressive 22 different running clubs were represented today.

The usual statistics bit is at the end of today’s report. If the raindrops are tapping against the window, the mug of tea nice and hot, the sofa warm and comfy then why not sort the results by Age Grade if you haven’t done it before - it makes for interesting reading and juggles things up quite nicely.

And finally, concerning today’s results: if you received a finish token after position 74 then your result finish place will be two places behind your finish token number. Why? Two parkrunners forgot to take their finish token as they finished and had to be inserted into the results after position 74. Most likely, the innocent mistake was due to being new to parkrun and we've all been there. There’s a point to this tale: always take a finish token after finishing. If you don’t have your barcode, or don’t want to appear in the results, then still take a token and speak to one of the volunteers at the finish. Otherwise, processing the results becomes hard work as the number of finishers doesn't match the number that were timed across the line. Our lovely Run Directors work hard enough already.

Thanks for reading and for running at Prudhoe Riverside today, you’ve been a lovely audience.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Prudhoe Riverside parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Unknown (F) who recorded a time of 17:15 on 4th November 2017 (event number 52).
The male record is held by Kurt HERON who recorded a time of 15:58 on 30th June 2018 (event number 83).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mark MCNALLY who recorded 87.64% (20:22) on 19th May 2018 (event number 77).

Prudhoe Riverside parkrun started on 12th November 2016. Since then 5,334 participants have completed 27,132 parkruns covering a total distance of 135,660 km, including 5,390 new Personal Bests. A total of 512 individuals have volunteered 3,329 times.