Queen Elizabeth parkrun #324 – No Longer the only Queen Elizabeth

Q (and Z) remain the most difficult letters of the alphabet to obtain, but this parkrun day saw another Q hit the alphabet and another Q that will resonate with the parkrun in Hampshire, UK.

Queen Elizabeth, Casino became the 7th Q in the world and the first that shares a name with us. In a wild flight of fancy, I think that makes us Queen Elizabeth (the first) and we need a Tudor fancy dress theme to go with it. The others Qs are Queanbeyan, Queen's, Belfast, Queens Domain, Queenstown and Quinns Rocks. The only other letters with fewer parkruns starting with the same letter are Z and Ö. We’ve always known we are rare – but this is even more exclusive than I thought!

So, how did Queen Elizabeth, Casino get on? They had 168 runners and 13 volunteers versus our 110 runners and 14 volunteers. 11 of their parkrunners forgot their barcodes – which might be expected at an inaugural, but sadly the first two runners didn’t scan so the event male record is held by unknown male in 17:12. We had just 4 parkrunners who ran the hills in QE country park barcode less and our first finisher came in in a storming 17:31. Well done to Jason SKIMMINGS, ED of the QEC team who, bundled up in layers of clothes, got our twin parkrun going. I’m sure we can post some equally bundled up pics on their facebook page in the next few months. Well done to all our QE volunteers who managed one of the more pleasing (in terms of clemency of weather) volunteer stints in a while.

Please make sure that you volunteer for the correct event. It might be an embarrassing trip and inexplicable ££££ on the credit card bill if you get it wrong. Challenge laid down for the first person to complete QE and QEII.

GLambert Queen Bee
Georgie LAMBERT and Queen Bee. First finishers in an all time fastest female time of 17:31 (assited)

To our event. Today we welcomed 14 dogs of different sizes, including a group from the Bandit K9 canicross race team. Those with enthusiastic dogs were pretty good at getting to the start line ahead of the run brief. We also welcomed a group from Jay Miller’s Circus who were camped out near Petersfield. One of the lovely chatty members explained that they had decided to get a parkrun in wherever they stopped. How lovely to have met you. Follow their parkrun and circus adventures on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaymillerscircus/p/BzAesstAW-R/

We *only* had two milestones today: Harry WOODROOF and Emily STEVENS achieved their 50 logged runs. Congratulations. John MALTHOUSE is getting closer to parading the 250 flag around sometime mid September.
Thank you very much to the volunteers who stood in the sun this parkrunday and allowed us to have indulgent and steamy fun.

Report by: Pippa WHITE


Queen Elizabeth parkrun #323

“We’ll that was a bloody tough course” - Laura STEVENS (me)

“Never again” - Hayley DUNFORD

These were two of the comments for our group of four that had tackled Queen Elizabeth this weekend on our tourist adventure. We were here this week on the hunt for a "Q" for our alphabet and boy did we have to work hard for it.

The course is undulating to say the least and with the torrential downpour that June has brought us for the last few days, it was a little slippy under foot. I had done some enquiring into what shoes might serve us best for our visit and the cries for wellies and tractors came in the thousands, prompting me to quickly go and invest in some trails.

What goes up must come down and let’s not joke there’s many an up to be had, however the views from the top are incredible! This parkrun should 100% should be on your list of places to visit.

Amongst the 105 runner this week there were tourists from Worcester, Crane park, Eastleigh, Harlow, Eastbourne, Southampton, Bromley, Bedfont Lakes and Maidenhead.

There were two people who were doing their first ever parkrun (you picked a toughie), 40 people were visiting Queen Elizabeth for the first time, and 11 new PB’s were recorded. Congrats to each and every one of you.

First male finisher this week was Stephen MASTERSON in a speedy time of 18:08 and our first female finisher was Clara JACKSON in a spectacular time of 24:00

I do enjoy looking through times for aesthetically pleasing numbers: Samantha WOOD ran a 29:29, Pherenice WORSEY-BUCK ran a 31:31 & Stacey JURY a 41:14.

This run was made possible by the following wonderful volunteers: Dwayne BARTRAM, Graham CLARKE, Martin GROOM, Amelie LEWIS, Ivor MCQUAID, Daniel PHOENIX, Sara RHIMES, Godfrey RHIMES, Ben RICHES, John ROBERTS, Emma ROSE.

Queen Elizabeth parkrun will test your sense of humour along with your legs, but it’s a beauty, I’m already planning my return – this time I had to have a little walk break, next time I need to run the whole thing. In the words of Arnie “I’ll be back” and so will Hayley – yes that is the one who said “Never Again”

Run Report by Laura STEVENS


parkrun day June 15 – South Downs Marathon. half marathon and 10k

This coming weekend (15/6/2019) QECP is playing host to the South Downs Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Races. The full marathon starts at Slindon and ends at QECP so will not affect us. However, the Half Marathon and 10km races do share parts of our course in the opposing direction. If you are planning to attend Queen Elizabeth parkrun this weekend please be aware of the following points.

1. All participants in the full marathon park at QECP and are transported to the start at Slindon by bus. Busses will be shuttling runners from early on Saturday morning. There will be significantly more traffic in the park than usual on a Saturday morning. Please allow plenty of time to arrive and get parked.

2. The run (not the preamble) will start at 9AM on the dot. We aim to do this every week anyway but this coming weekend it is more important than usual that this happens. Again, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time.

3. There will possibly be conflicting signage and marshals on course. If you are new to Queen Elizabeth parkrun please pay attention to the first timers brief and follow the correct signs.

4. The first half marathon wave starts at 10AM on the Butser side. The runners then head directly down our finish straight in the opposite direction. If you think you will take more than one hour to complete the parkrun course please be aware that you may be confronted by a stampede of half marathon runners as you complete the course. As always, our finish team will remain in place until our tail walker crosses our finish line. However please be aware that we will need to begin the deconstruction of our finish funnel at 10AM in order that our bulky equipment is clear of the half marathon course before the lead runners arrive.

We thank you for your understanding.


Queen Elizabeth parkrun #322 – Collecting a Q – a tourist tale

pic 2

105 of us chose to run or walk Queen Elizabeth parkrun this morning. Of them, 33 of us had never run Queen Elizabeth before! We welcomed 4 new people to the parkrun family. Welcome to Ed HOWELL-JONES, Chris LISTER, Jessica TINSLEY and Ben RICHES. They all ran a great time on a tough course and will hopefully be back again soon. Unfortunately 4 people forgot their barcode this morning, so whilst I hope that they enjoyed their run, their results won't count towards any milestones etc.

9 people had a fantastic start to their weekend, obtaining a new PB (personal best). Congratulations to Simon BAGGOTT, Samantha WOOD, Abigail RICHES, Megan RUSSELL, James WALTON, Mark LAPICKI, Joe O'BRIEN, Lewis HOLMAN and the first finisher, Ian HAYWARD. Now you have a new target to beat (if you wish!).

pic 3

I was plodding around at the back, enjoying the views. I'm not at my fittest and am a bit injured, so decided to set a run-walk schedule. I've found run-walk is a good way to build fitness back up and as time goes on I increase the proportion of running compared to the walking. My plan went completely out of the window today, thanks to the hills! I did run some and I did walk some (more than planned!), but one of the joys of parkrun is that you're welcome and supported, whatever speed you do. parkrun is a very friendly place!

28% of today's parkrunners were tourists and I get the feeling that there are usually a fair few tourists at Queen Elizabeth. We chose it today, as many probably do, for our parkrun alphabet. For those who don't know, running a parkrun starting with each letter of the alphabet is an arbitrary goal that some parkrunners choose to chase. Queen Elizabeth is the only Q in Great Britain (there is another one in the United Kingdom, in Belfast). There are 24 letters in the UK alphabet and today was our 24th. It's been 13 months since we last ran a new letter, so whilst this has been a goal, for us it hasn't been the main focus of touring recently. As I write there is no X internationally and you need to go to Poland or South Africa for a Z.

pic 1

Queen Elizabeth has a reputation as being a pretty tough parkrun and I can see why. However it is a pretty one and you couldn't get views like these without going up. parkrun courses can vary dramatically, so if you're not a fan of hills, you can find courses that are practically flat, like our home parkrun of Dinton Pastures parkrun and, more locally, Portsmouth Lakeside. If you like laps, you can increase from the two at Queen Elizabeth all of the way up to five at Highbury Fields. I really like one lappers, but sadly there aren't many of them as they take up a lot of room! I like having lots of new things to look at, one of the reasons I tour so much. Today was my 92nd different parkrun.


parkrunners share their space with many others. It was great to see the support that everyone gave the runners doing the South Down Way 100 before, during and after our run started.

parkruns would not be possible without a team of volunteers. I always try to say thank you to marshals when running, but whilst they and barcode scanners etc are fairly visible, there are many things going on that you may not see. Today we should thank Grace ALBURY, Dwayne BARTRAM, Marilyn Joy CROCKER, Jenny DIMMICK, Mike DIMMICK, Amelie LEWIS, John MALTHOUSE, Ivor MCQUAID, John ROBERTS, Mikaela SHAW, Solveig STORE, Pippa WHITE, Harriet WHITE, Natasha WHITE and Marie WILES.

Why not get involved and volunteer?

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Jenny Dimmick


Queen Elizabeth parkrun #318 – Run Talk Meets parkrun

Currently we are trying to make sure of one parkrun a month at QE mixed with planned and involuntary tourism. It’s fun to see different parkruns and sometimes the familiarity of QE means that the arresting and stunning scenery is forgotten.

This adventure started in a pub in Tooting, where I met Josh PEWTER, the coordinator of Run Talk Run Tooting. Run Talk Run is a running mental health support group, in a number of different locations around the world. It’s a 5km run and can be on any day of the week, with the focus being a safe space to chat/be/listen. For me, living between the South Coast and London, it can be hard to be connected to a community and the group in Tooting is fast becoming as important as a regular parkrun. Not only does running, or indeed any exercise, get the body working better but it provides a place to be able to talk through stuff without having to make eye contact. Running and chatting or running and listening is really effective. RTR Tooting starts by dropping bags in the pub, scampers around at least a couple of London commons and back to the pub for a drink.

Pippa WHITE, Josh PEWTER and Charlotte SUTHERLAND

My first run with the group was a bit of an eyeopener. I have no idea how representative of the movement RTR Tooting is, but my Monday companions are young and pretty fast. Like parkrun, no one is left behind and our 5km has points where we regroup. My first ever run with Josh, he calmly told me that his parkrun PB was “17- something” so I managed to gasp out “talk at me!”. Since then, I realise that the group will always wait, I’ve been the sweeper occasionally at the back of the pack, and I’ve even made my legs go a bit quicker. Find out more here: https://runtalkrun.com Most importantly, I have a safe space and seemingly thousands of younger friends!

Fast forward a few weeks and we decided to have a RTR trip to QE. Josh and Charlotte SUTHERLAND came from Tooting the flat 3 lapper, to a slightly hillier QE. Their grins at the end made it worthwhile. I delighted in Josh’s position (he was going to run slow because his legs were sore) and Charlotte being blown away by the scenery. Do come back.
To the results.

129 parkrunners made it around the course, with 7 parkrunners starting their parkrun journey. Welcome. Interestingly and a first for me in a long while, there were no milestones J10, 50, 100, 250 or 500 and no quirky 99s. Linda CASSIDY was on 200 and Gavin WOOD closest to the parkrun number of 318 with 315 parkruns. Our best performing runner, coming in at an Age Graded score of 78.23% was Pete TURRELL – with first finisher Joshua PEWTER coming in at 72.98%. Top female runner was at 68.82% - Eileen SINDOLE.

I didn’t hit anything as exalted as a 70%, but I looked at my home parkrun with tourist eyes, delighted in the change in the colours, caught up with a friend coming down the little loop, muttered about someone making the hills higher, and laughed at Aragon in the puddle. Mind cleared, soul nurtured, ready for another week. Thanks for visiting Josh and Charlotte. Lovely to see you all Team #QE.

Report by - Pippa WHITE

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