Festive parkruns

Traditionally over the Christmas and New Year period parkrun's around the world are allowed to hold additional events on Christmas Day and New Years Day should they wish to. A list of planned festive parkruns is being put together gradually on the parkrun Christmas Compendium. This year Queen Elizabeth parkrun will be holding two special events.

Untitled 1. Christmas Day. We have never run a parkrun on Christmas Day before but this year Dave ROBBINS has volunteered to be Run Director for a Christmas Day special event. Our Christmas day special will take place a bit later than normal at 10AM and is subject to us having enough volunteers to make the event viable. Please note that the café will not be open on Christmas Day.
2. New Years Day. The 1st January has been a traditional special parkrun day since we began. Once again we will be holding a New Year special parkrun at the later time of 10:30AM this means that those of you who wish to can take part in a New Year double with another parkrun in the area. Traditionally we team up with Havant parkrun who start at 9AM. We will confirm that this is the case nearer the time.
Please note these special parkruns are official and will count towards your run and volunteer tally's. On Christmas Day each runner can only record one run but on New Years Day you can record two. Christmas Day and New Years Day are on a Friday this year.

The regular Saturday parkrun events will still take place as usual at 9AM which means that parkruns will take place two days running giving you the opportunity to run five parkruns in eight days. We will obviously need lots of volunteers over the Christmas period so we would be grateful if you would consider volunteering for at least one of these events to ensure that we are not spread to thin. If you would like to help out at one of these events please let us know by emailing us at queenelizabethhelpers@parkrun.com

Festive parkrun dates and times:

Christmas Day - 10AM Start
Boxing Day - 9AM Start
New Years Day - 10:30AM Start
2nd January - 9AM Start


Festive parkruns

Over the festive period parkrun HQ give us the option to run extra events. We will are pleased to announce that we will be holding an extra parkrun on New Year’s Day. The event will start at a slightly later time of 10:30AM. It will be official and it will count fully towards your run tally.

The rules for Christmas and New Year parkruns are that you can only record one run on Christmas day but each runner can record a maximum of two parkruns on New Year’s Day. This means that for those wishing to, you can run at QE at 10:30AM and another local event starting at 9AM that will allow you to travel between the two. So far Havant parkrun and Chichester parkrun have announced that they will be holding New Year events at 9AM so why not try for a double as eighty three (very wet) runners did last year.

http://www.parkrun.org.uk/queenelizabeth/news/2014/01/01/new-years-day-double-results/ http://www.parkrun.org.uk/queenelizabeth/news/2014/01/02/queen-elizabeth-parkrun-33-over-the-hill-part-2/

We currently have no plans to run on Christmas Day but if you want to you can view a list of all special events by viewing the Christmas Compendium on the parkrun website at: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/christmas-compendium/

This list will be regularly updated over the next few weeks as different events declare their intentions.


New Year parkrun

Don't forget we will be running on New Years Day at 10:30 to allow you the opportunity to do a Havant (9:00) and Queen Elizabeth double. Hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you only want to run at one of the two both events will need volunteers.

Have a good Christmas everybody.

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