Parking at Queen’s parkrun

We have a problem and need your help.

Between our parkrun and the increasing number of activities on the site, car parking at the Playing Fields has become completely congested on Sat mornings. Increasing numbers of parkrun volunteers are having to deal with the the flow of pedestrians and traffic onto and through the site rather than marshaling the run.

Therefore we want to trial a new initiative.
ALL parkrunners will now park in the Dub Lane car park leaving the main car park free for other users. As parkrunners arrive we will have marshals in place to direct them to the lower car park. This will require the assistance of some early marshals who could then run and get a volunteer credit.

There are other options. Park (legally and safely) off site in the area. parkrun also encourages participants to walk, jog, cycle, car-share or use public transport when attending any event to reduce the impact on both the environment and other park users.

Please help us get this under control so we can all get back to what we love- to run!


Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training
Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to ensure you get your parkrun results each week? Now's your chance to find out!
We would like to build up a large core of volunteers familiar with the various roles required to put on Queen's parkrun every week.
If you would be interested in seeing what this would entail. then please stay behind parkrun on Sat 11th November.
If you, a friend or family member is interested then please come along. You don't have to be a runner/walker, over 18 or fast!


Parking at parkrun

Regular parkrunners at Queens will have noticed that as our numbers have increased so has the traffic congestion. We would like your support to try something new.
From this Saturday we would like all parkrunners to park down at the lower carpark, freeing the main carpark for other users who arrive/leave while we are running. Please continue to enter the site through the main entrance rather than Dub Lane.
We would really appreciate your support with this.

Back to normal course

Just to let you know that Queen's parkrun is back to our original 2 lap  route

Thank you for your patience over the summer when the path was closed off due to building work and we were using a temporary 3 lap route.

Normal service resumed 7.10.17


Update on temporary course

Some remedial works still needs to be carried out to the path at the back of the pitches following the work to the pitches themselves during the summer. Following a risk assessment, Queens recommend that we continue with the alternative route until the necessary reinstatement is carried out.

Queens will update us as soon as their Estates Dept hear back from the contractor.



Sorry everyone but unfortunately we have to cancel this week's parkrun on Saturday 26th August.

As you may know the site has been part of the 2017 Woman's Rugby World Cup and it is anticipated that Saturday will be too busy to safely incorporate the parkrun too. Please spread the worD.

You now have the opportunity to be parkrun tourists- enjoy and send us pictures!


Volunteers needed

Trying to do the volunteer rota for Sat but we need four more volunteers
Tail walker
Tea man(- the ladies always do it!)
Barcode scanner

If you can help out, please message us on facebook or email Say which role you'd be happy to undertake. Full training and coffee given!

To all those running Don't Forget Your Barcode- no barcode, no time, no exceptions. It's the only thing you have to do -barr the running!


Milestone t-shirt update

The latest batch of milestone t-shirts is nearly with us. We know some of you have been waiting a while to receive yours, so we wanted to let you know how the process will work.

Around 23,000 new milestone t-shirts will arrive in port later this week. They need to clear customs and be sent to Wiggle, where they will be checked and loaded onto their stock system. We expect the t-shirts will be available from mid-July.

All claim links will first be reset, then those parkrunners who have been waiting the longest will have their links activated. Links will then be activated in incremental batches.

We will post another update 24 hours before we start to activate the links.

Milestone t-shirts are claimed via the ‘club progress’ link on your ‘profile’ section when you log in at You can also access this page using the ‘My Profile’ link in the email newsletters.

Thanks for your patience. We can’t wait to see another 23,000 well-deserved white, red, black, green, blue and aubergine milestone t-shirts parkrunning across the country very soon!


Temporary change to the usual course over Summer 2017

Any parkrunners up at the playing fields this week will have noticed that the entrance to the trim trail has been blocked off. Queens are undertaking work to some of their pitches over the summer so we will be unable to access our usual parkrun course until September.

Don't panic, keep calm! Your trusty Run Directors have been out with bits of string, GPS watches, bikes and a specialist measuring wheel to find a suitable alternative route. The start line has moved a few metres but the finish line remains the same- just with three laps in between. We will explain it all in more detail on Saturday morning.

See you then and don't forget your barcode!


Christmas Day and New Year’s Day parkruns

We are giving all of our volunteers a well deserved break Christmas Day and New Year's Day and will not be running an event on those days.

Waterworks are definitely holding events on those days - Christmas Day at 9:30am and New Year's Day at 10:00am.

For a more up to date list of parkruns on Christmas and New Year's Day please check the Christmas Compendium

Santa Run on Sat 21st Dec at 9:30.


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