New Year’s Day parkrun

For the 2nd year, we will be running a New Year's Day parkrun at 09:00am. The timing allows the possibility of an easy double with our sister event at Harrow Lodge parkrun, who are starting at 10:30 am.

More details will be posted closer to the time.


Raphael parkrun report #229

Raphael parkrun Report #229

With England’s rugby world cup game called off due to Typhoon Hagibis, the dilemma of having to choose missing parkrun and watch the game live, or record the game while going to parkrun, but avoiding any social media or mobile connectivity until getting back to watch the game didn’t need to be made! Needless to say, numbers are up on last week, although the damp conditions must have still put a few people off. For those of you who did make it today, it was a great event, with a couple of records (more on that shortly) and a good number of PBs, especially given we had so many last week.

Thank you to all our volunteers, and if you do have the energy to say a ‘thank you’ to the marshals as you pass them in future weeks, please do. Most of the marshals are runners too, so even if your message isn’t coherent, they will know what you mean and it will mean a lot to them, since they give us their time and chance to run to make the event happen. In addition, as Simon (our RD today) mentioned in the run briefing, the next few weeks the volunteer roster is looking a little lean, so please volunteer if you can.

Now, on to the run. We had 269 runners, joggers and walkers complete the course today, 22 first timers, including 6 starting their parkrun journey with us, 39 PBs, seven milestones and two records.

Starting with PBs, last week’s tally of 50 was always going to be a hard act to follow, especially as PBs become more difficult to achieve as you complete more parkruns. Today’s total of 39 PBs was a respectable effort, and well done to those of you who achieved one.

There were a number of milestones to mention today. Some were called out during the run briefing, but here is the full list. Congratulations to all seven of you, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for your e-mail advising how and when you can claim your milestone t-shirt.

10 milestones (juniors only): Emilia Griffiths, Tabitha Seymour and Bethany Seymour

50 milestones: Carla Khouri and Dean Moran

100 milestones: Ian Stanley and James Plumer

Now for the two records. Firstly, Emma Prideaux broke her own age group record by 25 seconds in the VW45-49 category, running the course in 17:58. She holds the age category record for both the VW40-44 and VW45-49 age classes.

Secondly, today’s first finisher, James Connor (VM35-39) smashed not only the age category record but also the long-standing course record set by Grant Twist back in June 2018. Today, James ran a time of 15:07, knocking 20 seconds off the previous course record. A big round of applause for both Emma and James!

Today’s Results
Male placings:
James Connor (VM35-39) of Kent AC was first over the line in 15:07, achieving a PB and a course record.
Chris Goldsmith (SM30-35) of The Salvation Army was second (3rd overall) over the line in 18:19.
Matt Cooman (SM20-24) (Unattached) was third (5th overall) over the line in 19:02.

Female placings:
Emma Prideaux (VW45-49) of Billericay Striders RC was first (2nd overall) over the line in 17:58, achieving a PB and age category record.
Elizabeth Watters (SW25-29) of Birchfield Harriers was second (4th overall) over the line in 18:35.
Ursula Abbott (VW45-49) (Unattached) was third (58th overall) over the line in 23:29.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Emma Prideaux (VW45-49) of Billericay Striders RC – 89.24% with a time of 17:58 (2nd overall)
James Connor (VM35-39) of Kent AC – 87.76% with a time of 15:07 (1st overall)
Elizabeth Watters (SW25-29) of Birchfield Harriers – 79.64% with a time of 18:35 (4th overall)


Raphael parkrun report #228

Raphael parkrun Report #228

Running conditions today were good. The rain stayed away, as did the wind on the whole, and temperatures were good for this time of year. We welcomed 265 runners, joggers and walkers to our parkrun, including a numbers of tourists; some local to us (Brentwood and Chelmsford) and others as far afield as Switzerland.

As always, a big thank you to all of our volunteers this week, who clapped and supported our runners as they made it round the course, and made sure the event was a success.

Since many of our locals are running in the Havering half marathon this weekend, volunteer numbers were healthy. However, if you can volunteer in future weeks, please speak to one of the team, e-mail or contact the team via social media so they can add your name to the roster. Good luck to those of you running Havering half tomorrow and to those supporting the event.

With today’s good conditions, we saw a strong number of PBs; 50 in total. Given it wasn’t pacer week, this was fantastic to see. Well done to everyone who achieved their next PB.

We had three milestones to celebrate today. Congratulations to Hayley, Stuart and Joshua.

Hayley Smith completed her 50th parkrun today, and running all of them at Raphael park. She has achieved 13 PBs, and has improved her time by over 14 minutes since starting out. Hayley has also volunteered on three occasions.

Stuart Bennett also completed his 50th parkrun today, running 49 times at Raphael park, and once at Valentines. He has achieved two PBs to date.

Joshua Fowler reached the junior milestone of 10 parkruns today, having run senior parkruns in the UK, Japan, Germany and Poland. Joshua has also completed 22 junior parkruns and achieved 7 PBs, and volunteered on one occasion too. And thank you Joshua for the cake to celebrate your milestone. It was delicious!

Today’s Results
Male placings:
Patrick McGarrity (SM30-34) (Unattached) was first over the line in 18:42 and achieved a PB.
Simon Knightbridge (VM45-49) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:54 and achieved a PB.
James Simmons (SM25-29) of Tri Sport Epping was third over the line in 19:19.

Female placings:
Virginia Silio (VW35-39) of Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC was first (10th overall) over the line in 20:35 and a first timer to Raphael Park.
Morgan Campbell (SW25-29) of Havering Athletic Club was second (25th overall) over the line in 21:57.
Jennifer Louden (SW30-34) of Harold Wood Running Club was third (43rd overall) over the line in 23:45.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Frank McGown (VM55-59) of Ilford AC – 78.31% with a time of 20:08 (7th overall)
Simon Knightbridge (VM45-49) (Unattached) – 75.57% with a time of 18:54 (2nd overall)
Justin Partis (VM45-49) (Unattached) – 74.13% with a time of 19:35 (5th overall)

Fun Facts/Did You Know?
Today, Raphael park participant numbers reached 6,000. This means 6,000 different parkrunners have completed our parkrun since inception.


Chase the Pacer – 26 October 2019

Raphael parkrun's 'Chase the pacer' weeks normally happen on the final Saturday of each month. If you would like to give pacing a go then please email and let us know what pace you would like to do.

Pacers of ALL speeds are required (between, say, 18 minutes and 40 minutes) so you do not need to be a fast runner. You just need to do your best to complete the run in the agreed time (at a fairly even pace, if possible). We recommend you take on a time that you're fairly comfortable running i.e. at least a couple of minutes slower than your usual 5km time.

Being a pacer counts towards both your running milestone t-shirt and your volunteering milestone t-shirt. And it is a great way to help other parkrunners achieve a personal best. Why not give it a go? :)

The list below will be updated as volunteer pacers come forward.

18 min -
19 min - James SIMMONS
20 min -
21 min - 
22 min - Mark FOWLER
23 min - 
24 min - 
25 min - 
26 min - Ian BILLINGHAM 
27 min -  Justin BARRETT
28 min - Paul HARRISON
29 min - Jonathan COLE
30 min - Eric KEHR
31 min - 
32 min -  
33 min - 
34 min - 
35 min -
36 min - Kershia SMITH
37 min -
38 min - 
39 min - 
40 min -


Raphael parkrun report #225

It was a happy and celebratory morning as 395 people walked, jogged and ran Raphael parkrun. The late Summer sun shone as many of the runners took to the course wearing GI Jane and GI Joe costumes in support of Tracy Giddings’ 250th parkrun celebrations. Tracy, a runner with Harold Wood Running Club, has run Raphael 137 times and neighbouring Harrow Lodge 98 times, plus lots of parkrun touristing as well. Well done Tracy on your brilliant achievement.

And that wasn’t our only milestone this week as Anne Walsh completed her 50th run in a time of 42:42. Anne has run all of her parkruns at Raphaels and has a current PB of 34:26.  Georgina Bunner also completed her 50th parkrun in a time of 31:02. Junior runner, Tom Adams, also completed his 10th 5km run, having run five times at Raphaels and five times at Valentines.  Well done all!

In a field of almost 400 runners, we had 45 first timers (18 completing their first ever parkrun) and a staggering 67 personal bests on the course. Congratulations to everyone celebrating PBs this week. And to everyone running with us for the first time, well done and we hope to see you at 9am next Saturday.

As always, a huge thank you to all volunteers who helped to put on this week’s run - parkrun wouldn’t be the success it is without our high vis heroes. If you fancy helping out, we’re always on the look out for volunteers – whether it’s helping set up the event, scanning barcodes or cheering on runners on the finish line, there is a job for everyone! Check out the future roster here: And get in touch with the team if you can help at

Today’s results:

Male placings:
Chris Goldsmith (SM30-34) from The Salvation Army came in first place with a new PB of 18:04.
Second place male, Richard Morris (SM25-29) finished in 18:09.
And third place male was Toby Pereira (VM40-44) who ran the course for the first time in 18:24.

Female placings:
Morgan Campbell (SW25-29) from Havering Athletics Club was first female home and third overall in a PB winning time of 18:13.
Sarah Golding (VW40-44) ran the course for the first time and came in second place in 20:29.
And in third place was Isabella Woods (SW20-24) from Havering Athletics Club in 21:00.

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