Chase the Pacer – 25 January 2020

Raphael parkrun's 'Chase the pacer' weeks normally happen on the final Saturday of each month. If you would like to give pacing a go then please email and let us know which pace you would like to do.

Pacers of ALL speeds are required (between, say, 18 minutes and 40 minutes) so you do not need to be a fast runner. You just need to do your best to complete the run in the agreed time (at a fairly even pace, if possible). We recommend you take on a time that you're fairly comfortable running i.e. at least a couple of minutes slower than your usual 5km time.

Being a pacer counts towards both your running milestone t-shirt and your volunteering milestone t-shirt. And it is a great way to help other parkrunners achieve a personal best. Why not give it a go? :)

The list below will be updated as volunteer pacers come forward.

18 min -
19 min - Sam RAHMAN
20 min - James JOHNSON
21 min - Robin McNELIS
22 min - Mark FOWLER
23 min - Phil DAVIES
24 min - Peter JACKSON
25 min - Brynley GIDDINGS
26 min - Ian BILLINGHAM
27 min - Louise MARSHALL
28 min - Tony RAWSON
29 min - Richard ROCKLIFFE
30 min - Louise HAWKER
31 min - Colin WILKINS
32 min - Tracy GIDDINGS
33 min - Craig BROWN
34 min - Alan WOODROOF
35 min - 
36 min - Denise LINAY
37 min - Liz HASKEW
38 min - Richard HASKEW
39 min - Hayley SMITH
40 min - Simon CHILDS