The parkrun code and how you can help us!

It’s great to see so many people now joining us at Raphael parkrun. As you can see, we have grown considerably since our first event in May 2015 which had 109 participants. Last week we exceeded 500 and this week wasn’t far behind with 498!

parkrun trend line to 180120

Increasing numbers do mean that we face a few more challenges and our lovely volunteers often spend much more of their Saturday processing results and dealing with issues arising from the run.

So, how can you help us to ensure parkrun runs smoothly? Firstly take a look at the parkrun code:

UK 5k parkrun Code (With Dogs) JPG

We try not to impose too many rules on our participants as that’s not what parkrun is about, but we would ask that you do give this a read and follow the code. With the higher numbers of participants, we need more volunteers each week to ensure the run can go ahead safely. It would be great if everyone could volunteer a few times a year to ensure we don’t have to send out appeals each week.

To help the finish funnel volunteers, if you cross the finish line and are allocated a time then you must stay in the order you finish while moving through the funnel and take a token to keep times/runners in sync. If you don’t want your time then simply bring your finish token to the bandstand or give it to a volunteer. When it’s busy we don’t always see people slip out of the funnel who have been timed but don’t take a token which severely distorts our results.

With our increased numbers, one area where we have seen a significant increase is people asking us to add them into the results after the event. Part of the parkrun code is the ‘no barcode, no time, no exception’ policy which does mean that if you are unable to, or do not, provide your own barcode at the scanning table after the event, then unfortunately you will not appear in the results. To assist with queries after the event, we keep a record for which finish tokens the associated runner could not provide a physical barcode. Currently parkrun only allows teams to accept printed barcodes. Essentially this means paper barcodes, plastic barcodes or official wristbands. While we understand that this may be frustrating, we know that you will understand that as an event now as popular as we are, we do need to strictly enforce the parkrun policies for the benefit of everyone. Please do not be offended if you ask to be added and the answer is no.

More information on both of these policies can be found on the following links:

Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing you at Raphael parkrun soon. Remember to follow the code and especially… don’t forget your barcode! If you’d like to volunteer we’d love to hear from you, please email