Raphael parkrun report #244

Raphael parkrun Report #244

Once again, it was a fantastic turnout of both participants and volunteers. No records today, but we welcomed 498 runners, joggers and walkers to our amazing parkrun event, which is our 2nd highest attendance ever and volunteer numbers, (after an appeal in the week) reached 42, also our 2nd highest if we exclude pacer events.

Obviously, many of you have embraced your New Year’s resolutions, with many participants completing their second, third or fourth parkruns today. It is great to see you returning for more each week. In fact, of the 74 PBs (yes, 74, really . . . I had to double check to see the digits hadn’t been inverted!) 30 of these came from relatively new parkrunners i.e. runners with less than five runs to their names.

Equally impressive was seeing runners returning for their next ‘fix’ in spite of today being the first Saturday with “real” wintry conditions. Temperatures dropped this weekend and today was the first time this winter that I experienced some icy patches, which I very nearly found to my own peril, on that first hairpin corner by the lake! I was very thankful to see that some salt had been put down to minimise the slipperiness and I didn’t make the same mistake on the 2nd and 3rd laps! Despite the cold conditions, it was dry and there was no wind chill. As such, it was actually a pretty good day for a run (as the PB count proves), provided you had warmed up beforehand.

As always, a big shout out to our volunteers. If you can help out in future weeks, please contact one of the core team (usual methods: Facebook, e-mail, in person on Saturday at the event). With the increased attendance, we do need additional volunteers, so any help is much appreciated. And on the subject of volunteering, just a reminder it is pacer week next week (for those of you who don’t know, we run a pacer event on the last Saturday of each month). We do have a good number of pacers signed up already, but there is always space for more! If interested, contact the team to see what time slots are available.

Today, we had a number of milestones.
Congratulations to Tony Brooks and Tina Johnson on completing their 100 milestone, Michaela Hyde and Kerry Curtis on their 50 milestone and Euan Burt on his 10 junior milestone. Also, not official milestones, but worthy of a mention is Brynley Giddings and Thomas Godec, who ran their 300th and 200th parkruns respectively today. And I can’t forget our very own Les Adler, who volunteered for the 100th time today in his usual place, at the top of ‘Les hill’.

Today’s Results

Male placings:
Douglas Archibald Cameron (SM25-29) of London City Athletics Club was first over the line in 17:41.
Martin George Chester (VM45-49) of Havering Athletic Club was second over the line in 18:25.
George Seymour (SM25-29) of Dartford Road Runners was third over the line in 18:30.

Female placings:
Morgan Campbell (SW30-34) of Havering Athletic Club was first (4th overall) over the line in 18:32.
Isabella Woods (SW20-24) of Havering Athletic Club was second (30th overall) over the line in 20:38.
Mia Bowring (JW11-14) of Chelmsford AC was third (33rd overall) over the line in 20:52 and achieved a PB.

The three highest age grades were recorded by:
Stephen Philcox (VM50-54) of Ilford AC – 80.11% with a time of 19:01 (8th overall)
Morgan Campbell (SW30-34) of Havering Athletic Club – 79.86% with a time of 18:32 (4th overall)
James Johnson (VM55-59) (Unattached) - 78.87% with a time of 19:29 (11th overall) and achieved a PB.

Interesting Fact/Did You Know?
Four million people have run at least one parkrun. Brynley Giddings, who has now completed an impressive 300 parkruns is part of a select group of ~3,500 parkrunners who have completed 300 or more parkruns.