Community profile – Kershia Smith

It's now time for another Raphael parkrunner profile.  Today it is the turn of Kershia Smith.

Kershia is the proud owner of a red milestone t-shirt, having run a total of 56 parkruns, 54 of those at Raphael. She has also run at Harrow and Harrow Lodge parkruns.

Kershia has volunteered a wonderful 16 times for us, completing 21 tasks. As well as helping with pre-event set up, bar code scanning and being our tail walker, Kershia has led the First Timers' briefing several times for us, warmly welcoming new comers and has also paced for us four times. Thank you for your support of Raphael parkrun, Kershia!

Here is Kershia's profile. Enjoy x

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Name: Kershia Smith

When did you take part in your first parkrun event at Raphael?

29th April 2017

What made you come along that very first time? How did you hear about parkrun? Did someone encourage you to come along?

I'd recently begun running as a way to keep fit and remember looking for running events in my local area and parkrun came up. I moved to Romford from London in 2016 and didn't know anyone so thought this would be a good way to get to know people and explore the local area.

I love parkrun because...

It's a great way to start the weekend and it means that I can reward myself with wine that evening guilt free as I did parkrun!

Which is your favourite volunteer role and why?

I enjoy being a pacer because you get to volunteer and run at the same time. I also like barcode scanning as you get to congratulate people and I quite like pretending I'm a super speedy cashier scanning all those barcodes through.

Anything else? Such as who you come along with, favourite Raphael parkrun memory, favourite part of the course, milestone memories, fun facts about you...

I got into running late 2016 and have completed the Brighton Marathon- which is the same 26.2miles as London (people often think it isn't), 4 half marathons and 9 10K's.  parkrun has definitely helped me improve my fitness for these events and the lovely marshals that cheer you on till the very end have taught me that its not about how fast you go, as long as you go!