Community profile – Cary Driscoll

Time for our next parkrunner profile and today it's the turn of Cary Driscoll.

Cary has run 123 parkrus in total, 117 of those at Raphael.
He has also run at Hackney Marshes, Dartford and Clermont Waterfront parkruns.

Cary has volunteered 9 times for us, each one as a pacer, helping fellow parkrunners achieve PBs. Thank you for your support of Raphael parkrun, Cary!

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Name: Cary Driscoll

When did you take part in your first parkrun event at Raphael?

January 2016

What made you come along that very first time? How did you hear about parkrun? Did someone encourage you to come along?

I had previously travelled to Hackney for my first few parkruns with another Rainham resident but when Paul Andrews, who lives near Raphael and has a parking space for me, agreed to start going to parkrun we both started coming to Raphael. I have never looked back only straying from on Raphael a few times at Harrow Lodge, Dartford and in Florida!

I love parkrun because...

All ages, all abilities can join in and it benefits both your physical and mental health. It is my reset button for the end of the week into the start of the weekend.

Which is your favourite volunteer role and why?

I’ve been a pacer a few times. I was obsessive about getting my pace correct to the second initially but now I know it’s just important to give it a good go and if the pace isn’t quite correct let the runners around you know in plenty of time. The pace time has slowed in recent times but when you hear of the PBs afterwards it’s irrelevant what time you have paced.

Anything else? Such as who you come along with, favourite Raphael parkrun memory, favourite part of the course, milestone memories, fun facts about you...

Prominent in my mind is the recent sad news concerning Awtar our favourite parkrun volunteer. Coming round Awtar Corner on the first and last lap was always my favourite moments of a run. It’s going to be very strange and emotional when we come back. I have also had many fun duels with Vince Kavanagh and there’s nothing better than being in front at the last Awtar Corner looking back to see Vince coming down the hill! Only joking Vince and yes you’ve finished plenty of times in front of me!