Community profile – Joyce Tan

Today’s profile is of Core Team volunteer, Joyce Tan.

As well as Raphael, Joyce has taken part in parkruns at an amazing 47 other events, many in this country and several overseas including Futakotamagawa parkrun, Japan, Aachener Weiher parkrun, Germany, East Coast parkrun, Singapore and parkrun Zielona Góra, Poland.

Joyce is a member of the 25 Volunteer club, having volunteered on 38 separate occasions, including many times as our Tail Walker and four times as Run Director. Thank you for all your support of Raphael parkrun, Joyce!

Here is Joyce’s profile. Enjoy x


Joyce Tan

When did you take part in your first parkrun event at Raphael?

June 2015

What made you come along that very first time? How did you hear about parkrun? Did someone encourage you to come along?

I had been an on and off park runner. In June 2015, with 6 month old baby in tow, I came to Raphael as it was my closest all tarmac parkrun course.

I love parkrun because...

It is free and the community is so supportive. There is no pressure and no one gets left behind. I also love that it is in so many countries so, as a family, we combine our love of travel with a spot of parkrun tourism where possible.

Which is your favourite volunteer role and why?

Tail walker, especially being able to encourage youngsters and first timers to finish the course.

Anything else? Such as who you come along with, favourite Raphael parkrun memory, favourite part of the course, milestone memories, fun facts about you...

I come with my husband, 5 and 2 year olds and 2 buggies! I've done 165 parkruns in total (103 in Raphael) in 7 different countries. My favourite milestone memory is getting to 100 parkruns at 8 months pregnant with my youngest child. She is quite literally, a parkrun baby.