Community profile – Adam Coals

 Another (not)parkrun Saturday begins with the treat of a Raphael parkrunner profile.

Today it is the turn of Core Team legend and genuinely all round Mr Nice Guy, Adam Coals.

Adam has completed 100 parkruns in total, running 97 of those at Raphael, He has also run at Brentwood, Harrow Lodge and Holkham parkruns.

We tease Adam (from the bottom of our hearts) for always being the one in charge when an Incident Report needs to be filled in.  He has certainly had some interesting things to deal with during his turns as our Run Director and has proved to be very cool and level headed under pressure. Adam has completed an amazing 139 tasks for us at 104 runs. Quite a volunteering record. Thank you so much for everything you do for Raphael parkrun, Adam!!

So here is Adam's profile. Enjoy! x

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Name: Adam Coals

When did you take part in your first parkrun event at Raphael?

30/04/2016 but then waited until August 2016 to do my 2nd which is where my parkrun journey really started.

What made you come along that very first time? How did you hear about parkrun? Did someone encourage you to come along?

I was very overweight and decided it was time I did something about it. Heard about parkrun and found the local event was at Raphael.

I love parkrun because...

It is for everyone. I started off being unable to get round the course without stopping for a walking break and now can get around in a respectable time. Nobody judges you whatever time you complete the course and the volunteers are always friendly and encouraging to everyone.

Which is your favourite volunteer role and why?

Timekeeper or barcode scanner but enjoy all the roles apart from tailwalker. The roles are all really easy and there is always someone that will help if you aren't sure of anything.

Anything else? Such as who you come along with, favourite Raphael parkrun memory, favourite part of the course, milestone memories, fun facts about you...

Love of all of the course - we are lucky to be able to enjoy the park.

Met some good friends through parkrun and enjoy spending time with them on a Saturday morning.

Proud to be a member of the core team and assist it a small way to get a very successful event on each week. Hope we can all return before too long.