#97 New Year parkrun-athon!

Happy New Year to you all! And what a great turnout we had this week for our first parkrun of 2019.
414 people ran, jogged and walked the course on Tuesday, of whom 92 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 47 different clubs took part.

Rickmansworth Parkrun 1/1/19

We had a lot of visitors to Rickmansworth for this event as we were partnering up with Cassiobury parkrun to put on a double parkrun. We have never seen you all disappear so quickly as you whizzed off to get your double parkrun hit in. It was also great to see the bike racks so full as many parkrunners took the opportunity to cycle between the 2 events and a lot of parkrunners even made use of the tow path and ran between the Aquadrome and Cassiobury Park. What a super fit lot you are!

A HUGE congratulations goes out to Bernie Conway, who is one of our regular volunteers as she celebrated her 100th parkrun. Laura Stone, from Northala Fields parkrun joined us to celebrate her 300th event. Well done ladies, what amazing achievements!

The event was made possible by 22 volunteers: Lesley KEDDY • Pritesh PATEL • Kieron CAMPION • Claire PEARCE • Sarah OCKENDON • John NORRIS • Peter GUDGE • Jackie HARRIS • Bernie CONWAY • Helen SMITHSON • Mary WITHALL • Rob WITHALL • Esther LAXENAIRE • Alan SENDALL • Ruth ZRIHEN • Diane ANSTISS • Mark OCKENDON • Felicity ADI • Philip HAY • Hannah SANDFORD • Karen FISH • Anastacia PALMER

Another gentle reminder for all our parkrunners at Rickmansworth to make a note of the parkrun code. We removed a couple of regular parkrunners from the results this week as we had another incident with an under 11 being left to run the course on their own. A member of our Core Team found the young runner on the course in a very distressed state and gave up their run to accompany the child back to the finish area and reunite them with their parent.

Rickmansworth Parkrun 1/1/19

Please be aware that ‘The parkrun Code’ applies to everyone at all parkruns as well as international events. One of the rules is: ‘Children under the age of 11 must be within arm’s reach of a trusted adult at all times’. The adult must be aged 18 or over. This rule has been put in place to ensure the welfare and safe-guarding of all young children attending parkrun as the events are held in busy, open, public areas and is without exception. If you are an adult running with an under 11 please ensure that you stay together, it is not the responsibility of the Marshals or other parkrunners to look after the child.
As Run Directors we stand up each week and give a Pre-Run Brief which includes the parkrun code in our spiel, so you should all be aware of the points by now but if you do need a refresher please follow the link:


Rickmansworth Parkrun 1/1/19

Please help us keep parkrun an all-inclusive, safe event for everyone!

We look forward to seeing you all next parkrunday!
Sarah Ockendon