#103 – 16th February 2019

This week 508 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers and 94 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

We welcomed tourists from near and far.  This year we had tourists from the lovely Portrush in Northern Ireland which is high on most parkrun tourists’ wishlist as it is by the sea and run on sand.

We do have to mention a couple of important reminders this week:


Remember it is 1 dog per runner on a SHORT lead.  A couple of our runners this week tripped over a fellow parkrunner’s dog that had been let off its’ lead.  There are only a few parkrun rules and they are there for a reason.
picture of dog

Etiquette towards other parkrunners

We have a wide range of abilities amongst our parkrunners.  Please make it easier for the faster participants to pass safely by keeping to the left and if you are running with friend(s) then ensure there is space for other runners to pass you safely.  For the faster runners; it can distress others by shouting at them in a loud voice.  Please call out nicely to others to make way for you.  We suggest you call to them to keep to the left and don’t forget please!

Thank the Volunteers

Please remember the volunteers each week by thanking them as you pass.  A big shout out to this week’s volunteers.  We are always looking for volunteers.  If you are fortunate enough to enjoy running at our parkrun regularly please think about stepping forward to volunteer.  We have such a large pool of runners and if those that are able to offered to help we would not have to keep putting out appeals and you’d only have to help occasionally.  To offer your help, please send an email to rickmansworth@parkrun.com and don’t forget to include your barcode number as it can be difficult for us to find you on our database otherwise.

Sophie CHATER • Lesley KEDDY • Rosie MOUNTAIN • Matthew ROBINS • Frank RYAN • Chelsi LANGSFORD • Joanna EVANS • Katrina EVERETT • David GWYNNE-EVANS • Mary WITHALL • Rob WITHALL • Philip GIBBS • Maria WAITE • Anne O CONNOR • Matt SHEARLOCK • Nanette MORGAN • Diane ANSTISS • Guy ANSTISS • Mark OCKENDON • Jessica HOWARTH • Jennie GOULD • Rachel CAIRN • Cameron FRASER • Maddy NEVES • Tom GUTREICH • Brian MORGAN • Matt MCKARELL • Gillian SHACKLADY • Adam SHACKLADY • Ollie MARSHALL

We were delighted to give our congratulations to regular parkrunners Brian and Sheila Chandler who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  What better way to celebrate than run a parkrun?  Many congratulations to you both.

Picture of Brian and Sheila Chandler

Brian and Sheila Chandler Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary


We had a few runners celebrating milestones today.

Joining the 50 club we had Richard NEWMAN.  Reaching the 100 milestone were Nathan GEE and Kate DOUGLAS.  Although not an official milestone we still feel it is worthy of a mention – Tracy VALIKANGAS who did her 150th run with us today,  Regular Rickmansworth volunteer Rosie MOUNTAIN also did her 25th volunteer with us today and celebrated by being our Tail Walker.

picture of rose

Rosie on her 25th Volunteering Task


Thank you for reading and see you at parkrun soon.

Lesley Keddy