#144 – The one where we got prickly about volunteering…

A gorgeous start to the weekend, thanks to 21 fabulous volunteers!!

Although the clouds appeared early for Saturday morning, Jack Frost stayed away,
as did any strong winds, which meant excellent conditions for a December parkrun in
Rickmansworth! The attendance of 407 participants came close to a December
record (413 on 29th December 2018) – this is highly likely to be broken over the next
few weeks!

Huge thanks should go to Andy Nice and his team of volunteers. Not only did
everyone put on a great experience to start the day off, many volunteers were
spotted in the café afterwards!

The team of 21 helpers today were:

Anastacia PALMER  •  Andy NICE  •  Chris TIDY  •  Damien HAMPTON  •  David BROWN  •  Dhruv SYAM  •  Diane ANSTISS  •  Harry LOVATT  •  Isobel TOON  •  Jess WEBSTER  •  Jo WATKINSON  •  Juliet GUERRI  •  Karin LOCKETT  •  Paula ALLIBONE  •  Peter CLARKE  •  Sandra FLYNN  •  Simon TRIMBEE  •  Sophie CHATER  •  Su TYSOE  •  Tim WYE  •  Valerie WEEKS

As Andy mentioned in his run briefing, there are still spaces on the volunteer roster
over the next few weeks, so why not try viewing parkrun from a different angle?
Plenty of volunteering roles are available to be performed – please email
rickmansworth@parkrun.com if you are interested. Without volunteers, parkrun
wouldn’t exist, and the personal euphoria you can receive from gaining thanks from
runners whilst volunteering is an experience everyone should have at some point!

With regards the parkrun, there were 35 people who had their barcodes scanned for
the first time beside the lakes. Places visitors came from included Taunton, Wales,
Kingsway and Bedfont Lakes. 16 of the 35 were joining the parkrun family by doing
their first parkrun – that’s awesome, and we hope you return again soon!

Unfortunately, 13 runners didn’t produce a barcode to be scanned, however 70
runners also managed to go faster along the course than they had done before – of
those that had recorded times before, that’s a whopping 20%!!

For those new to parkrun, milestone T shirts are issued free of charge after 500, 250,
100 and 50 runs, with additional ones for 10 runs by a junior and 25 volunteering
events. Congratulations go to regulars Beth Lang, Scott Daw and Robin
Shacklady who qualified for their ‘50’ shirts, as did visitor Ian Punter. Under 10’s
Sophie Ellis and Tom Rimes both completed their 10 th 5km parkruns so will be able
to order shirts soon! A mention should also go to Joanne Newman who reached 150
parkruns – only a hundred to go before you can order a coveted green T shirt!
Interesting fact!

Since the opening parkrun at Rickmansworth, 9,015 people have completed runs at
the Aerodrome, which means whoever was the 20 th ‘first timer’ today was the 9,000 th
person… looking at the result this honour goes to Jack Howard (JM15-17) who was
doing his first ever parkrun!!!

David Duggan