Event #155

The high winds and storms held off this Saturday and 540 people ran, jogged and walked the course among them where 52 first timers as well as representatives from 38 different clubs. 

A big congratulations to 105 of you who recorded personal bests this week.

Some of you will be aware that this week was my last week as RD at Rickmansworth I will return from time to time to volunteer. I have been volunteering at Rickmansworth since 10th May 2017 and that seems such a long time ago I am moving on to become Event Director at a new event that will hopefully be starting this year.

2 of our new tokens 52 and 368 have wandered off on an adventure however the finish token family would like 52 and 368 to return so the family can be whole again. If you happen to be one of the people with either token could you, please return 52 or 368 their family misses them. Please do not take the finish tokens home with you we have only just replaced the old set and the new set cost £120.

The event was made possible by 32 amazing volunteers who helped the event run smoothly.

Sophie CHATER • Lesley KEDDY • Paul ORANGE • David DEARLOVE • Mary WITHALL • Ruth HOLROYD • Rob WITHALL • Maria WAITE • Tracy, Jessica and Sophie HOWARTH • Harry LOVATT • Diane ANSTISS • Kerry HORN • Iain SCARLETT • Matt SANDFORD • Philip HAY • Jennie GOULD • Paula ALLIBONE • Richard ALLIBONE • Rachel CAIRN • Hannah SANDFORD • Su TYSOE • Carolyn OPIE • Louise MOORE • Sarah HAGGER-HOLT • Julia FITZGERALD • Anastacia PALMER • Kevin JONES • Emma KRAMER • Gary COCKS • Dhruv SYAM

We did have one issue and that was several people being rude to our barcode scanners when challenged over producing their parkrun number on their phone. Parkrun policy is not to accept runners barcode on their phone and to produce one on your phone is treated as no barcode. Remember no Barcode no Time and rudeness towards volunteers will not be tolerated. Remember that person volunteering has given up their time to enable the event to take place.

Each week we ask for volunteers and with over 500 of you running each week it would be nice to see some new faces stepping forward. I feel that some people have forgotten that without the volunteers the event would not happen, and it is always the same people stepping in to fill gaps in the roster or volunteering.  It does not matter if you have never volunteered before you will be briefed on your role on the day giving you all the information you need to carry out role.

To volunteer all you need to do is E Mail Rickmansworth@parkrun.com, when you E Mail in please let us know what role you would like to do and most importantly please include your parkrun number.