#197 – Ricky Runs – not Races!

(By Tim Gray – Chiltern Church Runners)

411 finishers on a beautiful day for a parkrun, and with the splendid surrounds of Rickmansworth Aquadrome, who could ask for more?

Certainly there was a fabulous volunteer team – I gather from the event briefing there was a bit of lastminute.com to get the final few in place – so do consider volunteering, it’s a lot of fun, and often a great way to get to know a few of your fellow parkrunners. A special mention this week to Charles Wander (great name for a tail walker) who got to listen to K pop (Korean pop music) as he undertook his duties this week courtesy of the walker he was with.

You had a warm up – which I have never seen at an adult parkrun (junior events are 2k on Sundays for 4-14 year olds) before – great fun. And the PA meant we could all hear what we were being told – I will admit at our home run it depends which RD is on as to how easily we can hear them!

We had a ‘Levi’ run this week, 501 for Marjory Bluer who had received her 500 t shirt having run with you the week before to qualify for it. Awesome work Marjory. 79 parkruns at Rickmansworth, 238 at Bushy – and plenty of others covering a wide range of events – and indeed over 100 volunteers.

I didn’t hear many shout outs for Milestones at the start but in the results I see two 50’s – Chris Tidy and Jodie Piwowar, and then the one we are still getting used to the 25 – James Henderson, David Cook, and Julie Orbell all made it to that. Well done all. Not an official Milestone but a quick mention for Wendy Harrington as well, with 200 up.

Well done to junior runner Amelie who with her friends, many doing their first ever parkrun, have raised over £1000 for Ukraine – charity work and exercise at the same time, what a great thing to do. All in all just over 5% of this weeks field were running their first ever parkrun. Plenty of other visitors ‘on tour’ as well – including my own family, and a group of Garden City Runners amongst others.

Your reputation as a fast course (7th flattest we were told) seemed justified from 5% of the field running sub 20.

There were PB’s scattered throughout the field from position 1 to 402, I’ll pick a few out at random rather than name them all; Joe Davis, Lucy Wallduck, Katharine Blindloss, Robert & Teresa Pawlik, Jaeden Patel, Charlotte Trotman, Tony Surkes, and Asma Malik. Sorry I can’t name you all, too big a list – but well done to you all.

I will cheat slightly and add one more – my wife Sue Gray who smashed her all time parkun PB by over a minute, also going sub 30 for the first time – well done dear.

Today was my 6th time at Rickmansworth aquadrome, but first time at the parkrun. Having run 5 half marathons/challenge events on the site under the title ‘Ricky Races’ it was nice to be visiting somewhere that was both familiar, and new, at the same time. Should you fancy some slightly hilly cross country in South London, do come visit us at Roundshaw Downs on the edge of Croydon and Sutton some time, we are in our own way, a hidden gem – just like you.

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