Event 151 The Record Breaker

This week 692 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 100 were first timers and 65 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 39 different clubs took part.

692 people is now our new record attendance and defiantly presented new challenges and issues which where dealt with by 33 amazing volunteers:

Ali YOUNG • Andrew CHATER • Sophie CHATER • Jackie O'DOWD • Stephen PENDRIGH • Madelaine PENDRIGH • Peter GUDGE • Jackie HARRIS • Jonathan MURRIN • Mary WITHALL • Rob WITHALL • Philip GIBBS • Cindy BEEDELL • Maria WAITE • Tracy HOWARTH • Harry LOVATT • Rosie CHATER • Diane ANSTISS • Guy ANSTISS • Iain SCARLETT • Philip HAY • Paula ALLIBONE • Richard ALLIBONE • Rachel CAIRN • Su TYSOE • Emma GRAY • Julia FITZGERALD • Anastacia PALMER • Amy SCARLETT • Joseph PYE • Jeremy WASDEN • Dhruv SYAM • Avni MASHRU

This weeks run report was written by Jeremy Wasden visiting from Northala Fields.

Thank you Rickmansworth, for a lovely parkrun this morning!

I popped over to Ricky for your parkrun, really in honour of my pal, Caroline Scarlett’s 100th Parkrun.  She said there would be cake! But more on that later…

Clan Scarlett (1)

The weather was a little grey and overcast, a dampening of rain in the air, not cold, which will probably make for some good finish times today!   Certainly nothing to put off the hardy folk of Herts.

My home parkrun is just down the road at Northala Fields, and I am not much of a tourist so great to come and tick a local parkrun off my to-do list.  We are lucky to have these places on our doorsteps with the mixed scenery of Northala or the lovely view of the lakes that Rickmansworth has to offer. With plenty of other great parkruns available locally we are spoilt for choice!

But what really makes a parkrun are people.

Well, you had nearly seven hundred of you gorgeous people attending today.  Boy are you popular Rickmansworth!  First timers, old hands, New Years resolutionists, dogs, cats, you were all here (well maybe not cats).  I am sure some are drawn by your flat fast course.  Not that course speed is something that will make a huge difference to me, my speed puts me in the trier category.

All you Lovely Ricky's (1)

Plenty of first-timers along today and I hope they loved their experience and tootle on back again another time to see you soon!  A weekly parkrun at Rickmansworth is a great way to anchor your running habit.  Saturday = parkrunday.


You have a wonderful selection of volunteers; enthusiastic volunteers on the course and a welcome team organising the time keeping, funnel and scanning at the end.  They were busy today so please send some love their way.  It’s important not to forget the volunteers you don’t see, like the coordinators, early doors set-up and clearers away.   The best way to show your appreciation is to volunteer yourself!  It’s fun, do it often and they give you a sleek purple T Shirt!  It improves your time by 3% guaranteed*.

Hard working token and time team (1)


At parkrun I enjoy the short interactions I have with people or just watch, vignette’s if you like, snatches of conversation and life.  The love shown by the runner who comes back to encourage his mum, behind me, to a strong finish.  Jane overtook me at the end and I didn’t have the heart to try to fight back, it would have been impolite (okay so I didn’t have the legs either but lets keep that quiet).  It’s lovely to see family working together.

I mentioned the reason I was here today was Caroline Scarlett, a friend of mine for some 25 years, who was with my wife the night I met them both.  The Scarlett family, cousins and friends were here in numbers with Iain, Caroline’s husband also completing his 50th parkrun today and their children, Lucy, Amy and Freddie all either running or volunteering.  Iain tail walked for a cheeky run/volunteer double "</p

Caroline is a member of Ricky Running Sisters and it was lovely to see the famous sisters out in force today.  They encouraged Caroline to try Couch To 5k and then parkrun.  And through her running, Caroline encouraged me (and plenty of others) to try following her example through C25K and parkrun and here I am!  So, in short this report is all Caroline’s fault…. Thank you

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rickmansworth parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William MYCROFT who recorded a time of 15:39 on 25th December 2019 (event number 147).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:01 on 25th December 2019 (event number 147).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sharon KASSEMZADEH who recorded 91.84% (22:04) on 4th August 2018 (event number 74).

Rickmansworth parkrun started on 4th March 2017. Since then 9,594 participants have completed 58,512 parkruns covering a total distance of 292,560 km, including 11,329 new Personal Bests. A total of 629 individuals have volunteered 3,516 times.


Event number 149…the one with the hangover!

What a wonderful start to 2020 we had at Ricky parkrun. It may have been outcast weather wise and some of us feeling a little delicate from the night before but we saw 556 people run, jog and walk our lovely course, of whom 130 were first timers and 66 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 61 different clubs took part and we had had visitors from as far away as Australia and New Zealand. We also welcomed Frosty the Snowman (from Oxford) who ran the double, first with us and then on to Cassiobury which so many others also did. Well done to you all. Your Run Director enjoyed a leisurely coffee in the café while processing the results during your endeavour!

Warming Up!

Warming Up!

Congratulations to Bernie Conway who completed her 100th volunteering for us. Why not make one of your new year resolutions to volunteer at one in every 10 parkrun you run. We would never have to beg or cajole for volunteers if this happened…what a marvellous thought…


Thank you to our fabulous 30 volunteers this week:

Mark MAYFIELD • Rosie MOUNTAIN • Martyn MAYNARD • Claire PEARCE • John NORRIS • Joanna EVANS • Peter GUDGE • Jackie HARRIS • Bernie CONWAY • Preena DIVECHA • Mary WITHALL • Rob WITHALL • Helene PHILIPSON • Maria WAITE • Tracy HOWARTH • Alan SENDALL • Kelly BAKER • Austin BAKER • Harry LOVATT • Diane ANSTISS • Matt SANDFORD • Philip HAY • Hannah SANDFORD • Judith ALDRIDGE • Su TYSOE • Martin ROGERS • Lia STUBBINGS • Kevin JONES • Alexander GIBBS • Rosi JORDON

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rickmansworth parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William MYCROFT who recorded a time of 15:39 on 25th December 2019 (event number 147).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:01 on 25th December 2019 (event number 147).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sharon KASSEMZADEH who recorded 91.84% (22:04) on 4th August 2018 (event number 74).

Rickmansworth parkrun started on 4th March 2017. Since then 9,385 participants have completed 57,134 parkruns covering a total distance of 285,670 km, including 11,191 new Personal Bests. A total of 622 individuals have volunteered 3,457 times.


All the best for 2020 and your parkrun adventures.




Rickmansworth parkrun #147 – The better late than never run report for Christmas Day.

Please excuse my tardiness and the lateness of this run report but Christmas and the New Year just ran away from me! However, I felt that as we had so many amazing announcements on Christmas Day I wanted to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard so that we could remember who was celebrating what.

Firstly and I know you will all agree with me our Volunteers were truly amazing. They cheered, scanned, timed and handed out tokens with a real Festive zeal.  So a HUGE big thank goes out to:

Mark Ockendon; Nick Cavender; Debbie Edwards; Anastacia Palmer; Rob Withall; Rachel Cairn; Kristin Cavender; Joanna Evans; Sylvia Moss; Richard Moss; Nicola Anstiss; Thomas Man; Mary Alderson; Anna Dawson; Richard Ruffell; Paul Rawlins; Matthew Howarth; Marjory Bluer; John Norris; Sheena Bluer; Maria Waite; Bernie Conway; Suzanne Plunkett; Ivy Neild and Mary Withall.

Secondly, i wish to thank everyone, runners and volunteers alike, for donning their Santa hats and Christmas tops and making our run such a Festive one. You all looked amazing.




On December 25th 518 people ran, jogged and walked the course and we had new course records set for both the male and female runners.

A new male course record was set by William MYCROFT who recorded a time of 15:39 and a new female course record was set by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:01.  The Age Grade course record is still held by Sharon KASSEMZADEH who recorded 91.84% (22:04) on 4th August 2018 (event number 74).

Run Director Maria joined me for the Run Brief to lead us all in a Drum Roll/Warm Up Routine for our Milestone announcements.

We were able to celebrate Rob Withall’s 100th Volunteering Milestone.  He is one of the Rickmansworth Core Team who you will recognize as he regularly volunteers at Rickmansworth in between his weeks as Run Director.  Well done Rob!

There were 6 x 100 parkrun Milestones to announce on Christmas Day and we were able to celebrate with Simon Trimbee, Nick Alpe, Nanette Morgan, Caroline Louch, Phil Walker and Steve Giller who were running their 100th parkruns at Rickmansworth.  Well done all of you, what an amazing achievement and we look forward to seeing you all modelling your new Black 100 t’shirts in the following weeks.

2 of our younger runners were also celebrating milestones.  Jessica Howarth was running her 50th parkrun and her sister Sophie was running in her first parkrun.  Well done ladies, you are a real inspiration to all us oldies!

Please remember Rickmansworth parkrun when you are making your New Year's Resolutions!  Our events only happen because of our Volunteers so make the resolution to volunteer at 1 in 10 events and we will be able to keep our events running smoothly for everyone to enjoy.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all again next parkrunday!

Warmest wises

Sarah Ockendon


#148 – another year passes

28th December 2019

It was a grey and miserable day. No one was entirely sure what day of the week it was, but we turned up at the Aquadrome fairly secure in the knowledge that it probably was a parkrunday.

Fortunately, a full pack of volunteers had also roused themselves from Christmas food & drink induced torpor, to help set up, cheer round, time, token & scan, clear down and reset for the next parkrunday.

And the next parkrunday is of course on Wednesday 1st January at 09:00 – a perfect opportunity for an NYPB, and to record a double parkrun. Cassiobury is scheduled to start at 10:30, which should be enough time for people to make the transition. Please consider running or cycling between the two. For those cycling, Lesley Keddy will be leading a peleton (road route); if you’re driving, feel free to post on our FB page to offer lift-shares – and think ahead about where you plan to park. Two parkruns in one morning are quite enough without a panic-jog in between.

In this, the last Ricky parkrun of 2019, 480 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 68 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

Marjory BLUER • Lesley KEDDY • Sasha BIRKIN • Ciara WILLIAMS • Simon DADOMO • Claire PEARCE • John NORRIS • Peter GUDGE • Jackie HARRIS • Brian CHANDLER • Bernie CONWAY • Steve BOLD • Sheila CHANDLER • Harry LOVATT • Anne O CONNOR • Diane ANSTISS • Deborah DENMAN • Philip HAY • Martin PRIOR • Su TYSOE • Sue JOHNS • Bryony WALSH • Dawn WALSH • Anastacia PALMER • Charlie BLAKE • Alexander GIBBS • Guy GIBBS • Dhruv SYAM

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rickmansworth parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by William MYCROFT who recorded a time of 15:39 on 25th December 2019 (event number 147).
The female record is held by Hannah OLDROYD who recorded a time of 18:01 on 25th December 2019 (event number 147).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sharon KASSEMZADEH who recorded 91.84% (22:04) on 4th August 2018 (event number 74).

Rickmansworth parkrun started on 4th March 2017. Since then 9,255 participants have completed 56,578 parkruns covering a total distance of 282,890 km, including 11,125 new Personal Bests. A total of 618 individuals have volunteered 3,427 times.

On a final note, this was my last stint as Run Director. I’ve RD’d at South Oxhey & Rickmansworth for 5 years now, and decided it was time for someone else to have a go (and for me to try to get my 500 t-shirt before the end of 2020!). If you fancy pitching in to help put on parkrun every week, drop us a line at Rickmansworth@parkrun.com or chat to an RD on parkrunday. I can wholeheartedly recommend the experience – it’s great for building ties with the community, developing public-speaking & problem-solving skills, and guarantees a warm-glow as you bask in the thank yous of parkrunners post-run. You’ll be fully supported by a great core team – go on, give it a go!

I’ll still be a Ricky regular – but looking forward to mainly running, and occasionally dipping into the other volunteer roles – so won’t say goodbye, simply, as ever,




#144 – The one where we got prickly about volunteering…

A gorgeous start to the weekend, thanks to 21 fabulous volunteers!!

Although the clouds appeared early for Saturday morning, Jack Frost stayed away,
as did any strong winds, which meant excellent conditions for a December parkrun in
Rickmansworth! The attendance of 407 participants came close to a December
record (413 on 29th December 2018) – this is highly likely to be broken over the next
few weeks!

Huge thanks should go to Andy Nice and his team of volunteers. Not only did
everyone put on a great experience to start the day off, many volunteers were
spotted in the café afterwards!

The team of 21 helpers today were:

Anastacia PALMER  •  Andy NICE  •  Chris TIDY  •  Damien HAMPTON  •  David BROWN  •  Dhruv SYAM  •  Diane ANSTISS  •  Harry LOVATT  •  Isobel TOON  •  Jess WEBSTER  •  Jo WATKINSON  •  Juliet GUERRI  •  Karin LOCKETT  •  Paula ALLIBONE  •  Peter CLARKE  •  Sandra FLYNN  •  Simon TRIMBEE  •  Sophie CHATER  •  Su TYSOE  •  Tim WYE  •  Valerie WEEKS

As Andy mentioned in his run briefing, there are still spaces on the volunteer roster
over the next few weeks, so why not try viewing parkrun from a different angle?
Plenty of volunteering roles are available to be performed – please email
rickmansworth@parkrun.com if you are interested. Without volunteers, parkrun
wouldn’t exist, and the personal euphoria you can receive from gaining thanks from
runners whilst volunteering is an experience everyone should have at some point!

With regards the parkrun, there were 35 people who had their barcodes scanned for
the first time beside the lakes. Places visitors came from included Taunton, Wales,
Kingsway and Bedfont Lakes. 16 of the 35 were joining the parkrun family by doing
their first parkrun – that’s awesome, and we hope you return again soon!

Unfortunately, 13 runners didn’t produce a barcode to be scanned, however 70
runners also managed to go faster along the course than they had done before – of
those that had recorded times before, that’s a whopping 20%!!

For those new to parkrun, milestone T shirts are issued free of charge after 500, 250,
100 and 50 runs, with additional ones for 10 runs by a junior and 25 volunteering
events. Congratulations go to regulars Beth Lang, Scott Daw and Robin
Shacklady who qualified for their ‘50’ shirts, as did visitor Ian Punter. Under 10’s
Sophie Ellis and Tom Rimes both completed their 10 th 5km parkruns so will be able
to order shirts soon! A mention should also go to Joanne Newman who reached 150
parkruns – only a hundred to go before you can order a coveted green T shirt!
Interesting fact!

Since the opening parkrun at Rickmansworth, 9,015 people have completed runs at
the Aerodrome, which means whoever was the 20 th ‘first timer’ today was the 9,000 th
person… looking at the result this honour goes to Jack Howard (JM15-17) who was
doing his first ever parkrun!!!

David Duggan