Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 8th June 2019 – Event 432


The One with the Blast From The Past

Report by Steve Stockwell
Photos by Steve, and From the Riddlesdown Archive (https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums click on the link to access all of our photo albums in Flickr)

Steve at our inaugural event - 2nd July 2011

It’s been a while since we last visited Riddlesdown parkrun, but we took a break from touring so my wife could run her 50th back at our original home.

The Stockwell Clan at the end of Event 1!

Returning to see many familiar faces reminded me that it still feels like home even after such a long time away. Secondly, the number of new faces shows that the event is still growing and attracting more people even after almost eight years.

Steve and Matilda at the centre of our 1st Anniversary celebrations

I had originally intended to use our return as a chance to spend a weekend not writing about parkrun, but when I was asked if I fancied doing the report, I just couldn’t say no! (Well, it would’ve been rude not to! – ED) So here we go...


Only a week ago it seemed as if summer had well and truly started, but the British weather is a funny thing and the forecast showed a 68% chance of rain during the event. Fortunately the parkrun weather fairies stepped in and the conditions remained dry, albeit a little windy. The threat of rain seems to have kept some tucked up in bed and the attendance figures dropped a little to the lowest number seen since the end of April.

We have had much wetter parkruns than this week - just not usually in June! Christmas Day 2012...

However, there were still 207 participants in attendance at Event number 432, so well done to everyone that made it out of bed despite the forecast. Our Run Director for the day was 173-time volunteer Helen Peters who took on the role for the 6th time. Of course, it takes more than one person to put on a parkrun event, and an additional 22 volunteers were on hand to take care of their own small pieces of the jigsaw that is Riddlesdown parkrun.


A huge thank you must go to the following people, many of whom volunteer come rain or shine, week-in, week-out to make sure the event goes ahead…

Ange Norris, Dylan Wyner, Nicki Clark, Shelagh Lennon, Barrie Williams, Steven Stockwell, Dani Stockwell, Sarah Jane Broom, Kenneth Hooks, Conor O’Shea, Helen Peters, Joy Rimell, Keith Simpson, Jessica Dann, Lesley Emery, Matilda Stockwell, Nicky Hodgetts, Sebastian Henkins, Jemima Hinder, Andrew Sharp, Robert Boswell, Matthew Mussett and Katie Innes.


If you fancy giving volunteering a go, each role is pretty straight-forward, you can dip in and out as often or as little as you like with no need to commit to anything long-term. If you’re keen to lend a hand but nervous you could always have a chat to any of the core team, including our Event Director Nicki Clark who is very experienced and will certainly put your mind at rest. In fact, she has volunteered on more occasions than anybody else, not only at Riddlesdown, but in the whole history of parkrun!


After almost eight years in operation, 686 different people have volunteered at some point in the history of the event, 227 have volunteered within the past twelve months and 138 have done so so far this year. That’s a lot of people helping to support the event, so definitely worth a pat on the back!


Riddlesdown parkrun is the registered home event for 4696 people. 6904 different people have officially taken part in the event and 1449 different people have taken part this year alone. Today we saw the 53,000th finisher (carry on reading to find out if it was you!). The combined total mileage for parkrunners at Riddlesdown is now 265,005 kilometres which is the same as the distance a satellite would travel per day in a Geostationary Orbit.

First-timers and Tourists
We welcomed 23 first-timers to our event (11.1% of the field). 12 of these were taking part in their first-ever parkrun - we hope you enjoyed the experience and we look forward to seeing you again!

The other 11 first-timers had previously taken part in parkruns at other venues - Special mention to father and daughter Peter and Ally Loose - They are fond of parkrun tourism and Riddlesdown was Peter’s 134th different venue and Ally’s 43rd. Thanks for visiting and good to see you made it around despite the late arrival... The good news is that PBs are guaranteed if you visit again!


Matilda watching her Mum run in November 2011

I’m going to take advantage of being the report writer and make a super-special mention to my daughter Matilda (Lime) Stockwell who, after being part of Riddlesdown parkrun from the very beginning (she was 10.5 months old when we attended the inaugural event), finally got the opportunity to complete the course under her own steam.

and nearly 8 years later, Matilda ready to run!

She’s got the tourist bug from me and has now visited 25 different venues (including 12 different junior events) which is also known as the Quarter Cowell in the world of parkrun tourism.
Also, despite me initially thinking otherwise, it was also a new 5k personal best for her!

parkrun club representation
For any of our newer participants that are not aware, parkrun has a number of clubs, which also come with a free milestone t-shirt (you just pay for postage). There are currently six of these clubs; for participation there are the 10 (for juniors only), 50, 100, 250 and 500 clubs, plus there is the v25 club for anyone who has volunteered a minimum of 25 times.

Kaye Quinn, our founding Volunteer Co-ordinator becoming the 51st person to join the 500 club

Present in today’s results were;

9 members of the parkrun 250 club
38 members of the 100 club
38 members of the 50 club
8 members of the junior-only 10 club
37 members of the v25 club

In total 45.8% of today’s finishers were in at least one of the clubs.

Milestones achieved today
10 Club
Firstly we have Rachael Phillips who joined the junior-only 10 club - The ten have been completed in a combination of seven runs with us and the remaining three over at the wonderful Roundshaw parkrun which takes place on the land of the former Croydon Airport. She also has 14 junior parkruns under her belt - all run over at Lloyd junior parkrun.

50 Club
Stuart Brant - Stuart ran his first parkrun in May 2017 and is what is known as a parkrun passionista having run all of his parkruns at one single venue - ours of course!

Sean Thrower - Sean has completed forty-eight of his parkruns with us at Riddlesdown starting with his first in April 2015. The other two were at Woodhouse Moor (the updated name for the original Leeds parkrun).

Dani Stockwell - Dani took part in her first parkrun here at Riddlesdown in November 2011 having spent the first few months of Riddlesdown parkrun’s existence supporting her husband (me!) and/or volunteering.

Dani in November 2011

She has run at 17 different venues covering 3 different countries and also volunteered on 116 different occasions at 7 different venues (It’s actually 117, and 8 venues as one has gone uncredited).

Even on Christmas Day (2011)

Congratulations to all of you - we look forward to seeing you in your milestone t-shirts very soon!

I’ve managed to find a couple of unofficial milestones this week…

Simon Masters ran his 150th Riddlesdown parkrun (208 in total)
Mark Stanford ran his 50th Riddlesdown parkrun (71 in total)

Ange Norris was the first female through the finish line at Riddlesdown for the 100th time

Finally, the 53,000th recorded finish at Riddlesdown parkrun went to Pamela Roper!

Personal Bests
We had 32 new personal bests set today. Well done to Tom Meadowcroft, Aaron Gillett, Tim Hurt, Timothy Andrew, Oliver Thomas, Alexander Preston, Jeff Heaver, Hannah Smith, Jamie Goodwin, Adam Pearce, Mark Dawson, Jeremy Heath, Julie Eldridge, Michaela Dacosta, Jennie Cade, Alex Boniface, Gobi Otma, Csaba Csordas, Tony Connor, Celeste Ralphs, Charlotte Haeger-Gibbs, Stephen Hayman, Sam Bateman, Sarah Bidgood, Jan Whyatt, David Cruickshanks-Boyd, Nick Tagg, Charlie Howard, Nikita Stileman, Sharon Tagg, Megan Morris, and Kate Gardner.

Performances (times and age grades)
The top three finishers by position / gender were;


Dylan Wymer 16.49
Daniel Gillett 18.04
David Baker 18.16


Ange Norris 21.28
Stephanie Upton 22.02
Nicola Archer 22.12

Age grading is an interesting way to compare performances on a level playing field as it can sometimes show an outstanding performance from further down the field that would otherwise not stand out. This week the top three were all from the list above with Ange topping that chart with 85.45%.

A notable result is that of Cathy Jennings who finished in 136th position (44th female). She recorded an age graded percentage of 77.07% with a time of 30.23 in the VW70-74 age category. To put it in perspective, that is a better performance than our first-finisher.

Participants will only receive an official result if they bring their personal barcode for scanning, so please try to remember it every week. This week there were 7 ‘unknown’ people in the results, which is 3.38% of the total (percentage-wise it’s actually quite low). If you do forget your barcode, it’s absolutely fine to continue to take part, just remember your name will not appear in the results, but please give the finish token back as these are re-used every week.

Post Event
Every week there is a post-event social gathering, and this currently takes place at The White Lion, Warlingham. You may already be familiar with it but if not, the oldest part of the building dates back to c.1467 and inside you’ll find various nooks and crannies to explore. Just watch your head on the beams! If you drive you can park for free in their car park, but remember to enter your registration number into the machine on the bar.

The results are processed here and it gives a great opportunity to have a more relaxed chat to your fellow parkrunners over a hot beverage and maybe some breakfast, which incidentally is quite reasonably priced and delicious.

After a couple of hours in the pub another wonderful morning of parkrun drew to a close. We certainly won’t leave it as long until we pop back over, but for now it’s back on the parkrun touring road for us. See you all soon and happy parkrunning!

The full results for event 432 can be found here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/riddlesdown/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=432

Report by Steve Stockwell



Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 1st June 2019 – Event 431



The First Day of Summer With Weather to Match

Report by Andrew Bull

Summer has officially arrived and brought with it the hottest day of the year so far. Hot, sunny & dry – perfect for a parkrun.

Today’s Run Director was Susan Rogers, who was trialing a rather splendid loud hailer for pre-run announcements. It is important that ALL runners listen to the announcements, even if it’s your 347th run – the person behind you might be running their first parkrun, and Health & Safety announcements change every week. The event was ably supported by 26 great and very warm volunteers. Brilliantly done every one of you. The volunteer roster for June has a lot of spaces to be filled so please have a look at your diaries - NO volunteers means NO parkrun! Please contact riddlesdown@parkrun.com if you can assist.

The great weather meant there were 274 finishers. This is the 2nd highest number of finishers in the 431-event history. 40 were doing their first parkrun at Riddlesdown, and 19 were doing their first ever parkrun – well done and hope to see you all again. There were also an impressive 34 personal bests.
There were 12 ‘unknown athletes’ this week. Remember, no barcode, no result, no exceptions - #DFYB

Stat of the Week
The last 5 parkruns at Riddlesdown have produced 4 of the 6 highest ever Riddlesdown attendances

Joseph Dudgeon earns the white t-shirt on his 10th parkrun. He first ran on 11th February 2017 and has ran in Swansea, Poole and at Riddlesdown. Well done Joseph.

Thomas Phillips earns the black t-shirt on his 100th parkrun. He first ran on 19th October 2013, his early runs at Roundshaw but more recently at Riddlesdown. He has also volunteered 3 times, once at Riddlesdown. Well done Tom.

Philip Bull, yes my brother, was running his 261st parkrun on his 21st birthday. Happy birthday Philip.

First Male Finishers
Ben HOWE – 16:40
Nick MARSHALL – 18:20
David BAKER – 18:30

First Female Finishers
Emily RELTON – 20:54
Ange NORRIS – 21:31
Nicola STACEY – 21:41

Next Saturday will be Riddlesdown parkrun Event #432, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a great week.

Report by Andrew Bull



Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 25th May 2019 – Event 430



The one where the sunshine brought the crowds out

Report by Maddie Tomkins
Photos by Lana Ryazanova - to see the full set in flickr, click on the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums/72157708871205387
Also, have a look at some of our previous events - https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums

47930439827_6c5fd3021c_o copy

Today was very hot, and it was the first day of the half term holiday, meaning there was a massive crowd, Riddlesdown's 6th largest turnout of 244 runners.


The ground was nice and dry. Perfect for PB's! A staggering 52 people ran a PB! There were also 17 First timers, 7 of them were new to parkrun hope you enjoyed it and will carry on.


3 people ran their 200th parkrun - an unofficial milestone, but impressive nevertheless! Well done to Dylan Wymer, Simon Bold and Barry Fisher.


As well as a 200 milestone Dylan was also the first man back with a time of 16:29 and the first woman back was Juliet Cleghorn who ran it in 20:09.


Well done to all 31 volunteers. Today saw Conor O'Shea wearing the Run Director vest for the first time, and it was good to see him directing the start line signs and tape with so much dexterity!

ridds 430

The roster for June is still a little empty, so if you can help out please add your name to the roster at the event, or email riddlesdown@parkrun.com - There's something for everyone! Hope to see you next week.


Happy Running!



By Maddie Tomkins



Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 18th May 2019 – Event 429



The One with a New Course Record

Report by Andrew Bull
Photos from this Event can be viewed by clicking on the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums/72157708851756751

After a fine and dry week, it was a warm but overcast morning at Riddlesdown. The ground was dry and hard. Perfect conditions for breaking records… (spoiler alert - Ed)


Today's Run Director was Nicki Clark. She was ably supported by 24 fine volunteers. Brilliantly done every one of you. The volunteer roster for May is looking unusually healthy but volunteers are needed for June, so please try to volunteer well in advance so the RDs can plan well ahead. Please contact riddlesdown@parkrun.com if you can help!


On the subject of volunteering, it pays to be careful what you offer to do! This story from BBC Nottingham story shows an epic volunteering commitment www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-48280412


The good weather and dry conditions meant there were 250 finishers. This is the joint 2nd highest number of finishers in the 429 Event history. 28 were doing their first parkrun at Riddlesdown, and 14 were doing their first ever parkrun – well done and hope to see you all again. There were also a massive 53 personal bests, that’s one in every 5 finishers.


There were also a huge 16 ‘unknowns’ this week.
Remember - Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB

Drum Roll Moment
Today a new course record was set by Kevin Quinn. He doesn’t parkrun very often but when he does, he produces super-fast times. This was his 34th sub-16-minute parkrun out of 53. He set the previous course record at Riddlesdown of 15:11 in 2017 and today ran 15:08. Brilliant running Kevin (The sub 15 is getting closer! -Ed)


(In 2018 Alix Ramsier ran 15:05 but that was a dog assisted run, with his super speedy pointer taking some of the credit!)

Angela Wilson earns the red t-shirt on her 50th parkrun. She first ran on 13th September 2014 and 42 have been at Riddlesdown. She has also volunteered 6 times. Well done Angela.

Daniel Miller earns the red t-shirt on his 50th parkrun. He first ran on Christmas day 2015 and 27 have been at Riddlesdown, 3 have been in South Africa.
Well done Daniel.

Stat of the week –
On Saturday, Canada, Germany and USA set Country attendance records. After slow starts the number of parkruns and parkrunners are steadily increasing.


First Male Finishers
Kevin QUINN – 15:08
Joel WILES – 16:53
Steve CORFIELD – 18:37

First Female Finishers
Rowena FRANCIS – 20:37
Nicola ARCHER – 21:32
Stephanie UPTON – 21:42


Next Saturday for Riddlesdown Event 430, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a great week.



Report by Andrew Bull



Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 11th May 2019 – Event 428



The one where we just about avoided the rain

Report by Andrew Bull
Photos by Lana Ryazanova – click on the following link to view the whole set in Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums/72157708382812975

STAT of the week –
Eliud Kipchoge ran this year’s London Marathon in 2:02:37. In parkrun terms that’s equivalent to running 8 and a half parkruns consecutively, each in an average time of 14 minutes 32 seconds.

After a damp week, there was rain in the air, but once again the rain just stayed away long enough for this morning’s parkrun at Riddlesdown. The ground may have been a bit damp and the halfway puddle had semi-formed but it’s spring!

dsc_3870_47823928771_o copy

Run Director was Helen Peters who was supported by a fine band of 26 volunteers. Thanks to everyone. The volunteer roster for May is looking healthy but volunteers are still needed, so please try to volunteer well in advance so the RDs can plan well ahead. Please contact riddlesdown@parkrun.com Without volunteers there is NO parkrun.

dsc_3994_33946685778_o copy

Barcode scanning this week, as most weeks, was Lesley Emery. Although Lesley has not completed a parkrun, she is a regular volunteer at Riddlesdown. She started coming along to support her husband Peter who has been parkrunning since 2007, and then started volunteering, firstly as a Marshall and now as a scanner. In all Lesley has volunteered 181 times. Lesley is also a great volunteer for many other things including Bradmore Green Library, Charity shops and the Cats protection league. Lesley is certainly a volunteer hero.
Today there were 211 finishers. 30 were doing their first parkrun at Riddlesdown, and 15 were doing their first ever parkrun – well done and hope to see you all again. There were also an impressive 29 personal bests.
Sadly, there were 11 ‘unknown athletes’ this week. New parkrunners, please try to register before your first run. It is certainly not compulsory but means all that effort of getting up early then running 5K is officially recorded. It only takes a few minutes to register, just go to www.parkrun.org.uk/register .
And remember – Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB


Barbara Brunsdon earns the red t-shirt on her 50th parkrun. She first ran on 20th February 2016 at Wycombe Rye and 32 have been at Riddlesdown. She has also volunteered 31 times. Well done Barbara.
Rowena Francis earns the black t-shirt on her 100th parkrun. She first ran on 19th July 2014 and has now completed 72 runs at Riddlesdown She has also volunteered 7 times. Well done Rowena.

Jessica’s parkrun Heroes
This series received a lot of publicity for its launch in April on Sky TV. It is now available for free on Vitality UK. Just go to YouTube and search ‘parkrun heroes’ There are ten separate stories and last up to ten minutes each.

Is parkrun a political party?
On 2nd May there were Council elections in parts of the UK. In the Stoke Gifford Parish Council elections one candidate, David Francetti, stood for the ‘Free weekly 5k park-based run’ party. This was the Council which in 2016 voted to charge parkrun for the use of Little Stoke park, which then had to be cancelled. David was not elected but polled many votes, in fact more than the UKIP candidate!

First Male Finishers



Dylan WYMER – 16:20
Harry LAWSON – 16:23 (Ending up in a sprint for first)
Martin FILER – 17:54

First Female Finishers


Juliet CLEGHORN – 20:54
Jennifer DUFFY – 21:04
Grace COOPER – 22:48

Next Saturday for Riddlesdown event 429, if you are running here or elsewhere, have a great week.



Report by Andrew Bull


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