Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 13th April 2019 – Event 424



The One with the 500th parkrun!

The week Riddlesdown parkrun turned blue as Kaye joined the 500 club

Report by Andrew Bull
Photos by Jemima Hinder (to see the full set in Flickr, click on the following link:https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums/72157704606826552 )

After a dry week, it was a cold, make that very cold, grey morning at Riddlesdown. But the cold did not dampen the spirits because today’s parkrun was a special celebration ....


The Run Director today was Susan Rogers. She has supported by a majestically noble band of 31 volunteers. This is the joint 6th highest number of volunteers in the 424-event history. Brilliantly done every one of you. The volunteer roster for April is looking healthy but volunteers are still needed, so please try to volunteer well in advance so the RDs can plan well ahead. Please contact riddlesdown@parkrun.com

ridds 424

parkrun Fact of the week –
Worldwide today there were 1473 parkruns and a total of 22,576 volunteers. This makes an average of 15.3 volunteers per event. It’s great to see Riddlesdown had double that this week.


The dry conditions and special celebration meant there were 205 finishers. 28 were doing their first parkrun at Riddlesdown, and 10 were doing their first ever parkrun – well done and hope to see you all again. There were also a massive 46 personal bests, for the second week in a row that’s 2 pbs in every 9 finishers.
There were only 4 ‘unknowns’ this week.
Remember - Don’t Forget Your Barcode #DFYB

Kaye Quinn – 500th parkrun


Kaye becomes the 51st person and 13th female to complete 500 parkruns. Out of almost 6 million people who have registered to parkrun only 51 have reached this milestone. To put the achievement in perspective, that is that is running every week for almost ten years.


Kaye started parkrunning on 8th July 2006 when Bushy was the only parkrun. In 2007 she started parkrunning at Wimbledon when it became the 2nd parkrun and the same year started parkrunning at Banstead Woods when it began, as part of what is now referred to as the core team. Kaye was the volunteer Co-ordinator at BWp for 4 years.


In 2011 she was part of the 3 person team responsible for the creation of Riddlesdown parkrun, along with Morgan Quinn and Nicki.


Without Kaye’s seemingly bottomless pool of positivity and immense generosity of spirit, Riddlesdown wouldn’t have gotten off the ground to start with, let alone continued to flourish with such a strong team of volunteers – those of you who run every week at the Downs might not have met Kaye, but you have a lot to thank her for!


Kaye ran at Riddlesdown’s first event, and has run a total of 167 times at Riddlesdown as well as volunteering 261 times, 118 of those here on the Downs. Her PB at Riddlesdown is 25:17, and this is also her overall parkrun PB.


Until today, Kaye’s most memorable parkrun was on… her wedding day! Morgan had the good sense to remain safely away, but Kaye, daughter Debbie, son Chris and various other family members ran Riddlesdown parkrun that morning – true dedication!


In recent years Kaye has become a parkrun tourist, she is a member of the Cowell club and has completed parkruns at 122 different venues, including those in France, Ireland and Jersey.
It was really special that Kaye chose to run her 500th at the parkrun she still considers to be her ‘home’ event – it was lovely to see you Kaye, and thank you for all you’ve given to Riddlesdown over the years.


It was also nice to see another member of the 500 club, Patricia Cue (530 parkruns) was here to help Kaye celebrate today, as well as many other old friends and family!



Other Milestones
Eva Smithers earns the red t-shirt on her 50th parkrun. She first ran on 1st October 2016 and 49 of her runs have been at Riddlesdown. After a lengthy break she has returned to tail-walk for the past 2 weeks. Well done Eva.


Mark Hayman earns the black t-shirt on his 100th parkrun. He first ran on 4th April 2015 and has now completed 59 runs at Riddlesdown Well done Mark.

Parkrun on your wedding day
It seems it is becoming common to do a parkrun on the morning of your wedding, but not usually in their wedding attire.
Here is an interesting story that featured on BBC Norfolk –
This also contains links to other interesting parkrun stories.

Highest Male Age Grades
1. Neil REISSLAND – 83.39%
2. Daniel GILLETT – 82.67%
3. Simon RICHARDSON76.31%

Highest Female Age Grades
1. Ange NORRIS – 87.31%
2. Juliet CLEGHORN – 81.25%
3. Anne WEBB – 75.73%

Next Saturday for Riddlesdown Event 425, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a great week.

Report by Andrew Bull