Riddlesdown parkrun Event Report 17th August 2019 – Event 442



The One Where The Report Writer’s Mum Did Her 100th parkrun

Report by Andrew Bull
Photos by Stephen Kennedy (to see the whole set in Flickr, click on the following link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/riddlesdown/albums/72157710375550371)


What is it about the weather on Friday nights? Yet again we had heavy rain overnight, leaving standing water and mud. But at least the rain had gone, and the sun was out.


Run Director was Helen Peters and Helen was brilliantly supported by 26 able volunteers.


Huge thanks you to every one of you. The volunteers are essential to the success of parkrun. The roster is looking good for next week but many vacancies for later weeks. Please contact riddlesdown@parkrun.com if you can assist, or sign up on the future roster which will be on the table where barcodes are scanned!


The overnight rain meant numbers were slightly down, with 186 finishers, 14 were doing their first parkrun at Riddlesdown, and 6 were doing their first ever parkrun. Well done and hope to see you all again. Given the conditions there were also an impressive 22 personal bests.


There were also 10 ‘unknown’ this week. New parkrunners please try to register before your first run. It is certainly not compulsory but means all that effort of getting up early then running 5K is officially recorded. It only takes a few minutes to register, just go to www.parkrun.org.uk/register.
Remember - #DFYB. No barcode, no result, no exceptions.


Christine Bull, yes, my Mum, earns the black t-shirt on her 100th parkrun. She first ran on 18th March 2017, so has only taken 2 years 5 months to achieve. 42 of her runs have been at Riddlesdown and she has run at 49 different parkrun locations.


She’s been saying she is going to retire at 100, but I’m sure she’s only joking! Well done Christine.

Margaret Massette earns the black t-shirt on her 100th parkrun. She first ran on 10th September 2016, all 100 runs have been at Riddlesdown, that’s dedication. Well done Margaret.


Unofficial Milestone
Ian Miller runs his 150th parkrun. He first ran on 15th November 2014, and 143 runs have been at Riddlesdown, and he has twice run in Australia.


He has also volunteered 33 times. Well done Ian.

Barrie’s Bend
As well as being the furthest point from the registration area on the Riddlesdown parkrun route, Barrie’s Bend is now also a major meeting point for residents and visitors. This week Barrie appears to be hosting the local kennel club!

(Photo taken by David Bull)

First Male Finishers


1. Dylan WYMER – 17:08
2. Michael DAVIS 19:08
3. Paul BAILLIE – 19:38

First Female Finishers


1. Daisy May COLLINGRIDGE – 20:45
2. Rowena FRANCIS – 20:51
3. Laura MANNING – 21:02

Next Saturday for Riddlesdown parkrun Event 443, if you are running there or elsewhere, have a great week.

Report by Andrew Bull