Riverfront’s first anniversary

352 people turned out to celebrate our first anniversary and what a fantastic atmosphere they all created for our first special milestone, all supported by 31 volunteers. Our co-event director who is renowned for her cake baking skills (Teej)  made a wonderful cake which everyone enjoyed in the theatre cafe post parkrun.

We’d like to thank our core volunteers for supporting us over the last 12 months. We couldn’t bring this amazing event to our runners without your dedication each week. We would also like to thank the theatre staff team for opening their doors early every Saturday morning so our runners can access all the facilities. The staff in the cafe have become a great part of this wonderful community. It is fair to say, our parkrun has enhanced the community, we’ve all made new friends and acquaintances and we look forward to welcoming you all in the forthcoming year.

With best wishes to you all! Lisa & Teej