Christmas Day 2019 parkrun at Rogiet


Last Christmas we had such a blast that we've decided to do it again this year!  Christmas day Rogiet parkrun will take place at 9am.  I believe we may have some canine volunteers again (although remember that dogs can't take part in the run) and the roster is already nearly full with humans too.  We look forward to seeing you all on 25th December 2019.  Spread the word, parkrun at Rogiet is the best way to start your Christmas day!

PS arrive early enough to help decorate the tree!



Would we be ready to respond in an emergency?

“Someone has collapsed, we need a defibrillator” is the message no Run Director ever wants to here over the Walkie Talkies. But what if there wasn’t a defibrillator nearby? What if no one present felt confident in using the defibrillator? What if there were flaws in the emergency protocols?

Luckily, this is no longer the case at Rogiet. Local businesses and organisations, such as Nathan James Estate Agents, Hoggin the Bridge and Magor Churchmen as well as the Rogiet Regulars, raised almost £1,000 to fund ‘Frank’ our very own defibrillator. The name was decided through a parkrunner vote with the aim of making more people aware of it and less fearful of using it.


The defibrillator was obtained through the important charity Welsh Hearts, which also provide training and support in CPR and the use of defibrillators. They held a very successful CPR training event at Caldicot Leisure Centre recently which 29 parkrunners attended. One thing people who undertook the training discovered is that, while using the defib might seem scary, it is actually very straightforward. The defib gives you step by step instructions and most importantly it will not provide a shock if the patient doesn’t need one. A short video showing how to use the defib can be found here.


Due to the ease of use and also as a result of becoming aware of the work of June Thomas, whose son Jack died of a cardiac arrest, we have changed the way we promote the role of the ‘defib marshal’. Public access defibs don’t require training so we no longer ask for ‘trained’ marshals for this role instead we ask ‘Who wants to marshal with Frank?’. We ask for people who feel confident to undertake this role and we share the link on the operation of our defib and CPR techniques to all the volunteers each week so they can familiarise themselves with it.

Thanks to the votes of the community, we have also recently secured some funding from Tesco and Waitrose. We plan to use some of this money to buy spare defibrillator pads.

To date there have been three incidents at Welsh parkruns that have required the use of a defibrillator. In all cases it has been used successfully and the casualty has survived, but in all cases the event teams have learnt important lessons about their emergency procedures. At the latest incident at Barry Island parkrun the event team kindly shared their advice with other teams which we have taken on board. One aspect of this was for the event team to hold a training exercise. While you can talk about what you would do many times over there is nothing like a dry run!

We organised one a few weeks ago. Thanks to all the parkrunners who stayed behind after their 5km to run a bit more and help with this test run, it went really well. We timed our response to simulate in real life how long it would take for paramedics to arrive. We had a vehicle standing by in the village, and actually drove it to the park with lights flashing to simulate an ambulance arriving. We assessed the quality of instruction from the marshal, the location information being given to the 'call operator' and how long it took for the defibrillator to arrive with the casualty. We learnt some important lessons and it led to some improvements in how we plan to communicate and respond in an emergency situation.

All this puts us in a great position to deal with such an event should it happen. We can only hope that the situation never arises but at least if we do hear the message “Someone has collapsed. We need Frank.” we know that Frank will be nearby and the volunteers are ready and practised in how to respond to help our fellow parkrunner.


#64 A Run Report From a Fresh Perspective :-)

Written by Claire Allison

Being an avid parkrun tourist, I'm always looking for the next location to visit. Over a year old now, Rogiet hadn't really been on my radar until I heard a friend mention it. Having googled (and given up!) how to pronounce it, I found my interest piqued by this fairly "local" parkrun. By "local", I mean any parkrun that I can drive to without having to leave before 7am. Rogiet is my first Welsh parkrun so this ticks a big box for me. I ran at Severn Bridge parkrun a few weeks ago, which I loved for a whole host of reasons, but it is located in both England and Wales, which of course does make it very unique. Driving over the Second Severn Crossing this morning, we couldn't even see the other Severn Bridge through the mist, but on the positive side, the toll booths have been removed and the £5.60 charge has gone! It will be interesting to see if numbers increase as a result, as the months go by.

Rogiet parkrun is held in Rogiet Countryside Park. Sandwiched in between the M4 and the railway line, it lies opposite the interestingly named Severn Tunnel Junction. This 7km tunnel under the River Severn connects South Gloucestershire with Monmouthshire, and the Countryside Park is built on land reclaimed from the site of the Severn Tunnel Junction marshalling yards. My running preference will always be trail over tarmac, so three laps of trail and grass suit me perfectly.

It is a lovely location for a parkrun, and although I'm not a massive fan of three-lappers, this one was a pleasure to run. The laps felt like they got shorter each time, and it didn't feel as mentally tough as some multiple lappers. Plenty of space meant that the faster runners can lap everyone with ease, and enthusiastic marshals were positioned at regular intervals to provide us with welcome support. Rogiet have plenty of free car parking including an overflow car park at the nearby Severn Tunnel Railway Station. With a friendly and welcoming team, this is definitely one that I would like to return to in warmer weather, although that said, it wasn't as muddy as I had feared!

Onto the numbers:

Event 64 saw 83 people walk, jog or run the 5k course. Of those 83, six were first time parkrunners so well done for starting your parkrun adventure today! There were 23 first time visitors to Rogiet, from Chipping Sodbury, Longrun Meadow and Mount Edgcumbe and other parkruns. Morgan Voaden was our first finisher today with a time of 20:26, whilst Andrew Mathias earnt himself a second place finish and a new PB of 20:31 on his 10th parkrun and Sean Lewis in third place. Sian Loveless was first female finisher with a 21:33 finish and 5th overall place. The Neat Numbers Awards go to Harry Woodward (28:00), Craig Fennell (28:28), Richard Milliken (30:40), Joanne and Amy Gillard (33:00), Maisie Arthur (33:44), Alun Fuller (33:55), Susan Monk (37:57) and last, but not least Liz Wilkie (39:39). I first met Liz and Mel (Warren) from Chipping Sodbury in 2014, and it was lovely to see Liz running very successfully on her new hip which she had replaced last Easter.

I really enjoyed my trip to Rogiet today and would like to recommend my home parkrun of Longrun Meadow in Taunton in return. Ours is a muddy two lapper so you will feel right at home! Thank you for making us feel so welcome today.

NB having listened to the run brief intently, I now know how to pronounce Rogiet correctly!

Claire Allison


Longrun Meadow parkrun


Christmas and New Year 2018/19 at Rogiet parkrun

Here is a summary of our festive arrangements - please note, should we not get enough volunteers then none of these events will be able to go ahead, so please put your name down now by emailing

Saturday 23rd December - festive fancy dress (9am)

We will run, jog, walk and volunteer wearing festive outfits. They'll be mince pies, tea, coffee and hot chocolate to enjoy.

Monday 25th December - Christmas Day parkrun (9am)

We will be parkrunning at Rogiet parkrun at 9am. We would welcome some extra volunteers so please message us if you can help, and wear your best festive outfits!

Please note that on Christmas Day you will not be able to register more than one parkrun.

Saturday 30th December - normal parkrunday (9am)

Monday 1st January - New Year's parkrunday!

Unfortunately we will not be holding a New Year's day Rogiet parkrun but lots of events are taking place. Please check the Christmas Compendium for details of where you can run.


Rogiet parkrun – 1st Birthday event

And just like that Rogiet parkrun is one year old! We have moved from being a new ‘baby’ parkrun to a ‘toddler’ event, thankfully with no nappy changing and fewer sleepless nights but no shortage of fun and challenges!

Looking back it seems a lifetime since our first event as Rogiet parkrun following the move from the original Caldicot route as so much has happened, for example we’ve:

• Had almost 1,400 participants covering a total distance of 21,900 km, including 1,179 new PBs and seen our biggest attendance at 138 people.
• Moved from a 2 to a 3 lap course to protect the park (with the being measured, remeasured and measured again!).
• Celebrated milestones and had tourists visit from around the world.
• Got some new and much needed kit such as the storage container.
• Introduced pacer weeks to help people achieve PBs.
• Had a number of fancy dress events e.g. the NHS birthday event.
• Come together to raise over £750 towards our own defibrillator.*

Thanks again to all the runners, joggers and walkers who have made our lovely event what it is. To the regular volunteers who turn up in all weathers so other people can take part. To the RDs who give a lot of their time, not just on Saturdays but throughout the week, bringing new ideas for how we can improve. And to our Event Director through this year, Cath, who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get things done and it the mother of our parkrun.

After pre-event entertainment provided by most of the Rogiet RDs** (I obviously didn’t read the small print about what being an RD involved!) the first anniversary event saw 100 people take on our three lap course. 27 people recorded new personal bests including our little Rogiet regulars Rosa and Eva who took big chucks of their previous times and still had energy to pose for photos on the way around!. 13 people were first timers to Rogiet with 3 of these being new to parkrun – welcome to the parkrun family! We had visitors from Bristol, Austria and Holland. We hoped you all enjoyed it.


There was lots of cake to enjoy post event, including a lovely cake to celebrate Paula Siddell’s 50th event, 23 of which have been at Rogiet including at our first event. Well done Paula!

There were 23 hi-vis heroes that made the event happen. I particularly enjoyed being cheered on by a witch and a traditionally dressed Mexican at the top of the avenue. We are always looking for volunteers for future weeks so please do get in touch if you can help (fancy dress optional!) C0B6A9A8-3B9E-48B4-BBB3-EBA8177947F3

Full results can be found here.

Some great photos from the 1st birthday event were taken by Molly and can be found on our flickr page

We look forward to you being part of our event through the toddler years and all the fun that will bring (although I am already wondering slightly nervously what the RDs will do for the second year anniversary!)

* Unfortunately the £200 match funding we were hoping to get towards the defibrillator has been delayed due to a family bereavement. In the meantime we are hoping to get the final bit of funding towards it through the Tesco Bags of Help scheme but there is still time to donate via the parkrun website.

** Two of our RDs couldn’t make it – one was unwell and the other badly hurt her ankle in a fall. Both fairly extreme ways to avoid being part of the entertainment. Seriously though, we hope they are back with us soon!

Heather (Rogiet RD)

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