Rosliston #173: The Return of the one lapper

Well a more clement morning this week and a welcome few degrees cooler (the unicorn would have enjoyed it more this week) and the rain even had the decency to hold off until after we had finished!

So, this last week we had the unveiling of a new (or a new/old) one lap course and what a treat it was, very nicely thought out guys, keeping all those character features of our old regular course (yes, cardiac hill) and the winter course (the bridge crossing) but all rolled into a single satisfying lap. I really enjoyed the new addition of running along the path through the pine needles to the bottom of the hill. Great, let’s keep doing it!  

198 of us got to enjoy the new run format, including 25 first timers (welcome) and an impressive 42 new pbs (well done all). There were some very fast vegans out there (food for thought), as Christopher Pearson of Vegan Runners came home first in an impressive time of 17:58 ahead of James Farmer in 18:21 and Joseph Goodwin in 18:47. On the female side, Jessica Head was first back in a very impressive new pb of 21:07 (well done), followed by Kelly Joanne Knight of Vegan Runners in 22:05 and Charlotte Foxhall of Wrekin Road Runners in 23:00.

Congratulation to those who achieved milestones: Dexter Walton who joined the junior 10 club and Bethan Kwiatkowski who volunteered for the 25th time.

Many thanks as always to our stellar volunteers, do give it a try if you haven’t already.


Rosliston #172: Run, like it’s 2018 and watch out for the unicorn!

We had a sudden reminder of last year’s long hot summer last Saturday, as the mercury headed sharply up. I clocked 20 degrees C on the drive in and it certainly felt like a warm one. The last couple of kms felt that much harder as the temperature rose. It was definitely a day to enjoy those nice cooler, shady spots that we have around our lovely course.

254 of us turned out in the sun, 41 were first timers (welcome, come back and bring the sun again) and a very impressive 26 hot weather PBs were posted.

First back on the day was Joseph Goodwin of Lichfield RC in 19:19, followed by Mark Slade of Hatton Darts in 19:37, both regular front runners at our event. They were followed home by Steven Rye of Mansfield Harriers and AC in 20:24 on his first visit to Rosliston. On the female side, first back was Jessica Head in a very swift 21:43, next was Fiona Campbell in 24:31, followed closely by Kristine Grausa in a new pb of 24:39.

On the milestone front, Alfie Stubbs, Evie Scott and Isaac Hoeksma all ran for the tenth time, congratulations to you all; Kate Page volunteered for the 25th time and earned her purple shirt, well done and thanks.

That leaves the unicorn, aka Tony Barnes, who celebrated his 50th parkrun in style replete in unicorn outfit; a great effort to canter round in costume on the warmest parkrun of the year – well done Tony (look forward in due course to what you will chose to wear for your 100th)!
Thanks as always to our high-viz volunteers for looking after us on the day, hope the sun was a nice change to the rain!


Rosliston parkrun Event 171-22nd June 2019

The British Summer is certainly living up to its reputation and the cries of "it's raining again" over the last week or so were replaced with the call of "it’s a beautiful day" and shouts of "the sun is shining", as 204 of you arrived in a cheery mood full of that born to run or jog or walking on sunshine feeling.

I am sure that across the board some like it hot while a few of you dared to think I wish it would rain again as the temperature quickly continued to rise up. I believe a few sneezy people cursed the green grass due to the amount of pollen in the air, which made runnin’ down a dream and achieving the distance a challenge. Thoughts of I will survive and I’m still standing made people believe that they could be harder, better, faster, stronger!

This week we had 27 first timers to Rosliston and 17 of you were simply the best and felt that nothing’s gonna stop us now and achieved a PB. I am sure you all went home for a celebration. Also, there were 18 different clubs represented at this weeks’ event and decided to lose yourself and run around the trails.

There were three milestones at this week’s event which caused a good feeling and congratulations go out to Felicity Towns for completing your 250th parkrun, and to Chris Ife and Lewis Cotton who both reached their 50th milestones.

Running back in first place was Jack Shorten of Burton AC in a time of 18.35 who was definitely born to run, second on the run went to James Farmer of South Derbyshire Roadrunners in a time of 18.44 and third in the band on the run went to Ben Sawbridge in 19.33. Our first run runaway lady was Jessica Head with a new PB time of 21.21, second and always on the run was Charlotte Foxall of Wrekin Road Runners in 23.33 and third believing we’ll run away was Angela Goodwin in 23.50 an excellent time for your first outing at Rosliston.

Again, this week we were on the Winter course and after passing the snails and running up that hill we were made to spin me right round before running free down towards the meadow. Here the long train runnin’ was stretched out and a few were running on empty and livin’ on a prayer with the thought of another lap of the course to come.

As always, we don’t stop believing and we came back through Bluebell Woods stronger and survived the bridge over troubled water for a second time. The home stretch was now in sight and all began to pump it up and began to run to you, the finish line, with a feeling of satisfaction.

A big thank you must go out to the 38 heroes of the Hi-Viz this week for making the event possible, parkrun would be nothing without you. Please remember that parkrun cannot take place without the volunteers so if you wish to help out you are more than welcome to the club at any time.

Our 38 Hi-Viz hero of the day were Paul McKay, Rob Leadbeater, Sarah Heath, Ruth Ford, Pete Hurdman, Daniel Ford, Lauren Ford, Jane Kent, Holly Price, Hannah Lee, Joanne Farmer, Owen Ford, Sue Wright, Joy Lacey, Stuart Reeves, Kate Page, Lewis Cotton, Gemma Rayson, Jessica Louise Mundin, Marian Askew, Reg Jones, David Walters, Julianne Walters, Sarah Walters, Micheal Walters, Deborah Crump, Freya Moore, Pippa Bates, Graham Lamb, Angela Daws, Molly Smith, Eloise Moore, Bethan Kwiatkowski, Roger Trueman, Jessica Rayson, Kelly Hanson, Fiona Kemp, Andrew Tyas.


Seeing it from another eye! Ros #161

Living in the UK brings us many surprises one of which is our unpredictable weather. This week has seen endless rain, trees fallen in the road and on the Rosliston course but that didn’t stop 184 people attending parkrun and making a splash. Despite the appearance of rain, everyone completed the course with a smile!

Firstly, congratulations to George O’Brien a first timer at Rosliston for finishing first place in just under 20 minutes. Our first female finisher was Maisie Trueman with a time of 20:26. Both excellent times, well done to you! Also a little shout out to those 23 people who set new PB’s.

It was my first time attending Rosliston parkrun and also being a marshal – I have got to say what an eye opener. Stationed at Marshal Point 3, this is a great spot to cheer people coming from around the bend and then up a slight gradient. A perfect push for partakers.

Volunteering for parkrun is quite new to me but after today’s experience, it is something I would like to do a little more regularly. Being a marshal allows you to see people from all ages, different shapes and sizes doing something good for them. Usually as a jogger I do not take note of what other people are doing, I am in it for myself because I have challenged my body but today I felt completely engrossed in supporting those completing the course.

Applauding those running, jogging and walking and seeing their faces light up when you acknowledge they are doing well is such an incredible feeling. It feels slightly strange at first saying ‘well done’ to random people but you are appreciated for being there for support. High fiving children to encourage them not to give up is also an added bonus, it makes it all worthwhile.

Please, please consider volunteering. It has made me look at parkrun in a completely different light. Why are people doing this - running 5k are you mad? Yep we are. We are there to improve running times, gain a personal best, and maintain our health and fitness or just to have fun! I jog because I want to kick asthma’s and joint hypermobility backside - parkrun is allowing me to do this. It doesn’t matter that we all have endless health conditions because I do and I don’t let them win. If you can’t complete the course one week as you have an injury or if you feel tired because you’ve had a late night, volunteer to motivate you for the day. Believe me, it’s worth seeing those inspiring people tackle the course.

These events cannot run without the help of those who love parkrun. A huge thank you to our 34 volunteers this week:

Felicity Sarah TOWNS • Samantha SCREATON • Daniel Jonathan TOWNS • Paula WHITLEY • Rob LEADBEATER • Sophie WALKER • Sarah HEATH • Kathryn LITTLE • Ruth FORD • Pete HURDMAN • Daniel FORD • Rebecca Louise SALT • Lawrence PECKHAM • Owen FORD • Liam WRIGHT • Stephen LANCASTER • Phil DAWS • Helen HARRELL • Stuart BATES • Angela BATES • David WALTERS • Julianne WALTERS • Sarah WALTERS • Micheal WALTERS • Deborah CRUMP • Graham LAMB • Cheryl ROBSON • Wendy SHARRATT • Evie SHARRATT • Carolyn TRUEMAN • Bethan KWIATKOWSKI • Thea KWIATKOWSKI • Samantha SMITH • James HEARN

We will be seeing you soon at Rosliston parkrun on Saturday at 9am. Don’t forget to check out the volunteering roster for the next few weeks.

Thanks for having me – Sam!


Ros # 160. Hooray for the Hi-Viz Heroes

If ever there was a parkun to pay homage to our volunteers during National Volunteer Week, the washout on Saturday was certainly the one!  Admit it, we all woke up Saturday morning, peered out the window and frowned at the grey clouds and miserable downpour. We rummaged through the wardrobe and dug out the rain jacket, thinking this wouldn’t be coming out until at least September. National Volunteer Week (1st – 7th June) celebrates the invaluable work volunteers contribute to society, including those who don the high-vis jacket on a Saturday morning. A last minute rallying cry for one more marshal epitomises the volunteer spirit we are so fortunate to have with the parkrun community, so to everyone who may have got a bit damp on Saturday morning, we thank each and every one of you!

150 of us braved the rain for event 169 at the Rosliston parkrun; a stark contrast to the previous week. It soon became apparent that this run would be more of an obstacle course. I’m not sure many of us anticipated the course turning somewhat into a steeplechase route, with some giving up on jumping the large puddles and simply strolling through them. Not to mention the overgrown bushes and low hanging trees we ducked under and dodged around!

We had 30 newbies to the course, of whom we congratulate 10 for completing their first ever parkrun! We also had 16 new PB’s gained Saturday morning too. Congratulations to Mark Murkin on reaching his 100 milestone, and congratulations to Alice Ferriday on reaching her 50 milestone. Thank you and congratulations to Kirsty Willetts on choosing Rosliston to complete her 50 milestone with her first visit to Rosliston. On a final milestone note, it looks like Felicity Towns could complete her 250th parkrun on Saturday 15th June!

As I mentioned earlier, we didn’t have a full roster until Saturday morning, so if you fancy giving up your Saturday morning to help make sure everyone can have a safe and fun parkrun, simply opt in to the Rosliston volunteer mailing list, which you can find the link on the email you get with your parkrun time. For those who are eager to not miss out on that elusive parkrun time, there are roles where you can run AND volunteer!

Finally, big thanks to our high-vis heroes: Becky BENDALL, Sandra BENNETT, Ian BYERS, Lewis COTTON, Deborah CRUMP, Angela DAWS, Lauren FORD, Owen FORD, Ruth FORD, Daniel FORD, Olivia HAYCOCK, Sarah HEATH, Heather HORSLEY, Pete HURDMAN, Bethan KWIATKOWSKI, Thea KWIATKOWSKI, Keith LOWTHER, Marian LOWTHER, Eloise MOORE, Freya MOORE, Anne ROBERTS, Adrian ROBERTS, Wendy SHARRATT, Evie SHARRATT, Molly SMITH, Julianne WALTERS, Sarah WALTERS, Micheal WALTERS, David WALTERS, Sue WRIGHT, Liam WRIGHT, Hayden WRIGH

And as always, #DFYB

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