Sunday SHANanigans #5- Andrew Bennett

Andrew has been a regular Rosliston runner since day 1 when he volunteered for our first event. Andrew definitely has the parkrun spirit and always encourages other runners around the course both as he is running around the course and as he is running in the opposite direction to meet up with his wife, Sandra. Andrew joined parkrun in 2015 and in that time he has completed 210 runs; 140 at Rosliston. Andrew is a keen tourist and has completed 35 different events across the UK. Andrew has achieved many volunteer badges including the role of Run Director which he has completed 11 times. He has also tail walked 14 times, marshaled 8 times and done the first timers' briefing 6 times.

When did you first join parkrun?
15th august 2015 - like everyone else I didn't take a barcode to my first event so my first wasn't recorded

Why did you do your first parkrun?
Being a regular Saturday morning runner anyway I simply turned up & gave it a try, just to see what it was all about and have been addicted ever since.

And maybe more importantly, why did you do your second parkrun?
Because I really enjoyed running with like-minded people.

SS Andrew (4)

Why did you decide to become an RD?
After taking on the role during the Hatton Darts running club takeover for a couple of times I began to see the joy in people's faces; achieving their goals, exercising with no stress or worry of their finish time or position and also being able to encourage people to improve on their everyday mobility and well being.

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Apart from being RD, what is your favourite volunteer role and why?
Marshalling - having the opportunity to applaud everyone else's efforts, great or small.


In your opinion, what makes Rosliston special?
The big family atmosphere - being recognised by 90% of fellow parkrunners and volunteers.

What other parkrun courses have you enjoyed? And why?
Out of the 35 different locations, I have enjoyed them all but there are a couple that really stand out:

Brierly forest - similar footpath terrain as Rosliston but with two laps around a boating lake

Lanhydrock - hard work but just a beautiful national trust country estate

What is your favourite thing about parkrun?
The whole atmosphere - I've got to know a lot more people and made some really good friends.

What would you say to someone who is unsure about signing up?
I would steal the nike quote and say "just do it", no really I would simply tell them that they wouldn't be finishing last no matter how slow they think they are and that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain (sorry stealing another quote).

What is your fondest memory of parkrun?
There are just too many...probably just regularly starting right at the back and slowly making my way through the group of Ros runner friends, enjoying the moment and chatting to everyone as I try to pass - encouraging everyone on their progress towards a PB.

The most important question: what is your go to post-parkrun breakfast?</strong
Scramled egg on brown toast.