Rosliston parkrun #209- The show must go on

Well we made it - despite all the other nationwide cancellations, our major sporting event, the 4th birthday of Rosliston parkrun went ahead - with some minor adjustments. This was the day Washlands Women Runners gave the core team a day off and undertook their third takeover with all volunteer roles undertaken by our members. Race Director Ruth Ford ensured no one was at risk, with a bit of preventative advice and even providing serviettes for the inevitable cake, lots of cake, at the end. There is always cake when the Washlands Women are about. There was lots more hand washing taking place before and after the event and limited touching of bar codes from the scanners but hopefully the social benefit outweighed any risks.

event 209 #2 (1)

What a day we had. We gave a big shout out to the friends and family of Graham Dingley, a long time supporter of WWR, who was returning to complete his 50th Parkrun after a serious illness. His family came down from Yorkshire to mark this event on his road to recovery and many friends from Graham's running past joined in to celebrate his milestone.

event 209

We also welcomed some tourists from Birmingham way who were celebrating Elizabeth Connolly's birthday (and 303rd parkrun) whilst staying at the lodges with 6 of them joining us.

Milestones achieved included Harriet Ramsay on her 50th and the (unofficial) 200th run for Julianne Walters - well done both of you.

Another "off the wall" milestone was "Pi day". This did take some explaining but Sarah Heath completed her 314th volunteer slot and Dan Towns his 314th parkrun along with appropriate T-shirts.

event 209 #2 (2)

Other celebrations were our own WWR, Claire Leigh, who celebrated her birthday with a 28.34 finish and Jeff Shaw who started his stag do antics by persuading his fellow "stags" to complete the run - hope this helped set you up for the day.

As the roving reporter I tried to capture a few details of our runners during my run (but everyone seemed too fast for me to talk) however I managed to capture a few at the end. Well done to the lady coming back to running and taking part on her first parkrun - hope it continues. To the guy who had only done Rosliston before but after having a chat is going to try Conkers and Lichfield. To the lady who always does Conkers but was giving Rosliston her first try - thank you for joining us.

Well done to our three pacers out there who were a bit apprehensive on keeping to their times but they had nothing to worry about. All three, Lauren Ford (25 minutes), Barbara Delaney (30 minutes) and Karen Jackson (35 minutes) all came in under the pacing times.

The muddy conditions caught a few people out with a couple of "spills" (all OK) but did not deter the 16 people out of the 210 runners who managed a PB.

What is great is that over 14 of the runners today were first timers for parkrun and 25 first timers at our event (with three of the top five being visitors) - so watch out all you speedy ones, you may have some new challengers! We hope you enjoyed the experience and welcome you back at any time. Lets hope this is the first of many.

This event could not be held without the volunteers so we not only thank the WWR ladies and children who stepped up today but respect for the ones who do it week in and week out. Who knows what the next 7 days will bring but if parkrun is able to continue, please consider doing your bit and volunteer - it is very worthwhile.



Rosliston parkrun #208 and a little bit extra

On this day in history – March 7th 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for what would go on to be known as the telephone. Exactly 144 years later no less than 151 people were given a buzz by running, jogging or walking the trails of Rosliston. Burton ACs teenage talents Callum Abberley (17m29s) and Paige Barker (22m15s) were first to pick up in the mens and womens run. No less than 10 people downloaded their barcodes and answered the call for the first time including the likes of Joshua Harcombe-Bricknell, Oliver Gwynn and Chris Chapman. 37 people helped organise or marshal the event thus connecting with their consciences and sending out a clear signal that volunteerism in our community is alive and kicking.

Report by Matt Long

Regular parkrunners at Rosliston may have noticed a few familiar faces were missing this week. Micheal, Sarah and Shannon were amongst a group of over 40 from several local running clubs who took part in some extreme touristing getting up at 3.15 am before taking car, aeroplane and bus to parkrun some five hours later at Malahide, Dublin but more of that later.

Julianne and David had a more leisurely start, missing out on pre-event set up at Rosliston and also travelling west but stopping well short of the Irish Sea to parkrun at Crewe, Cheshire.

Crewe parkrun has recently celebrated its second birthday and with an average attendance of almost 400 has soon established itself as a firm favourite with the local community.

The event takes place at Queens Park, and is a multi lap course on tarmac paths. No trail shoes required at Crewe but four times past the clock tower instead!

Queens Park is renowned as one of the finest Parks in the North West. It is a traditional Victorian Park that has been undergoing renovations to bring her back to her former glory. Within her 45 acres are walkways, trees, shrubs, planting, children’s play area, crown green bowling, ornamental lake, grassed areas, memorials and Lakeside Pavilion. Originally given to the people of the town by the London and North Western Railway Company (LNWR) , she is steeped in history with a true Crewe engineering background. Local folklore tells that the land was bought by the LNWR to stop a rival company building another railway line and station at Crewe.

The cafe/pavilion area was already open to parkrunners on arrival and although refreshments weren't on sale before the event there was already a parkrun buzz as people arrived and caught up on the news of the week. A tourist and first timers brief was followed by the pre-run brief as the four hundred and fifteen runners spread out across the wide tarmac path at the start line and were soon underway through the valley, around the lake and then a cheeky hill back past the pavilion and the clock tower to start the next lap.

All the familiar elements of parkrun were present, with lots of encouragement from and to fellow parkrunners and the marshals, but unlike Rosliston a need to remember how many laps had been completed and the number of times the clock tower had been passed before peeling off and taking a different route to the finish funnel and a slightly downhill sprint.

A lovely course, a sunny morning and the usual parkrun welcome made the visit a great success so if you fancy a visit to a different event around seventy five minutes away definitely one to try.

enent 208

Now onto the antics of Ireland!
When the alarm blared out at 3:30, there was a mixture of emotions.
First: 'oh no, it's already time to get up?'
Followed by: 'We're going to Ireland!'

As we were driving to my pick up point, we looked around and we didn't see a single car on the road. After all, who would be mad enough to wake up early on a Saturday morning? The answer; just your average parkrun tourist of course.
We arrived at the airport at 4:45 ready for the 6:30 flight to Dublin. It was quick and easy to make our way through security and as we reached the other side, we were quick to make our way over to the bar to get a coffee and actually wake up. We met up with the other 30+ of our group and took over a section of the cafe. Shame we couldn't push the tables together though.

We were watching the departure board like hawks (not owls) waiting for that all important announcement that it was time. We boarded the plane, still half asleep but excited, ready for our adventure! As soon as we knew it, we were in Dublin, singing 'happy birthday' and hoping we got to parkrun on time.


Next stop was to get the bus. Thankfully tour-guide Kev knew which bus we needed to get but this did not stop us from wondering around the terminals trying to find the correct stop. After asking a number of airport workers which direction to go in, we found the stop we were looking for and it wasn't long before the bus arrived! As we began to clamber on to the bus, we were asked to get off while our bus driver had a pit stop. Once we were finally allowed on, we faced the added problem of the leap cards that we had brought in advance for unlimited travel not working. At this point it seemed like Ireland did not want us to get to parkrun after all. Lots of jabbing f leap cards to the reader later, and we had taken over the bus to Malahide and we were on our way!

We arrived at Malahide parkrun with plenty of time to spare and made our way over to our gracious hosts who greeted us as conkers' parkrunners. Excuse me!? We are Rosliston parkunners I will have you know! And we quickly put him right. After that little mishap, we were introduced in the run brief as from Rosliston and the world was put to right. Overall, it was a really welcoming experience and thank you to all of the volunteers that welcomed and supported us last week.
Before the start, we had plenty of time to get some photos and begin the long track to the toilets. We may also of had a little go on the slide before making our way back for the beginning of the run.


The route was lovely, consisting of a smaller lap and a later larger lap of the grounds. As someone who will begrudgingly run laps of a parkrun, this did not feel painful in the slightest and I really enjoyed running around the grounds. It was a tarmac path along the whole route which winded itself around grounds and through trees. Wonderful scenery to behold!
Apparently there was a castle to see on the way around also, but i'm sad to say that myself (and the majority of our group) didn't see this sight. - We must have been focused on the run!
Well done to everyone that attended but special well done to those members of our group who got their overall parkrun PB and those who completed their first ever parkrun too! A very special occasion for sure.

The rest of the trip was wonderful too but parkrun (and getting that new flag on my profile) was definitely the highlight! We had a trip to a 'spoons (who APPARENTLY take breakfast items out of baskets at 11:53; 7 whole minutes before breakfast was taken off the menu- not bitter, I promise), visited the Temple Bar and tried Guinness, wandered around the city, sat on some steps and almost panicked when the bus back to the airport didn't arrive until after 30 minutes of waiting. Overall, a great day that will be remembered for a long time and I cannot wait for the next one!


Rosliston parkrun #207- When the core team ‘leapt’ into action

Saturday February 29th. ‘Leap Year Day’. This day last fell on a Saturday in 1996 before the birth of any parkrun, so nobody had ever run a parkrun on February 29th before. The calendar says that this will also not occur again until 2048, so 199 walkers and runners grabbed the opportunity to tick it off on their ‘date bingo’ and to get their leap year badge on their Garmin!

event 207

However, the recent storms have taken their toll on Rosliston’s beautiful course and after RD Sue Wright and David Walters had got up extra early to walk the course, they realised a diversion was essential as Disco Sue’s Corner had become Disco Sue’s Lake and extra marshals were needed to ensure the safety of the participants. Two of the Core Team immediately stepped up and a Facebook plea got some swift volunteers so we could go ahead. This was especially important as Leigh Johnston joined us, complete with wedding attire, to complete the course before her wedding later in the day. Thanks to Andrew Marchant for the photo!

event 207 #2

Sue took the helm as RD in recognition of her first ever RD event, when the course was invaded by small frogs. For me, as a lifelong ranidaphobic, the focus on frogs around the course was a little worrying. Fortunately, the absence of any actual frogs meant I didn’t need to demonstrate the petrified frog dance! The course was the muddiest I have seen yet, making the new PBs of 14 runners even more impressive.
For my family, the day was doubly important as my son, Steven Green, completed his 100th parkrun, as did Helen Kirkby, and my husband, Kevin Green, finally took the plunge and completed his first parkrun with 31 other Rosliston first timers. Gareth Simpson completed his 50th parkrun, as did Jonah Hearn and Heather Horsley. Volunteer Coordinator, Pete Hurdman completed an impressive 250th volunteer.

event 207 #3

First man home was Callum Abberley, followed by Jack Shorten and Thomas Bradley. First lady home was Emma Cull, with a new course PB, followed by Katherine Bradley. With Paige Barker and Maisie Trueman in a very close third and fourth.
Leap Year parkrun was made possible by 40 awesome volunteers, some of whom found themselves standing ankle deep in mud whilst cheering the rest of us on. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. It would be brilliant to have the volunteer roster full without shout outs!

event 207 #4


Rosliston parkrun #206- Tune Off to Tune In

It’s good to be back after ‘Dennis’ rudely interrupted last week’s proceedings! With only minimal chance of being blown away, 147 runners gathered to it give it their best. Despite the mud fest, the sun even made a welcome appearance at times.

event 206

Leading a field of 82 men, 54 women and 11 of anyone’s guess was Gareth Huw Watkins of South Derbyshire Road Runners. Storming the course, Gareth completed in it 18minutes 16seconds. First lady home was Chloe Read with a new PB of 24minutes 46seconds, well done Chloe. Talking of PB’s, 10 runners took the crown this week, amazing achievement. 13 runners joined us for the first time, we hope you enjoyed the mud we have to offer and will be back soon.

Celebrating milestones were myself, Amy Brookes, with 100 runs and Richard Nash of Hatton Darts with 250 runs, Richard had a lovely cake made for him, hope you all enjoyed tucking into that.

event 2016 #3 event 206 #2

As today's parkrun coincides with my 100th run, I thought I’d talk about how your experience of parkrun can change with you over time.

Back in 2016 when I started, my son was still a baby in my arms and like many, it was a welcome break from motherhood. I’d put my headphones on to blast out the Wham and Whitney tunes (yes I know I was desperate!) and enjoy my half hour or so of me time. Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and my ipod loving ways had to stop (a result of spraining my ankle as not being able to hear other people around me). Run without music? No this can’t happen!

However, a surprising thing has happened and I now experience parkrun in a completely different way by yes, you guessed it, focusing on the outside world and people around me; for example hearing the trees in the wind, the splatter of mud and puddles under my feet, laughing with a fellow parkrunner as he goes too close behind me through a puddle and his white t-shirt gets covered in mud, encouraging other people who are struggling with injury, the list goes on.

If you, like me, are this person, I urge you to ‘turn off to tune in’ and experience the benefits this will bring you and others. Rosliston parkrun has also evolved over time with the introduction of the walking group in January of this year. This is a great way to take your first steps into parkrun and we won’t judge you even if you do like Whitney!

Be sure not to miss next week’s leap year event where green clothing will be the colour of choice, go wild!

Run report by Amy Brookes


Rosliston parkrun #205- Calm before the storm

On this day in history, way back in 871, Alfred the Great led a Saxon Army in response to an invasion of the Vikings. Fast forward to February 8th 2020, and there was an invasion of sorts as 242 people ran, jogged or walked round Rosliston parkrun.

Bunfit’s Jon Todd (VM 55-59) celebrated his 50th parkrun birthday along with Ripley RC’s Luke Beresford (VM35-39) whose 18m47s was good enough for an eye catching 3rd place in the overall standings. Hats off in addition to Chris Mundin whose voluntary contribution reached the quarter century.

On this day in 1973, the Soviet Luna 21 space mission was launched and going into orbit at the head of the field some 47 years later were South Derbyshire Road Runners Gareth Huw Watkins (18m08), who held off the spirited challenge of runner up, young Jack Shorten of Burton AC. JW 15-17 Lauren Ford was first female home in an impressive 22m51s.

34 Rosliston newcomers experienced the trails for the first time with there one more in the PBs galore stakes.

Report by Matt Long. South Derbyshire Road Runners

The core team had a very busy Saturday morning this week. Long after everyone had consumed their post parkrun coffee and cake and went home for a much needed rest, we were still sitting in the cafe discussing some upcoming events at Rosliston parkrun that have been in the pipeline for a while.
Therefore, we thought that we would share these with you so that you know of our future plans and you can put dates in your diary if you wanted to get involved.

29th February- Leap day
For this special occasion, that will not happen again for another 28 years on a Saturday, we are encouraging parkrunners to dress in green to represent Sue's green, leaping friends; the frogs!

7th March- International women's day
As with other parkruns around the world, we will be celebrating international women's day supported by This Girl Can. You can find more information and get involved by using #IWDparkrun on social media.

14th March- Washlands Women volunteer takeover and our 4th birthday
We will be having a double event where we will be sharing our 4th birthday celebrations with the Washlands Women who will be taking charge of all the volunteer roles for the day and seeing you safely around the course.
As always with our celebrations at Rosliston, please feel free to bring cake to share after you have finished the event.

21st March- Mother's day weekend
we wanted the chance to celebrate the special women in our lives; mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters alike. We thought that mother's day could be a chance for us to show how much we care and therefore we are asking to fill the roster with sons, grandfathers, fathers, uncles or brothers. This will give those special ladies a chance to enjoy the event on their special weekend.

6th June- South Derbyshire volunteer takeover
New to the volunteer takeover scene at Rosliston, South Derbyshire Road Runners have organised to take over the volunteer roster for the event.

If you are a part of a running club that would be interested in getting involved by doing their own takeover event, please feel free to get in touch and we can oganise a date. :)

20th June- Father's day weekend
Similar to the plans for mother's day weekend, we want to celebrate the special men in our lives too. We are reversing the roles for a women only volunteer takeover to allow our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and brothers the chance to enjoy this parkrun event on their special weekend.

4th July- Junior takeover
We are going to be celebrating our own independence day here at Rosliston by allowing the juniors independence from their parents (Except marshal roles who will need to be supervised by their parent) by running the parkrun event on the 4th July.

As with all events, we will post to our social media the details which will allow you to volunteer for the events.


Rosliston parkrun #204- Double the cake, double the fun!

Another muddy, sunny and cold Saturday at “The best parkrun in the universe” (as said by the RD Sue in the run brief). Sue swapped her green walking group hi-vis for the black and silver RD hi-vis, with Sarah Heath taking over the walking group just for this week. Don’t worry; Sue will be back in green next week.

Now that it's February, there is a special event on Saturday the 29th of February which is the first ever leap year parkrun. If you miss it, you have to wait 28 years to have another go.

We celebrate our 4th Roslistion birthday in just over a month’s time so try not to miss out.

Congratulations to Hugh Kirke and Simon Garbett who joined the 100 club today and brought some cake for after.

There were 235 runners, walkers and joggers, with 29 of them being first timers to Roslistion and 15 being new to parkrun in general. Congratulations to the 42 participants who got new PBs this week.

There were 43 volunteers who managed to get out of bed and help out today; thank you to:

Adam HOLMES • Babs WOODWARD • Caitlin WARDALE • Cayden REEVES • Claire PRICE • Clive OAKMAN • David PETTIT • David WALTERS • David WRIGHT • Dawn GROVE • Deborah CRUMP • Finlay REEVES • Geoffrey CANN • Hayden WRIGHT • Heather PHIPPS • Helen HARRELL • Holly PRICE • Jack P HAWKSWORTH • Jessica Louise MUNDIN • Joanne FARMER • Julianne WALTERS • Lawrie PHIPPS • Leigh HOLMES • Liam WRIGHT • Megan HURDMAN • Natalie FARMER • Owen FORD • Paul MCKAY • Pete HURDMAN • Phil DAVIS • Pippa BATES • Richard NEWMAN • Ruth FORD • Sarah GREEN • Sarah HEATH • Shannon HURDMAN • Sarah WALTERS • Sharon BAKER • Sophia GROVE • Steven GREEN • Stuart REEVES • Sue WRIGHT • Thomas BAKER

The first male back was Ashley Baldwin, the second was Gareth Huw Watkins and the third back was Harry Insley.

The first female back was Maisie Trueman, the second was Charlotte Mckibbin and the third was Anna Meynell.


Rosliston parkrun #203- On Chinese Burns night

Hoots Mon! Och aye the noo, Rosliston parkrun #203 fell on the day that Burns Night collided with Chinese New Year! On a very drab morning in South Derbyshire, it might have been optimistic to expect to spot a Wild Haggis, touristing from a parkrun north of the border, leading the runners out towards Bernadette’s Corner in pursuit of a triumphant rat ( it’s the Chinese Year of the Rat)! In the absence of either, Micheal Walters lead the 241 participants for much of the course, before being overtaken by Haydn Simpkins, who took first position with a new PB, one of 37 recorded on the day. A triumph of youth over the experienced Mikey who was completing his 153rd Parkrun. Third spot went to Lee Cantrill. First lady home was Niamh Gill from Chorlton Runners on her debut run at Rosliston. Second lady was Paige Barker followed by Becca Gibson.

event 203

This week 48 joined us at Rosliston for the first time, some as parkrun tourists and some at their very first parkrun. Well done to all of them for braving their first visit. A friend, who was one of those first timers, had asked whether people would be unwelcoming of a ‘newbie’, and was concerned that if something went wrong, no one would notice. The Team at Rosliston are always hugely welcoming and encouraging of new visitors, recognising that each one of us comes to it with our own challenges (thank you David Wright for that!). Additionally, there are marshals at key points around the course for safety and direction. Reassuringly each one is equipped with a first aid kit and walkie-talkie to ensure ease of contact with the Run Director. The camaraderie between the runners and walkers also means that if a problem occurs, someone will be on hand to help. To quote Stitch, at Rosliston ‘nobody gets left behind’!

It was great to see the second outing of Sue and the Walking Group. This gives those new to parkrun a chance to test out the course with an experienced leader, although there is no obligation to stay with the group.

event 203 #2

As always, the event was made possible by 36 volunteers. Some roles mean that you can run and volunteer, so anyone can give it a go. It’s interesting to note that every week, despite their names filling one slot on the roster, several people fulfil multiple roles. This means there’s always room for another volunteer!
Cheerio the noo, and Gong hey fat choy, hope to see you next week!

event 203 #3


Rosliston parkrun #202- Walk this way

January 18th 1993 saw our friends Stateside launch Martin Luther-King Junior Day in memory of perhaps their greatest ever political activist. 27 years to the day later no less than 266 run, jog and walkers demonstrated their activism and exercised their civil right to Rosliston park run no. 202. Only one other Junior Male 11-14 could hold a candle to birthday boy Liam Wright, who celebrated his 14th with a new PB of 24m25s. Zachary Roberts hit the number 10 milestone with Holly Price numbering 25 in the volunteer stakes. In borrowing a line from the great aforementioned minister, letting the freedom of their legs ring at the head of the field were South Derbyshire’s Gareth Huw Watkins and Derby AC’s Christine Dover with 18m10s and 19m56s respectively.

Report by Matt Long. South Derbyshire Road Runners.

event 202

18th January 2020, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, the start of our walking group.

I’ve become quite passionate about walking at parkrun since I realised how so many people didn’t even know that parkrun isn’t just for runners!

After having a weight issue, which came from over-eating during pregnancy and post-natal depression, I took matters in hand. I started pushing the pushchair around the streets and gave myself 18 months to get thin at 30. With the help of a slimming group, I did it – I lost 8 stone and found that walking had led to something I thought I would never do… RUN!

Running became a huge part of my life, I had joined a local running group and eventually supported them by becoming a run leader, having completed the British Athletics Leader in Running Fitness course. I was put off the idea of parkrun as I didn’t see the point, plus I was always out much earlier than 9am. Those were just excuses, I was scared, I thought it would be cliquey and that made me anxious and I would not fit in. Complete myth! parkrun went against anything I had believed, Rosliston parkrun was, and is, a very supportive and inclusive environment.

Running allowed me time to think, get out of the house and get rid of the stress of everyday life, but devastation was waiting… I went over on my ankle whilst running around the streets of my estate. Nothing major I thought, but I was wrong. After 2 years of investigations, ligament damage! I had to accept that running wasn’t an option anymore. Parkrun, however, was always an option as volunteering was amazing, it gave me running in a different way. I got to see everyone participate and still be part of parkrun every week.

Although it was great, my little black cocker spaniel, Cherry, was missing out so we started walking every other week to volunteering.

I was shocked, at the time our winter course was 2 laps and it was clear how some of our faster runners thought it was their prerogative to have walkers stop and allow them the whole path. This simply wasn’t fair and it wasn’t how I believe parkrun to be. Two weeks later, I was cheered on by some new volunteer marshals who questioned me why I wasn’t running. This made me feel very inadequate. What if I had been new to parkrun and couldn’t run due to fitness levels or have the ability? What if I wanted to walk?

This was my destiny, this is why my injury occurred! Someone somewhere wanted Rosliston to benefit from my injury, a walking group was my mission. I had experienced obesity, not having the courage due to anxiety and knowing how it felt to be incapable.

parkrun is the place to make friends, chat and be encouraged to achieve an active lifestyle. The beauty of walking at Rosliston is that we get to enjoy our beautiful forest and wildlife along with a good natter and getting fitter.

As a core team, there have been many discussions and hurdles to negotiate to get this walking group up and going. I won’t always be leading the walking group but there will always be someone in the green vest.

If you know someone who may benefit from walking with us, there are no barriers, please do encourage them along. The walking group will always go at the pace of the person who needs the most support. It doesn’t mean that we need to stay together, faster walkers can go on at a quicker speed. There is no rush, it is an all-ability activity and we are not holding anyone up, however, adequate footwear is a MUST.

Walking isn’t inadequate, if you think about it – we are top-quality athletes, out on our parkrun courses for so much longer than those speeding round. For some, walking is a start, for others it is everything!

Passionate for ever

Disco Sue


Rosliston parkrun #201- Running into a new mindset

268 runners, joggers and walkers woke up early on Saturday morning, donned their trainers and running kit and made the journey to Rosliston Forestry Centre to take part in the 201st Rosliston parkrun. As expected it was a chilly start, but the kind of morning that makes for an excellent run, fresh and brisk… the kind of morning that makes you want to run fast and warm up as soon as possible!

January is a great month, even if you are not one of those that dives head first into New Year’s resolutions, it is still a good time to take stock, make changes to your life if you feel it necessary or if not, continue being as awesome as you have always been. I have talked a lot in the past few weeks about what loving yourself means. The conclusion that I have made and one that is going to help me reach my 2020 personal goals is pretty simple; you should love yourself unconditionally, no matter where you are in your fitness journey but loving yourself unconditionally doesn’t mean you should stop striving to make yourself fitter and healthier both mentally and physically.

Of course, I mention this because parkrun is the perfect way to keep yourself both physically fit and keep your mental health in check. Running has been proven to help anxiety and depression ( ) I know that many parkrunners I talk to started running to help with their mental health and continue to run, walk or jog as a way to combat and keep at bay those negative feelings. Of course mental health is a huge topic and if you are suffering then help is available MIND has a phone line - 0300 123 3393 and their website is

Let me tell you what is also good for your mental health… volunteering. Rosliston was blessed with 36 wonderful hi-vis heroes guiding you around the forestry center’s twists and turns; Steve EDGAR • Paul MCKAY • Clare BOVILL • Rob LEADBEATER • Claire PRICE • Sarah HEATH • Ruth FORD • Pete HURDMAN • Daniel FORD • Lauren FORD • Shannon HURDMAN • Holly PRICE • Joanne FARMER • Caitlin WARDALE • Owen FORD • Sue WRIGHT • Tracy EDGAR • Stuart REEVES • Adam HOLMES • Clive OAKMAN • Jack P HAWKSWORTH • David WALTERS • Julianne WALTERS • Micheal WALTERS • Deborah CRUMP • Pippa BATES • Jack SHORTEN • Tom MILLER • Susan SHORTEN • Bek BYRON • Jake MEACHAM • Thomas BAKER • Linda MEACHAM • Andrew MEACHAM • Dawn SEAMAN • Jack MEACHAM.

Well done to all of you for making parkrun possible. Here is an interesting statistic since Rosliston parkrun started in 2016: a total of 657 individuals have volunteered 6,304 times. Food for thought.

Congratulations to Martin Holden and Rob Leadbeater on reaching their 50 parkrun milestone. You were in good company as there were 1450 other parkrunners worldwide who also reached the 50 club.

32 first timers took to the Rosliston course this week. Hopefully it will not be too long before you are back again; we hoped you enjoyed yourselves and if this is the start of your parkrun journey, long may it continue. Also a massive well done to the 30 people who slipped and slid into new shiny P.Bs, no easy feat around a very muddy course. A very special mention to Robert DYJAK who not only ran his first ever parkrun but also romped home in first position with an incredible time of 19:10, well done Robert.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope 2020 is full of good choices, wise decisions and happy times. May you fulfil your goals whether that is a sub 20 minute 5k or to be able to walk a parkrun without stopping. Although there are times when it does not feel it, all of our goals are of equal worth and we should not judge ourselves against our neighbour… after all, it’s a run not a race. ;)


Rosliston parkrun #200- New Year’s resolutions

The fourth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar saw 246 runners, joggers and walkers make a New Year resolution round the trails of Rosliston. On this day in history, way back in 1959, Luna 1 became the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and at the head of the field the South Derbyshire Road Running duo of Gareth Huw Watkins and James Farmer rocketed round the course, with the former clocking his 50th milestone. Another young member of the 50 plus club is JM11-12 Harry Woodward.

Ruth Ford led the ladies home in 23m36s before Vet 70 David Thompson completed his 100th run with Andrew Bennett of Hatton Darts and Sheena Parry of Team Derby Runner notching their 200th runs.

On this day in history in 1643, the English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton was born and fittingly, no less than 37 first timers defied the laws of gravity in refusing to slumber in their beds, making it on time for the customary 9am start. In celebrating the great man’s contribution to understanding laws of motion, each and every one of them deserves a mention- they were as follows:

Jamie Graham; Alex Mason; Jakub Struski; Dean Osborne; Simon Harper; Andy Stewart-Jones; Padraig McCarthy; Andrew Brett; Mark Killen; Karl Stevens; Helen Crisp; Jenna Willshee; Francesca Doughty; Andy Collett; Greg Britton; Simon Doughty; Julia Lagou; Rory Thompson; Sophie Grinham; Daniel Johnson; Lynne Peacock; Melissa Shaw; Wendy Rudd; Ashleigh Dowell; Louise Ann Cawson; Lewis Rumin; Debbie Pacey; Niall Johnson; Amanda Harris; Alice Radbourn; Jason Radbourn; Jacson Walker; Lewis Fitzjohn; Charlie Eames; Jessie-Mae Bacon; Andrew McCartney; Isabelle McCartney; Charlotte Hodges.

Report by Matt Long. South Derbyshire Road Runners.

Thank you to this week's volunteers who helped us to run the event smoothly:

Ernest ALLEN, Antony ALLEN, Pippa BATES, Mick BLACKBURN, Anna CASEY, Deborah CRUMP, Gayle FAULKNER, Joanne FERRIDAY, Mark FERRIDAY, Owen FORD, Daniel FORD, Lauren FORD, Ruth FORD, Sarah GREEN, Helen HARRELL, Jack P HAWKSWORTH, Sarah HEATH, Adam HOLMES, Shannon HURDMAN, Pete HURDMAN, Dina HURDMAN, Reg JONES, Stephen LANCASTER, Matt LONG, Jake MEACHAM, Jessica Louise MUNDIN, Richard NEWMAN, Sheena PARRY, Holly PRICE, Claire PRICE, Ian ROBERTS, Cheryl ROBSON, Netty STEVENS, David WALTERS, Julianne WALTERS, Sarah WALTERS, Micheal WALTERS, Caitlin WARDALE, Paula WHITLEY, Sue WRIGHT

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