Rosliston parkrun Virtual Results


Firstly the sad news. Tomorrow is going to be the last time we will be holding the Rosliston Virtual parkrun results. Please submit your 5k time for any walk or run recorded throughout Saturday and the results will be collated.
I'm sure you will all join me in thanking Shannon for doing the results in her own time and making sure we have all stayed motivated over the last 14 weeks.

Secondly the good news. From next week we will be moving to "not parkrun" which is the same type of virtual recording but through the official parkrun channels. You can record as many 5k runs as you like throughout the week and submit 1 per day but only your fastest run will be displayed each week.
It is easy to register your runs with just 3 easy steps.
1. Click the "manage my profile" in any of your run or volunteer result emails, this will take you to your personal profile.

2. Click "(not)parkrun"

3. Select the day of the week, enter your time and click submit.


The system is already operational so feel free to start using it this week along side our results. The results can be viewed on the Rosliston parkrun website using this link

Once again, thank you Shannon.

Everyone at Rosliston parkrun is looking forward to being back together soon, whenever that may be. Stay safe.


Sunday SHANanigans #6- Sue Wright

Sue joined parkrun in 2017 and soon joined the Rosliston community in July of 2017 and it wasn't long before she became one of our RDs. She has completed 62 events with 52 of these at Rosliston. Sue definitely loves the parkrun lifestyle as she has also completed 3 runs on Christmas day! Sue has completed a number of volunteer roles with 33 roles as Run Director both at Rosliston and Swadlincote Junior parkrun. However, Sue's most completed role is marshal which she has completed 49 times. You can usually see her at Disco Sue's corner (by the snails) so named because of the tunes that Sue plays from her speakers to give you that bit of motivation to get you around the rest of the course.

When did you first join parkrun?
I originally signed up for parkrun many years before actually giving it a go. My boys have always been early risers so I was always up and out before 9am so felt it was too late in the day for me to go along and do it. Plus I always thought it was going to be a “clicky” affair. So wrong!! My first was 10th June 2017, at Conkers, I didn’t enjoy the course and after telling a great friend who came to Rosliston he suggested as I was into more cross country terrain to give Rosliston course a go, he seemed to think it was a more enjoyable course and more what I would enjoy. So on 24th June 2017 I came and that was it, I never left! Tony Wardle – it was a great suggestion.

SS Sue (3)

Why did you do your first parkrun?
A good friend of mine was completing her 100th parkrun and I wanted to go and support her and celebrate her achievement (I didn’t know about how important all the milestones were) so as she did her 100th I did my 1st!

And maybe more importantly, why did you do your second parkrun?
I didn’t like it, but the others from a running group I was with enjoyed it so I made a longer route and then did parkrun afterwards to add an extra bit of mileage on. The best of both worlds, still out early and getting a longer distance incorporated. It was my third when I found Rosliston I really understood what parkrun was all about.

Why did you decide to become an RD?
I don’t think I decided to become an RD, someone within the volunteering community noticed me and what the volunteering was doing for me and the participants so suggested the core team asked me. To say I was blown over was an understatement. Thanks Dina Hurdman, you gave me a purpose after the injury tried to take me down.

Apart from being RD, what is your favourite volunteer role and why?
I don’t think there is a volunteer role I particularly enjoy more than any other. I love marshalling at my favourite corner and having it named after me is incredibly humbling! Any marshal spot is entertaining as cheering and encouraging everyone around the course is empowering. I know how hard it is to take part so it’s my way to give them a boost and say that I am proud of what they are achieving. I do love timing as you get to see everyone’s faces as they approach the finish – some faces are determined and fired up, some are of sheer joy, some of frustration. The walking group leader is particularly special to me as I put so much in to making everyone feel welcomed at Ros and it being totally inclusive. I always worry about giving out tokens, I love it but my circulation is pretty poor so handling them in the cooler weather is stressful as I don’t want to drop them or give out too many at once, even if it went horribly wrong though everything is easily put back to how it should be as we are only human and these things do happen it’s the beauty of volunteering, it’s straightforward and very enriching giving something back to our community.

SS Sue

In your opinion, what makes Rosliston special?
It’s a combination of many things, the actual centre and forest is so good for the soul. The beauty of the course allows you to absorb so much. The people, I don’t think I have ever met such a lovely community of encouraging, welcoming and honest humans. I am proud to call Rosliston my home parkrun. It’s a fantastic, magical place.

SS Sue (4)

What other parkrun courses have you enjoyed? And why?
I am not someone that has completed many different parkruns, Weymouth is where we holiday each Summer so that is as far travelled as we have been. Although if we had the opportunity to go away this Summer we were going to give the new Bridport parkrun a go going the opposite way down the Jurassic coast. Don’t get me wrong we have a caravan and go away locally over some weekends when the weather is good but even when we’ve been an hour away from Ros we’ve travelled back and completed our Saturday morning fun as our weekends wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t.

What is your favourite thing about parkrun?
It’s become a real family affair for us, we all go out on a Saturday morning as a family and enjoy time together. Adults, kids and dogs! There are so many combinations for us to take part that we don’t ever have the same Saturday morning. Some weeks I walk with my favourite black dog Cherry, some weeks Hayden will walk with us too. Some weeks Hayden and I volunteer together, some weeks we volunteer separately. Most weeks Liam will run but he gives back to volunteering once a month. Some weeks Dave will run with Fudge, some weeks he will take a wander and walk with him or volunteer with him instead. Whatever the weather, however we are feeling that particular Saturday we are ready for it and thoroughly enjoy it!

What would you say to someone who is unsure about signing up?
Come along, have a look, listen to the first timers briefing, even if you’ve not got round to registering you don’t need to worry, take a stroll, paddle in the puddles, touch a tree, watch the birds on the lake, breathe In the air as you go round you won’t regret it. You will have someone speak to you and make you feel most welcome and part of something spectacular. You don’t need to be an athlete, you may just be good as pushing a button on a gadget and just want to volunteer and be around a great group of people. It’s not cost you anything if you don’t think it’s for you but I can assure you, you will definitely be back.

What is your fondest memory of parkrun?
My very first RD will go down in the history books forever. I’ve retold this story lots but my first RD was the middle of July and very warm, Family Walters had set up and done a course check but had some important instructions for me to relay to everyone. FROGS ON THE COURSE?!?! I repeated it many times to them before announcing it in my briefing as I really, genuinely thought it was a wind up! You know the new girl who’d been sent to get a bubble for a spirit level or been told to get the left handed spanner out of the tool box! I had to let everyone know about the frogs, teeny, tiny frogs that were hopping all over the path near to where I usually stood marshalling. Take care where you put your feet, try not to stand on any of them, no squishing of frogs should be done!

As you have young family who also attend parkrun, how does parkrun play an important role?
Not only does Rosliston parkrun feature for us as a family we also all volunteer at Swadlincote junior parkrun on a Sunday morning, I am quite often rocking the RD vest there. We all volunteer at juniors but the boys take part and volunteer on alternate weeks. We originally got the boys involved in juniors as Hayden was struggling with his knees and hips after falling and having soft tissue damage in his knees. We had to build his strength and fitness back so he could be pain free in the long run it then spilled over to them joining in at Rosliston. I am proud of the boys as through parkrun they are learning that giving some time and kindness is one of the nicest things they can do and it hopefully will stand them in good stead to be wonderful grown-ups. Not only that they are with different, like-minded people, it gives us some quality time as a family where we can be together but be individuals too.

SS Sue (5)

The most important question: What is your go to post-parkrun breakfast?
Well that really depends on the week, some weeks we all fancy a full English, some weeks it’s a sausage and egg sandwich, some weeks we all go home and have a post parkrun burger with bacon, smoked Bavarian cheese and lettuce! Other weeks we do toasted teacakes with butter. The reason it changes is we all like different things, the dogs sometimes need to get home and have a shower if it’s been particularly muddy or it could be that we sit and chat in or outside the café with our friends.

SS Sue (1)


Rosliston parkrun #209- The show must go on

Well we made it - despite all the other nationwide cancellations, our major sporting event, the 4th birthday of Rosliston parkrun went ahead - with some minor adjustments. This was the day Washlands Women Runners gave the core team a day off and undertook their third takeover with all volunteer roles undertaken by our members. Race Director Ruth Ford ensured no one was at risk, with a bit of preventative advice and even providing serviettes for the inevitable cake, lots of cake, at the end. There is always cake when the Washlands Women are about. There was lots more hand washing taking place before and after the event and limited touching of bar codes from the scanners but hopefully the social benefit outweighed any risks.

event 209 #2 (1)

What a day we had. We gave a big shout out to the friends and family of Graham Dingley, a long time supporter of WWR, who was returning to complete his 50th Parkrun after a serious illness. His family came down from Yorkshire to mark this event on his road to recovery and many friends from Graham's running past joined in to celebrate his milestone.

event 209

We also welcomed some tourists from Birmingham way who were celebrating Elizabeth Connolly's birthday (and 303rd parkrun) whilst staying at the lodges with 6 of them joining us.

Milestones achieved included Harriet Ramsay on her 50th and the (unofficial) 200th run for Julianne Walters - well done both of you.

Another "off the wall" milestone was "Pi day". This did take some explaining but Sarah Heath completed her 314th volunteer slot and Dan Towns his 314th parkrun along with appropriate T-shirts.

event 209 #2 (2)

Other celebrations were our own WWR, Claire Leigh, who celebrated her birthday with a 28.34 finish and Jeff Shaw who started his stag do antics by persuading his fellow "stags" to complete the run - hope this helped set you up for the day.

As the roving reporter I tried to capture a few details of our runners during my run (but everyone seemed too fast for me to talk) however I managed to capture a few at the end. Well done to the lady coming back to running and taking part on her first parkrun - hope it continues. To the guy who had only done Rosliston before but after having a chat is going to try Conkers and Lichfield. To the lady who always does Conkers but was giving Rosliston her first try - thank you for joining us.

Well done to our three pacers out there who were a bit apprehensive on keeping to their times but they had nothing to worry about. All three, Lauren Ford (25 minutes), Barbara Delaney (30 minutes) and Karen Jackson (35 minutes) all came in under the pacing times.

The muddy conditions caught a few people out with a couple of "spills" (all OK) but did not deter the 16 people out of the 210 runners who managed a PB.

What is great is that over 14 of the runners today were first timers for parkrun and 25 first timers at our event (with three of the top five being visitors) - so watch out all you speedy ones, you may have some new challengers! We hope you enjoyed the experience and welcome you back at any time. Lets hope this is the first of many.

This event could not be held without the volunteers so we not only thank the WWR ladies and children who stepped up today but respect for the ones who do it week in and week out. Who knows what the next 7 days will bring but if parkrun is able to continue, please consider doing your bit and volunteer - it is very worthwhile.



Rosliston parkrun #204- Double the cake, double the fun!

Another muddy, sunny and cold Saturday at “The best parkrun in the universe” (as said by the RD Sue in the run brief). Sue swapped her green walking group hi-vis for the black and silver RD hi-vis, with Sarah Heath taking over the walking group just for this week. Don’t worry; Sue will be back in green next week.

Now that it's February, there is a special event on Saturday the 29th of February which is the first ever leap year parkrun. If you miss it, you have to wait 28 years to have another go.

We celebrate our 4th Roslistion birthday in just over a month’s time so try not to miss out.

Congratulations to Hugh Kirke and Simon Garbett who joined the 100 club today and brought some cake for after.

There were 235 runners, walkers and joggers, with 29 of them being first timers to Roslistion and 15 being new to parkrun in general. Congratulations to the 42 participants who got new PBs this week.

There were 43 volunteers who managed to get out of bed and help out today; thank you to:

Adam HOLMES • Babs WOODWARD • Caitlin WARDALE • Cayden REEVES • Claire PRICE • Clive OAKMAN • David PETTIT • David WALTERS • David WRIGHT • Dawn GROVE • Deborah CRUMP • Finlay REEVES • Geoffrey CANN • Hayden WRIGHT • Heather PHIPPS • Helen HARRELL • Holly PRICE • Jack P HAWKSWORTH • Jessica Louise MUNDIN • Joanne FARMER • Julianne WALTERS • Lawrie PHIPPS • Leigh HOLMES • Liam WRIGHT • Megan HURDMAN • Natalie FARMER • Owen FORD • Paul MCKAY • Pete HURDMAN • Phil DAVIS • Pippa BATES • Richard NEWMAN • Ruth FORD • Sarah GREEN • Sarah HEATH • Shannon HURDMAN • Sarah WALTERS • Sharon BAKER • Sophia GROVE • Steven GREEN • Stuart REEVES • Sue WRIGHT • Thomas BAKER

The first male back was Ashley Baldwin, the second was Gareth Huw Watkins and the third back was Harry Insley.

The first female back was Maisie Trueman, the second was Charlotte Mckibbin and the third was Anna Meynell.


Rosliston parkrun #193- The one with plenty of cake

Today’s parkrun was all about milestones; and what do milestones mean? CAKE, of course!! Vanilla cake, lemon cake, brownies and t-shirt shaped biscuits, to be precise. Plenty of us hung around to indulge in a small piece or two (or three).


Congratulations to Dan Ford and Owen Ford who ran their 250th run and earnt themselves the coveted green milestone t-shirt. Phil Davis and Jeff Shaw hit their 100th parkrun, Louise Acheson ran her 50th and Eloise Moore completed her 10th run.


This week 157 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 9 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 18 different clubs took part. First across the line for the women were Jessica Head, Caroline Scott and Gayle Faulkner. For the men it was Jack Shorten, David Pettit and George O’Brien, who set himself a new course PB of 19m28s. In first place for the junior boys was Justin Ward, followed by Liam Wright in 2nd and Tony Hedges in 3rd, and for the junior girls, first to finish was Phoebe Marsland, followed by Lauren Ford and Lucy Bowman.

And last but by no means least, as always, a huge thanks go to the 38 volunteers who made today’s event possible……

Samantha SCREATON • Gary PRICE • Rob LEADBEATER • Helen KIRKBY • Sarah HEATH • Kathryn LITTLE • Ruth FORD • Pete HURDMAN • Daniel FORD • Lauren FORD • Shannon HURDMAN • Holly PRICE • Caitlin WARDALE • Owen FORD • Sue WRIGHT • David WRIGHT • Liam WRIGHT • Hayden WRIGHT • Adam HOLMES • Stephen LANCASTER • Clive OAKMAN • Jack P HAWKSWORTH • David WALTERS • Julianne WALTERS • Deborah CRUMP • Pippa BATES • Jo FARROW • Martin HOLDEN • Jeff SHAW • David PETTIT • Heather HORSLEY • Susan SHORTEN • Elaine CANN • Geoffrey CANN • Fiona KEMP • Jake MEACHAM • Wayne POULTNEY • Thomas BAKER

For those of you still reading to the end, a dicky bird tells me that Rolls Royce Derby Band running club will be back to play Christmas carols at a parkrun in December. Stay tuned for a confirmed date!


Rosliston parkrun #192- After the deluge

There was certainly some wild weather around at the end of last week! I see Main Street in Rosliston flooded again. I hope everyone stayed safe and dry around the region. I’ve seen the Trent go higher but I have never seen the rain come down so hard and quickly that it caused the drains on the road down to the bridge at Walton to turn into angry spouting fountains. Then after the Thursday downpours, the river rose and the puddles spread wider and deeper across the roads - school buses turning back at Catton, roads flooding at Drakelow and Cadley Hill. Come Saturday the way into Rosliston wasn’t so easy from the A38, as poor Reg, our RD, found out as he was repelled at both Walton and Alrewas and then had to head out through Burton and Stapenhill to get to the Forestry Centre. Thanks for persevering Reg!

On the plus side no driving rain for the run itself this week and not as nippy as the week before, even the puddles seemed strangely to have gone down just a little. But we still had a fine cross-county style parkrun to complete – our zig-zag corners, our water jumps, the bridge crossing, the lung-busting of the hill, the slide and squelch of the swamp. You certainly know you have been out of the house if you come along to a Saturday morning parkrun at Rosliston!

131 intrepid souls made it in for Saturday’s event – well done everyone! We had five parkrunners new to Rosliston – welcome and come again, and ten parkrunners even managed to overcome the soggy, boggy terrain to record personal bests. Congratulations! First back was Rosliston regular Joseph Goodwin leading the way in 19:31 and first female parkrunner back was Jessica Head in an equally impressive 21:52.

A special mention to this week’s milestone parkrunners. Jane Ward-Stanton reached the magical three figures, Glyn Burroughs passed the 50 mark and Charlie Parker joined the junior ten club. Well done all!

Many thanks as always to the volunteers who made it possible for us all to indulge our parkrun passion even in the midst of all the floods.

Adrian ROBERTS • Anne ROBERTS • Caitlin WARDALE • Clive OAKMAN • David PETTIT • David WALTERS • David WRIGHT • Deborah CRUMP • Elaine BISSELL • Elaine CANN • Geoffrey CANN • Hayden WRIGHT • Heather HORSLEY • Helen KIRKBY • Ian ROBERTS • Jack P HAWKSWORTH • Jake MEACHAM • Jeff SHAW • Julianne WALTERS • Liam WRIGHT • Linda MEACHAM • Micheal WALTERS • Mick BLACKBURN • Pete HURDMAN • Pippa BATES • Reg JONES • Rob LEADBEATER • Sarah KIRKBY • Sarah WALTERS • Shannon HURDMAN • Stuart BATES • Sue WRIGHT • Thomas BAKER • Tom MILLER • Trevor FEAR


New Year’s Day 2020

Good news! We WILL be putting on an extra run on New Year's Day - hurrah!

NYD is the one day of the year where you can run at 2 different parkruns and both are official!

As with previous years we will be starting at the later time of 10.30am. Our neighbours at Conkers will be running at 9am so if you are feeling energetic you can run there, then head over to us and run again! Or you can have a lie in and rock up at Rosliston in time for the run brief, or run at one and volunteer at another- the choice is yours...

We will have access to the toilets, and the pop up cafe will be returning to provide hot drinks and cake.



As with previous years we will NOT be putting on an extra run on Christmas Day. Our neighbours at Conkers will be running at 9am so you can head over to them for your pre-turkey/veggie Christmas dinner parkrun fix!


Rosliston parkrun #191 – Winter is coming

I feel as though autumn is definitely and categorically turning into winter. With many areas of the U.K flooded due to the large amount of rainfall this past month and a significant drop in temperature, it was a hardy bunch of 146 parkrunners who ran, jogged or walked our beautiful course. Out of those 146, there were 23 first timers and I have to say, if you can tackle the Rosliston course in those cold and wet conditions for your first time… it’s not going to get much worse! Hopefully it has not put you off and you will be back with us again.

event 191

Part of Rosliston’s charm and beauty is the different challenges us parkrunners face when we are heading round. I, and many others I speak to, have not only come accustomed to the mud, we have actually come to embrace it. On Saturday, we also had a very slippery bridge thrown into the mix, luckily everyone stayed on track and no one took an early bath. So, those tight bends, the occasional overhanging branch, icy bridges, a mud bath and of course cheeky hill must make Rosliston one of the most exciting parkruns in the U.K! I for one would not have it any other way.

All that said, one thing that is baffling me is even in these conditions, even slipping over the bridge and sliding through the mud, there was a grand total of 12 personal bests, so well done to those of you that smashed it, you must tell us what your secret is.

I’m always interested in parkrun statistics. I know it is a bit of a geeky thing to get excited about but I can only assume if you are sitting here reading this, you may be interested in a few stats as well… Across the U.K there was 609 parkruns held in total, a whopping 135,882 parkrunners and an incredible 13,375 volunteers. Worldwide there were 1,582 parkruns in total with an incredible 274,705 parkrunners and 29,094 volunteers. Those figures really give you a sense of just how big the parkrun community is.

Another statistic for you; 320 hi-vis heroes joined the volunteer 25 club this week including (at Rosliston) Sandra Bennett! Well done to all those hi-vis heroes but an extra special well done to Sandra.


Unfortunately but not surprisingly, my saddest statistic is that there were 65 parkrun cancellations this week. Most were due to floods or ice. One of the more wacky reasons that caught my eye was Harrogate parkrun who cancelled due to “waterlogged remains of Guy Fawkes on the course” make of that what you will. The other one that caught my eye was Storthes Hall parkrun who had to cancel due to a lack of volunteers. I know that the past few weeks has been a tough slog for the Rosliston core team to rally up volunteers, so if you can and you are able to do so, please don the hi-vis and be a hero.

We did not have any official milestones this week but it is well worth noting that Ian Johnson ran his 200th parkrun, well done Ian, cracking achievement.

As winter draws in, I am sure Rosliston will continue to be a challenge. We will slip, we will slide, It will get colder and I am sure that I am not on my own when I say that I will want to stay tucked up in bed on a Saturday morning. However, we will endure, we will continue to get PBs, we will continue to volunteer and we will continue to run, jog and walk through the ever changing landscape that is Rosliston. Because we are parkrunners and Rosliston is our home.

And finally, a huge thank you to all of the volunteers that helped out with this week's event to make it possible:

Adam HOLMES • Caitlin WARDALE • Daniel FORD • Daniel Jonathan TOWNS • David WALTERS • David WRIGHT • Elaine BISSELL • Evie SHARRATT • Felicity Sarah TOWNS • Hayden WRIGHT • Helen HARRELL • Holly HEARN • Jade RAWLINGS • Jake MEACHAM • James HEARN • Julianne WALTERS • Kevin BISSELL • Lauren FORD • Mandy BRASSINGTON-HARRIS • Micheal WALTERS • Mick BLACKBURN • Owen FORD • Pete HURDMAN • Pippa BATES • Reg JONES • Ruth FORD • Sandra BENNETT • Sarah HEATH • Sarah WALTERS • Shannon HURDMAN • Sophie Elizabeth Lily TOWNS • Stuart BATES • Sue WRIGHT • Thomas BAKER • Tom MILLER • Wendy SHARRATT


Rosliston parkrun #190- Trick or Treat

Rosliston parkrun. No. 190. 2nd November 2019

The wet and windy Halloween weather was no treat as 136 runners, joggers and walkers tricked their body clocks into an early morning workout around the winding trails to ensure that the Forestry centre was no haunted attraction.

A healthy 11 recorded new personal bests and Vegan Runner Jonathan Mills was pick of the pumpkins (18m44s) in edging out Jospeh Goodwin who was just 10 seconds in arrears. An equally enthralling battle in the female category saw fireworks between Jessica Head (22m17s) and Sarah David (22m56s).

Geoffrey Cann (Male 65-69) rightly took a bow with his 29m27s seeing him complete his 50th run, whilst JM 11-14 leader Luke Dunne lit a bonfire for the future in placing 14th overall and in clocking an eye-catching 22m50s.

event 190

Without our fluorescent costumed volunteers we would have a park with no run! So a big round of applause for….

Paul MCKAY • Clare BOVILL • Rob LEADBEATER • Helen KIRKBY • Sarah HEATH • Pete HURDMAN • Shannon HURDMAN • Sheena PARRY • David GREEN • Sue WRIGHT • David WRIGHT • Liam WRIGHT • Hayden WRIGHT • Chris MUNDIN • Netty STEVENS • Babs WOODWARD • Jessica Louise MUNDIN • Clive OAKMAN • Reg JONES • Matt LONG • David WALTERS • Julianne WALTERS • Sarah WALTERS • Micheal WALTERS • Deborah CRUMP • Sandra BENNETT • Tom MILLER • Sally MILLER • Jeff SHAW • Heather HORSLEY • Sarah KIRKBY • Sarah GREEN • Andrew TYAS • Jake MEACHAM • Wayne POULTNEY • Thomas BAKER

Report by Matt Long.

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