Ross-on-Wye parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-15 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Ross-on-Wye parkfun Event #49 by Catherine Finlay

Thanks to everyone who completed a 5k this week – number 49!

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Some excellent times as always. Gavin should definitely be looking forward to Ross parkrun restarting again with his excellent 21.59, at the top of the leader board.
Mark Williamson was 2nd with his Forest of Dean 22.54 and Rachel Marshall was 3rd over all and first lady with 24.00 minutes.

It’s been great to have so much dry sunny weather to run in and Dexter and Briar’s photo shows the oil seed rape just beginning to flower so I hope everyone’s hay fever is under control and as Helen noted, it does bring out the flies!

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There have also been plenty of blue skies which always makes everyone’s photos very colourful.


Keep up the good work everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s times for event #50!

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Ross-on-Wye parkfun Event #48 by Cath Bennett

Event #48 Run Director – Lyn Latham 10th -15th April 2021

Well done to everyone who made it out this week and managed to submit their times. As ever it is lovely to see and hear about where you have been.

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Chris Darke made it back the quickest this week in 22.56 for his Hereford run, closely followed by Chris Allen who notched up a PB in 24.40 with a run in Ross by the river.

Rachel Marshall was first lady home in 24.57 as part of a 15k run and the theme of the ladies doing longer runs was continued by Tara Beard who made it home in 28.34 as part of an 8 mile run. Nigel Lane also joined the “running further” group with a 30.36 run within a 7 mile run.

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We had a full house with the Darke family, with all 6 members taking part this week. Lovely to see you all on the board and maybe we will see you all together in person when parkrun starts up again.

Robin Drewett was out racing this week in the chilly conditions, marking a 10k PB and 3rd in age category! Well done! We also saw Mark Williamson take on the FODAC track with a fast time.

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Robin wonders if his haircut later in the week would have made him faster in his 10k event ......

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We also had some lovely photos from Nadege and Carleton Rutter with their walk by the canal.

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Conditions have been lovely for running this week – bright sunshine, but still a bit of a chill to the air, which helps save us all from overheating.

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The trails fans will be missing the mud and the farmers are crying out for rain, but all this dry weather does mean the parkrun course is looking tip-top at the moment with a beautiful hawthorn blossom archway in the back field.


Ross-on-Wye parkfun Event #45 / 46 / 47 by Lynn Latham

Sorry guys, time has rushed by so here is a condensed write up for the last 3 weeks.

Thanks for your continued pr efforts. No 45, in first place was Mark Williamson, running in Blaenau in a very respectable 23:23. He was closely followed by Steve Bedford and Rachel Marshall.



Nigel submitted his fastest 5k of the year but he’s working on his speed at the mo, so watch this space. Robin Drewitt’s was part of a duathlon, run/cycle.


We had all the usual suspects submitting, just 16 this week but a few pics as well and 3 cani-runners, Barb, Briar and my-self, with respective hounds! Helen submitted, in her words, a ‘slower’ time - I just wish my better efforts were at that pace! And Rowena returned! A few people ran longer runs this week, well done all.


No 46, Barb and Digby were top dogs, in 22:53, with Mark coming in next and Rachel just behind.


Just 15 runners this week - hopefully a few more when we go ‘live’ again! Helen Kirk has vowed to avoid desserts, we’ll hold you to this one, Helen! Victoria was back after a 6 week injury break. A bit warmer this week so hats, gloves and jumpers were discarded... albeit temporarily.


Nigel’s time this week was part of his March charity challenge to run 10 miles in one run - well done.

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No 47, up to 19 due to Tim Pegg’s late entry! Mark romping in first again at the Hereford 5k (live!!) event in an amazing 20:44, getting speedier Mark!


Briar and Digby were hot on his heels and Tony May close behind, running in Lydbrook. The Darkes were back with us in force after a short break.


Nadege and Carleton continue with the good work sending in regular submissions.



Well done and huge thanks to all of you, your support through the last year has been fabulous, we are so grateful. At the moment our lovely pr course is in great condition, I ran parts of it the other day. Nice and dry, even the back field and the ditch are runnable.

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Not long now...


Ross on Wye parkfun report #44 by Catherine Finlay

I’m sure everyone local to Ross has been grateful for a little less mud to run in recently, although Nicholas Tyler did a muddy walk this week.


1st - Gavin Jones 18:27 – part of a speed session (and it was definitely speedy! Well done for a change at the top of the leader board too!)
2nd - Barb Morris 23:41 – with Digby the dog!
3rd - Mark Williamson 23:58 – at the Forest of Dean Parkrun course
Many happy returns to Helen Kirk who ran on her birthday. Congratulations to Nigel Lane on completing his run after his Covid vaccination!
Other exciting things that happened this week:
Robin Drewett spotted a rainbow!


Hayley Lovatt did a Mothers Day run with her daughters – hope they enjoyed it!


Nadege Rutter did a very nice collage of her 5k (which was part of a 10k in Birmingham – loving the artistic skills!)


Thanks to Lynn Latham for being race director – I hope Pepper enjoyed this week’s run despite all the gates to get through! Keep the great times and updates coming in, it’s lovely to hear everyone’s news!


Ross-on-Wye parkfun Event#43 by Cath Bennett

Event 43 saw exactly an increase on participants compared to last week . Thank you everyone for your efforts and making us smile with your entries and photos.


Mark Williamson continued his fast streak and his late but great entry secured him the No 1 spot from a run in the Forest of Dean. Grant White was a close 2nd Male home with his 5k from a longer run.

Soph Williams ran along the Lane past Rehau to post the fastest Ladies’ time while Hannah Bradley was very close behind in 4th overall with a Sunday Morning Riverside run.

Tony May sent us an update on his recovery and the time is looking good as he came back 5th overall and we decided to take Chris Allen’s best effort from multiple posts into 6th place.


The sunshine crew of Steve Bedford, Helen Kirk, Nicholas Tyler and Robin Drewett (having a break from the bike) vied for 7th to 10th place.

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Robin enjoyed breaking in his new footwear ...


Our first human and dog combo back were Briar Morris and Dennis who did some lake lapping.


Nigel Lane made another guest appearance with a longer run. Waterside runs were also a common theme for Rose French and Lynn Latham with Pepper who ran in different directions along the river in Ross.


Cat Lane nonchalantly chucked in a half marathon – more power to you!Rachel Marshall also chose to take a trip to the river and ran whilst the kids acted as cheerleaders on their bikes.


Barb and Digby Morris trotted around the Forest and, drumroll please, Adele Brooke got loads of virtual bling on a PB. Well done Adele!! We love sharing achievements like this!!


Final entry for a walk by the water was Nadege Rutter and her husband who took a walk by a beautiful canal, attaining hubby’s longest walk! Well done!


This week has been windy, wet, sunny and a bit wild at times. I think it has taught me, as ever, not to obsess about the weather and just to get out there. The number of times we are told “but it’s going to rain” and it doesn’t.... but at least it didn’t snow, eh Lynn Latham??

Thank you for all the inspiration from the 20 that took part this week. Keep at it, tell your friends and let us see some of your pictures of Spring Springing next week please!

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