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As you know, we have put out a few appeals to our lovely runners, joggers, walkers and volunteers over the last 6 months as our stalwarts (of 8 years!) Graham, Helen and Pete are stepping aside from run directing and the core volunteering team in general.  Whilst we have plenty of regular and occasional volunteers, our need is becoming increasingly urgent and we are still actively seeking your help, especially if you feel you have the desire to be more involved in the weekly organisation of your parkrun.

We know you're out there, and put simply, we cannot operate as a team of 3. Ideally we could do with 6-8 members of the core team to enable us to rotate roles and ensure everyone is happy!

There is so much to gain from volunteering as part of our team, which we all love uniting and being a part of every Saturday. Some advantages are below:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • A sense of belonging
  • More confidence
  • Develop new skills
  • Improved social connections
  • Great levels of motivation

There is never an obligation to help every week, we currently plan out a roster for who is going to be the "run director" and their "number 2" each week - and we fully intend to do the same if we have a big enough team going forward.

I (Tom) will be on hand before the start at parkrun on 30th October if anyone has any questions around volunteering in general, and possibly joining us.

Please contact us at rothervalley@parkrun.com, message us on facebook or speak to a member of the core team when you next see us - Martin and Pete (our current Event Directors), Chris, Tom, Graham or Helen.

On the subject of volunteering, we are still seeking plenty for this weekend (23rd October) so let us know if you want to join our crew of hi-viz heroes.



Finally, we're now having to keep briefings shorter to avoid you gathering for too long so we're missing our usual shout outs and milestones. If you are celebrating something, please let one of the core team know and we'll make sure you get a shout out in the run report or on the facebook page!

Hope to see you all soon

Your RVp team


Help Us continue to Run our Event!

As promised last week, here are a few roles where we're looking for regular help. Please consider volunteering regularly, even if you don't fancy a longer-term commitment.  You can always sign up weeks in advance - our future roster is here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/rothervalley/futureroster/

parkrun bib


Timekeeping, Scanning and Finish Tokens ... Even as a volunteering novice, no-one should be afraid to give these a go, although we fully appreciate it takes time to grow in confidence!  We’d love some more regular team members in the key roles of "barcode scanning" and "finish tokens" (giving them out) so that every week we have experienced people in those roles along with new helpers. This will ensure we can process our runners quickly and efficiently and keep them moving. For "timekeeping" we will always try to pair you up with a more experienced volunteer - it is a really rewarding place to be as you encourage the runners 'home'!  Fancy volunteering in one of those roles? Give us a shout.

Funnel Management ... We have reconfigured our finish funnel to be one longer funnel, and it is more important than ever to keep runners moving along after they finish. You need to be assertive but polite to move runners along efficiently without upsetting anyone. Willing helpers, please get in touch.

Running and Volunteering ... The bottlenecks tend to occur from about 23-30 minutes, so if you run in under 23 minutes, you could run and then join the funnel management or scanning team. You’ll get a credit both for running and for volunteering.

Core Team - Run Directors and Event Directors
Ideally we will have 2 co-Event Directors (EDs) and at least another 6 Run Directors (RDs), so no-one needs to be there every week and the workload is shared. Three RDs have stepped down since 2019 with no additions, and with some long-term members wishing to step aside, we simply can’t run the event with a core team of 3, so need your help!
RDs help setup the event on their week, and oversee the volunteers. EDs deal with communication from HQ and field email queries, and can operate as RDs if they want but they don’t need to. Fancy trying this?

For any of the above, please email us on rothervalley@parkrun.com or via our social media pages. We look forward to working together to continue the success of Rother Valley parkrun.


Looking forward…

We're sure that, just like us on the core team, many of you have 5th June circled on your calendar (remember having things on your calendar?!), and as the potential return date of parkrun nears, are awaiting with excitement and anticipation that the government's roadmap plays out as expected, and parkrun will be back.


We expect there'll also be some of you out there that are unsure about getting back to events just yet, and that's totally OK too. Just like taking part in a parkrun, everyone should feel completely comfortable to take these things at their own pace.

For those of you that follow our Facebook page, you may have seen our recent 'Core Team profile' posts, which Tom has been busy putting together, to give you guys a little insight into the people that help make Rother Valley parkrun happen week-in, week-out.

As you'll see on those posts, there's a few of us on the team that have been part of the event since the beginning, back in May 2013, and you may have also noticed that Graham has recently handed over his Co-Event Director duties to Martin.

So, firstly, please everyone join us in saying a big warm welcome, and thanks, to Martin for stepping into the role. Martin's enthusiasm for parkrun is going to be a massive benefit to our event and to the core team.

For the time being, Graham & Helen are staying on as part of the team, to help out with Run Directing duties in the short term future when the event returns, and Pete is staying on as Co-Event Director alongside Martin. But after almost 8 years of core-team service, the three original team members feel that the time is right to take a step back and invite some new people to step up and join the RVp Core Team crew!


Could you see yourself being part of the team? Now's a great time to give us a shout :)

Drop us an email rothervalley@parkrun.com or feel free to send us a message via Facebook... we'd love to hear from anyone that's interested.


RVp #305 – The one for International Women’s Day!

After weeks of storms, parkrun finally welcomed some clear (ish) skies on Saturday morning. Some puddles remained, but parkrunners and volunteers were substantially drier than in previous weeks! As well as the better weather, you may have noticed a lot of parkrunners donning various shades of purple. The purple theme was in aid of International Women’s Day (IWD); a day to celebrate achievements of women and highlight the movement for women’s rights. Parkrun aimed to celebrate and encourage female participation in sport on this day, encouraging the wearing of the colour purple to demonstrate support for IWD. We hope you all enjoyed digging out your purple gear and celebrating this day with us.

Regular Run Director Helen steered the ship this Saturday, getting all 428 parkrunners off to a prompt start. This week we welcomed 72 first timers at Rother Valley parkrun. That means that nearly 17% of you ran at Rother Valley parkrun for the first time! We hope that all of you enjoyed it, and would be keen to welcome you back again soon. Representatives of 47 different clubs took part, including many runners from Aston and Woodhouse Strideout, who have recently graduated from their couch to 5k course. Congratulations ladies! Many of our fantastic volunteers were also Strideout members, so thank you so much for your invaluable support.

The weather was kind to us this weekend, with no rain and only a bit of headwind for the first mile. The conditions were so good that 83 of you recorded new personal bests! As spring approaches we hope for more of this mysterious sunshine and more PBs all round. Is it just me that prefers running in the warmer months? Please refer me back to this report in July when I am complaining that it is “too hot” to go out for a run! Being a little cautious, I wore my gloves for parkrun, but found myself a bit too warm come the 2km point. I’m excited not to have to have the very boring debate of “do I/don’t I wear my gloves for parkrun” in a few months time. Some people that also donned the gloves Saturday morning were our wonderful volunteers! In light of recent events, we provided our volunteers with FREE (how generous?!) sanitary gloves to protect their hands from seasonal germs. If you were looking for another reason to volunteer… there you go! Talking of volunteers, Saturday's event would not have been possible without our 30 hi-vis heroes:


As always we are exceptionally grateful to all our volunteers for giving up their time to help us provide your weekly dose of parkrun happiness. If you are thinking of giving volunteering a go and would like some more information, you can find it via the following link. If you would like to put your name down to volunteer at any of our events in the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to email us at rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com or contact us via our facebook page Rother Valley parkrun. For this Saturday coming (14th March) we are holding a pacing event! We love pacing events as they provide an opportunity for parkrunners of all abilities to challenge themselves to achieve a specific time if they so wish. As many of our volunteers next week will be pacers out in the field, we will be actively seeking volunteers to do the usual duties of timekeeping, marshalling, barcode scanning, etc. Additionally, we are still looking for various volunteers willing to pace different times, so please feel free to come forward if you wish to give pacing a go!

Have a lovely week folks, and we hope to see you all again this coming Saturday!

The RVp Team

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