Help Us continue to Run our Event!

As promised last week, here are a few roles where we're looking for regular help. Please consider volunteering regularly, even if you don't fancy a longer-term commitment.  You can always sign up weeks in advance - our future roster is here:

parkrun bib


Timekeeping, Scanning and Finish Tokens ... Even as a volunteering novice, no-one should be afraid to give these a go, although we fully appreciate it takes time to grow in confidence!  We’d love some more regular team members in the key roles of "barcode scanning" and "finish tokens" (giving them out) so that every week we have experienced people in those roles along with new helpers. This will ensure we can process our runners quickly and efficiently and keep them moving. For "timekeeping" we will always try to pair you up with a more experienced volunteer - it is a really rewarding place to be as you encourage the runners 'home'!  Fancy volunteering in one of those roles? Give us a shout.

Funnel Management ... We have reconfigured our finish funnel to be one longer funnel, and it is more important than ever to keep runners moving along after they finish. You need to be assertive but polite to move runners along efficiently without upsetting anyone. Willing helpers, please get in touch.

Running and Volunteering ... The bottlenecks tend to occur from about 23-30 minutes, so if you run in under 23 minutes, you could run and then join the funnel management or scanning team. You’ll get a credit both for running and for volunteering.

Core Team - Run Directors and Event Directors
Ideally we will have 2 co-Event Directors (EDs) and at least another 6 Run Directors (RDs), so no-one needs to be there every week and the workload is shared. Three RDs have stepped down since 2019 with no additions, and with some long-term members wishing to step aside, we simply can’t run the event with a core team of 3, so need your help!
RDs help setup the event on their week, and oversee the volunteers. EDs deal with communication from HQ and field email queries, and can operate as RDs if they want but they don’t need to. Fancy trying this?

For any of the above, please email us on or via our social media pages. We look forward to working together to continue the success of Rother Valley parkrun.