RVp Core Team urgency

As you know, we have put out a few appeals to our lovely runners, joggers, walkers and volunteers over the last 6 months as our stalwarts (of 8 years!) Graham, Helen and Pete are stepping aside from run directing and the core volunteering team in general.  Whilst we have plenty of regular and occasional volunteers, our need is becoming increasingly urgent and we are still actively seeking your help, especially if you feel you have the desire to be more involved in the weekly organisation of your parkrun.

We know you're out there, and put simply, we cannot operate as a team of 3. Ideally we could do with 6-8 members of the core team to enable us to rotate roles and ensure everyone is happy!

There is so much to gain from volunteering as part of our team, which we all love uniting and being a part of every Saturday. Some advantages are below:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • A sense of belonging
  • More confidence
  • Develop new skills
  • Improved social connections
  • Great levels of motivation

There is never an obligation to help every week, we currently plan out a roster for who is going to be the "run director" and their "number 2" each week - and we fully intend to do the same if we have a big enough team going forward.

I (Tom) will be on hand before the start at parkrun on 30th October if anyone has any questions around volunteering in general, and possibly joining us.

Please contact us at rothervalley@parkrun.com, message us on facebook or speak to a member of the core team when you next see us - Martin and Pete (our current Event Directors), Chris, Tom, Graham or Helen.

On the subject of volunteering, we are still seeking plenty for this weekend (23rd October) so let us know if you want to join our crew of hi-viz heroes.



Finally, we're now having to keep briefings shorter to avoid you gathering for too long so we're missing our usual shout outs and milestones. If you are celebrating something, please let one of the core team know and we'll make sure you get a shout out in the run report or on the facebook page!

Hope to see you all soon

Your RVp team

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