RVp #296 – The first of the decade!

The first parkrun of 2020, and indeed, the decade, took place this morning with our lovely Run Director, Tom, taking the reins! Volunteers and regular runners may have noticed his innovative idea of using a fold up table to direct this morning’s volunteers from, saving them all from stepping in the ever sticky mud to collect their high-vis vests from Bessie. We are unsure why this has never been thought of before, but are very grateful to Tom for his smashing thinking!

Volunteers dressed (in plenty of warm clothes and stunning yellow vests) it was time for the run brief. This morning we welcomed an astonishing 88 first timers at Rother Valley! We hope you all enjoyed the event and felt warmly welcomed by our friendly community. The field consisted of many people donning RED January t-shirts, which was just fantastic to see. Our mental health can suffer at any time of year, not least when the days are short and the Christmas excitement is over. RED January aims to encourage participants to be active every day during January. You don’t just have to run, all exercise counts, and you can even fundraise for your efforts, with all proceeds going to the mental health charity, MIND. We are proud to welcome those participating in RED January and hope that you enjoy your activities this month. Many people see the New Year as a time to start something new, so if you’re a new parkrunner that joined us this morning, we welcome you with open arms. Though, we’re afraid that we cannot be held responsible for your loss of a long Saturday morning lie-in, but we hope our event is one that keeps you setting that alarm clock weekly!

Despite the bitterly cold wind, the weather was kind to us this morning and allowed 438 of you to run, jog and walk your way around without being caught in any rain showers. The course was a little slippery in places due to an accumulation of mud and rainwater on the paths, yet 41 of you splashed through the puddles to grab yourselves new personal bests – well done! The event went smoothly with no incidents and a happy set of parkrunners and volunteers. Some finishers were even kind enough to stay and cheer on other parkrunners as they crossed the line.

However, the biggest mention this morning goes to the 32 volunteers, who arrived early to ensure your event went ahead safely and smoothly. Rother Valley parkrun simply wouldn’t be possible without the selfless help and support from such volunteers, so THANK YOU. Your wonderful high-vis heroes this morning were no less than:

David ELSOM • Suzanne PRICE • Alice FAIRHALL • Dave RYAN • Pete FLYNN • Kate LEVICK • Katrina MULDOON • David LEVICK • Dan GRIFFIN • Chris AMERY • Lesley HEWSON • David BUTLER • Chris HAYES • Philip HICKEN • Tom COPPING • Shreen HOWSON • Elliott HOWSON • Martin PEARCE • Michelle PEARCE • Mandy VERNON • Gary SCHOFIELD • Joseph CONNOLLY • Gill FREER • Alison COLQUHOUN • Neill TOWNSHEND • Willow BROWN • Julie AITCHESON • Marie VAGUE • Richard J SHAW • Julie WILLIS • Evelyn MULDOON • Alex SHAW

Each week we require 29 volunteers for a SAFE and SMOOTH event. As someone who was a regular parkrunner for two years before taking the plunge to volunteer, I can understand why some may be apprehensive. However, I can now say that volunteering allowed me to find my second family. Volunteers and parkrunners that I saw each Saturday whilst marshalling soon became more than the people I saw on a Saturday morning. They became the people I called on a tough day, or shared tears of laughter with over a pub meal. The amount of parkrunners that show their gratitude for your volunteering efforts gives a warm sense of achievement that is hard to find anywhere else. Please consider volunteering your time to help keep our event running. All volunteers (new or old!) are warmly welcomed and given clear and simple instructions on how to fulfil their role. Also, if you volunteer 25 times, you receive a FREE (snazzy) purple t-shirt from parkrun to commemorate your achievement! We also provide volunteers with a free ticket to exchange for a hot drink at the café after the event. Do please consider making volunteering at parkrun one of your new years resolutions!

We hope to see you all again soon! Our Run Director next week is Graham Worsfold. If you would like to volunteer, please email rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com or message our facebook page. Happy parkrunning!


RVp #279 – The one with a flock of parkrun tourists!

This week, we had no other than Daniel Connolly touristing with us to present to you with this special report:

Rother Valley #279 – All aboard!

There can be very few parkrun tourists as disorganised as me.  Much to the utter despair of my daughter! My son on the other hand is far more relaxed - as long as there is a cafe afterwards that will do him a cooked breakfast or a sausage and egg sandwich he will get into the car half asleep and promptly return to thw snoring stage that he was woken from a few minutes beforehand!

However I took my lack of planning to a new level this morning, only deciding a parkrun location as I sat in the car ready to go at 6:30am.  After having done over 150 different events I should really have some sort of selection system in place but having completed two regions (East and West Midlands), the UK Alphabet, a number of Running Challenges from the Chrome/Firefox Extensions and not really being interested in the Wilson Index my touring has been haphazard to say the least.

However members of the UK parkrun Tourist Facebook page (identifiable by the Cow motifed material band you might see at parkruns on heads, necks or wrists) have been a useful collective of well parkrun travelled minds; a few weeks ago I asked for a few recommendations for hidden gems of parkrun and Rother Valley was recommended.  So as I waited for my long suffering wife to lock the house I google mapped the directions and we were soon off.

As we got onto the M1 I realised it was perhaps advisable to check that the event was on and any parking arrangements - a quick check of Facebook and the event page reassured me all was well.  I always travel with trail and road shoes and loose change for parking as many times I have no idea what to expect.

We arrived just after 8 and with a flash of our parkrun barcode and £1 paid we had soon parked up.  It could be my age or a long drive and a coffee but I certainly needed the facilities as we arrived!  With no mention on the course page - apart from the cafe opening at 9:30 I got a little nervous and wished I had used a little of the built in wiggle room on time on a service station stop.  The signs from the carpark directed you to some toilets but the sign states open at 8:30am - I am delighted to say that 8:30 meant 8:30 as they opened perfectly on time.

With the slight shower starting to pass, I gathered up the rest of my family and started the short walk to the parkrun trailer?  As well as depositing our post run bags safely away I managed to also grab the report writer roster spot, which is why you have a slightly daft southern tourist writing the run report this week!


One thing that continues to surprise me on all the parkruns I visit is the first timers' briefing.  What surprises me, is not the fact that Megan CROFTS had a busy job. As I know that in the summer many people go on holiday and rather than miss a parkrun find a new event close to where they are staying.  This week 43 runners came to Rother Valley for the first time.

What continues to amaze me is that each week there are new runners to the parkrun family from the local area even to a parkrun on it’s 279th run not just one or two new runners but 15!  So a huge welcome to:- Edward TOWNEND, Steven CURRY, Jack PIERCE, Claire NIELD, Callum WALKER, Amanda DUFFY, Luke STEWART, Daniel SMITH, Paul BURNS, Alys HOBBS, Zoe CARTWRIGHT, Charlotte MOORE, Jenny CLEGG, Michelle REYNOLDS & Joanne ROTHWELL.  I hope you enjoyed your run today and come back to parkrun here or at any other event soon.


The parkrun weather fairies seemed to be smiling down on Rother Valley as the clouds passed, taking the drizzle away to replace it with a beautiful blue azure sky, just in time for the main briefing.

From my travels I can safely say that similar things are said at parkruns across the land – maybe in a different order- sometimes due to an issue more is said about one part of the parkrun code and occasionally even changes or extra safety measures are mentioned so it is important that everyone is there and listening!  One of my bugbears is people talking during the run briefing; as well as a lack of respect for the RD who is giving up their time, it is disrespectful to newer runners who may have never heard it before. I am sure that experienced runners have heard it loads but it is important. But I loved the ‘Quiet Please’ signs or now to be known ever more to me as the ‘Shhhh signs’ to remind runners that for just a few minutes they need to be quiet.

The briefing is the time we also get to celebrate those milestones and today we had a few that will result in a t-shirt e-mail at some point (I am still waiting on my 250 shirt - but I guess a few weeks of still running in my 100 top means that it has less wear on it’s way to 500!) Pauline WILLIAMS & Tina BELL both ran their 50th parkrun today so on the results will now have a lovely red t-shirt icon after their name.  There were a number of runners who completed their 10th milestone - for most it was just an arbitrary milestone - but for Evelyn MULDOON & Hayden MULDOON they both will get a 10 t-shirt icon on their results as they are juniors.

One other milestone was Phillip PARKIN who got his v25 milestone - for carrying out 25 days volunteering.  It is possible to do more than one role on a day - Event Set-Up, Marshal, Report Writer &Token Sorting but this is only one day but 4 roles!  So rather impressively this is before Philip has got to even 50 parkruns!

There was a shout out for Brian CAMERON who was doing his 200th parkrun, although not an official milestone is a lot of committed parkrunning.  After listening to a lot of the With Me Now Podcast all about parkruns, I had to resist the desire to shout “Arbitrary” as many wouldn’t get the reference and think I was being rude.  The podcasts are well worth a listen and will explain many things about parkrun and where calling out Arbitrary comes in.

As I am writing this report I should also mention Mary CONNOLLY (my wife) as she also ran her 200th parkrun today - "Arbitrary"  You might also have noticed Carl HILL wearing his modified 100 t-shirt showing 400 but even that wasn’t quite enough to be this week's most experienced parkrunner as Rory WADDELL ran his 502nd!  Great commitment.

With the formalities over the run soon started.  Normally no matter how often I tell myself I will run a sensible steady parkrun, as soon as the mass of runners press the start on their Garmin’s I am off like a man-eating tiger is after me.  However as my physio is allowing me one run a week if I take it steady and walk any hills! I had to let my wife race ahead - there are very few of her 200 runs where she has beaten me at parkrun. :(

One of the joys of running at a comfortable pace is that I could properly thank every marshal out on the course.  Normally after 100m I can barely manage a gasp or a thumbs up. This is why volunteering to write the week’s report is so good as I can thank all the marshals properly on behalf of the 365 that took part.  So a huge thank you to :- Robin ACHESON, Julie AITCHESON, Chris AMERY, Freddie BESTWICK, Ann BREWSTER, Nicola CHAPLEN, Megan CROFTS, Carol EGGINGTON, Jacky FAIRFAX, Tricia FLYNN, Heather FLYNN, Pete FLYNN, Gill FREER, Sharon HAYLETT, Richard HIND, Kathryn HOPE, Michael LEES, Fiona MORGAN, Phillip PARKIN, Ji PATTISON-SMITH, Michelle PEARCE, Martin PEARCE, Mark PLANT, Andrew Peter ROSCAMP, Jonas RUGINIS, Gary SCHOFIELD, Lynn THURSBY, Marie VAGUE, Mandy VERNON, Karen WEBSTER, Tony WEIGHTMAN, Dawn WOODS, Helen WORSFOLD who all who wore the superhero HiViz today and made the run possible. As with parkruns around the world if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please send an e-mail - rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com  Don’t worry if you are unsure of what to do most roles are very simple and the RD or Volunteer Coordinator will give you the training you need.  You will get to be part of a great team of volunteers that make parkrun happen. And like Phillip you too could get that 25 icon on your results and be the proud owner of the Aubergine (It is really purple) t-shirt.

Another benefit of a slower than normal pace is that I really got to enjoy the route, rather than running eyeballs out and gasping for breath, I could appreciate the lovely one lap course.  The tarmac and limestone / gravel paths made for a great running surface with minimal inclines - no Yorkshire flat here… proper flat! With the sun beating down the water looked lovely and inviting, however the blue green algae means that a post run swim isn’t possible.  On the plus side the event that was to cause a cancelled parkrun has gone so you can enjoy another week running around this lovely lake, I can see why the carparks were so busy - as this was really a secret gem of parkrun just like I was advised.

The only disadvantage of a flat course circumnavigating the lakes is that from the other side I could see Steel City Striders RC’s, Kristoff BOYNTON (SM25-29) cruise home in 17:20 to be first finisher and then Frances ROBERTS (SW25-29) finish in 9th overall in 19:38 to be first lady home.  Great running well done.

A massive 48 runners will have had a celebration later in the morning as they will have received those great words New PB on their parkrun results text!  So a huge well done to:- Liam JACKSON, Jenny GALLACHER, Sian DICKINSON, Daniel PENROSE, Louise MELLOR, Diane DRABBLE, Clive BUCK, Clare HOLLINGWORTH, Brian MIRANDA, Richard JONES, Harvey THORPE, Andrea THORPE, Leanne FOGARTY, Clare MCSHANE, Holly BAILEY-JONES, Danielle BRYCE, Bernadette HALL, Lynn BLUNDELL, Robert THORPE, Colin HONEYMAN, Colin SEWELL, Adam CROWLE, Steph POWELL, Julie CROWLE, Luke GAYTON, Armagan BULUT,Steve CARTER, Lindsey WRIGHT, Gareth WIDDOWSON, Jamie WRIGHT, Andrew BRYCE, Bryan COSTELLO, Rebecca COUSIN, Cath LARKIN, Melanie O'CONNOR, Ellis RALTON, Stefan SMITH, Heather HAWKINS, Amanda SHAW, Henry ROBINSON, Sarah WILLIAMS, Brandon FLETCHER, Chloe CORNTHWAITE, Lauren WRIGHTBecky BROOKS, Liam SOMERS, & Jacob OKEEFE.  What a shame that the Rother Valley PB bell came to an unfortunate end a few weeks ago!

After passing the llama and goat farm - I totally missed it as I ran but had a good look later! - it was just a short distance to the finish which this week was rather moist due to all the rain!

After getting my tokens scanned and collecting the rest of the family it was then on to one of my favorite part of parkrun… The cafe!


Not only do I get to indulge (may be rather too much and combined with a lack of running means my 100 top is getting a little snug!) in a lovely post run breakfast, coffee and cake but I do it in the company of other parkrunners and get to have a good chat and watch the team sort tokens ready for next week.


Whilst local parkrunners may have finished their coffee and chat and gone home, we enjoyed a few more hours in the lovely Rother Valley park - well after running past the miniature railway we had to have a ride!


The tourist that recommended Rother Valley was spot on, it is a real gem of a parkrun. Thank you for a lovely parkrun today.

Happy parkrunning.

Daniel Connolly



Event #256 (The Windy One) & Other Announcements


Let's start off with a big welcome to all parkrunners, new and old. We've seen bumper attendances so far this year and it's great to see so many people taking part in our free, weekly 5km run/jog/walk in the lovely setting of Rother Valley Country Park

A huge thanks, and well done to Martin, who took the reins this weekend and delivered a great event in the testing conditions of Storm Erik. The regulars among you may have noticed a few new faces stepping up into the Run Director role over the last few months - our regular Core Team volunteers have been busy training up the new team members and this week was Martin's first time 'flying solo' and I'm sure you'll all agree that he did a fantastic job.

This week 322 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 55 were first timers and 43 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.

We were even treated to the beautiful sight of a full rainbow over the start line at 9.00am!

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rother Valley parkrun Results Page

Rainbow over the start line at RVp


A big thanks to all of the volunteers that made the weekend's event possible:

Alastair GRANT  •  Andrew AITCHESON  •  David ELSOM  •  Debi JONES  •  Emily CLIFFORD  •  Gill FREER  •  Graham WORSFOLD  •  Jacqueline ROBSON  •  Jill HEFFREN  •  Jonas RUGINIS  •  Julie AITCHESON  •  Katie PEARCE  •  Lee KOSTEWICZ  •  Lucía RULL-WILD  •  Lynn THURSBY  •  Mandy VERNON  •  Martin PEARCE  •  Megan CROFTS  •  Michelle PEARCE  •  Pete FLYNN  •  Philip HICKEN  •  Phillip PARKIN  •  Raymond NICHOLAS  •  Sarah MARSHALL  •  Sarah-Jane MASSINGHAM  •  Tom COPPING
Volunteer Board

And this brings us nicely on to our next appeal..... The regular higher attendances means that we need more and more volunteers on board each week in order to deliver a smooth and safe event. We currently need around 20 volunteers for each event. If you follow us on Facebook (and we recommend that you do, for all up-to-date event info) you'll see that we are regularly appealing for volunteers throughout the week, and it can often take a lot of work behind the scenes to fill the roster.

parkrun is a community driven event hosted by volunteers on a weekly basis, and we can’t do it without your invaluable support. With that in-mind, if you’re able to help us out at all in future weeks, then we’d love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about volunteering, or put your name down, you can come and speak to the Run Director at the event itself. We also send a weekly 'volunteer appeal' email out which you can reply to directly. If you don't already receive this, and would like to, you can update your preferences on your parkrun profile. Otherwise, you can either let us know on our social media channels, or via our e-mail address at: rothervalley@parkrun.com

All roles are easy to do, you'll be given full training on the day, and it's a great way to better get to know the fellow members of your parkrun community.

Keep an eye out for the awesome volunteer white board at RVp on Saturday morning's. Made and modelled here by Tom:

Volunteer Board


A reminder - PLEASE GIVE WAY

Give Way sign

Every week, during our pre-run briefing, we remind all participants that we DO NOT have exclusive rights to the park and that we MUST give way to other park users, in a kind and courteous manner. Unfortunately, this week we received a report of a runner colliding with a gentleman, who was out walking in the park and subsequently injured his shoulder.

With so many participants, we really do take up the entire paths, but please remember that parkrun is a 'run' and not a 'race', we don't have a right of way and that Rother Valley is a very popular and busy park, which we must share with other park users.



Throughout the winter, we occasionally have to cancel the event, normally at quite short notice, if the conditions on the course are unsafe to go-ahead. At Rother Valley, this is normally due to ice on the course. Please be sure to check our Facebook page, where any cancellations will be announced as early as possible. Please bear in mind that our core team members are having to travel down to the park extra early, in the cold and dark, to inspect the course and cancellations will be made with the safety of volunteers and participants in mind.

Also, throughout the year, we have a number of planned cancellations where other events are taking place in the park and it's not possible for RVp to go ahead. The provisional list of cancellations for 2019 is:

11th May (Bubble Rush)
29th June (Colour Obstacle Rush)
10th August (Big Run Event)

To be confirmed:
7th September (Event TBC)
16th November (Festival of Running)



Finally, we're really excited to let you know the Rother Valley Country Park will soon be opening the Waleswood Caravan and Camping Park. Due to open in Spring 2019, they're already taking bookings. I'm sure this will be a popular option for tourists visiting RVp, or locals that want a little more of a lie-in before the Saturday morning parkrun fix :)

See the website for more info: www.waleswood.co.uk


Last Rother Valley Parkrun of 2018!

What a fantastic event this morning to finish the year, and how proud I was to be called Run Director for the very first time. The weather was fine, the sun shone (nearly) and everyone gathered with a keen eagerness to run off those Christmas calories!

321 managed to get yourself running, jogging or walking today after (if you were like me) a week of munching too much Christmas food and festive drinking. Despite many of you saying how much of a struggle it was to get yourself round (you brave bunch), 38 of you amazing people managed a personal best!


Well done to the PB'ers:

Mark THORNTON 31:29, Gill KAYLOR 36:33, Jane BROOKES 30:09, Rory RIDLEY-DUFF 32:16, Patryk FRANC 20:01, Hannah BUTLER 26:49, Laura DENWOOD 24:23, Jonathan CHUBB 35:51, David PRICE 32:45, Daniel SCHOFIELD 25:30, Keith GREEN 35:20, Diane OSHEA 27:59, David KEENAN 29:09, Alan HOLT 22:47, David TURNER 29:25, Claire CARTLEDGE 33:15, Jane KERSLEY 25:12, Elizabeth KING 28:03, Harry BUTTERWORTH 27:57, Chris HESELTINE 24:52, Neale CRESSWELL 50:38, Karina BINGHAM 36:18, Jacqui HORTON 33:04, Eleanor MAPLETHORPE 32:09, Matthew WALL 37:16, Lisa COOPER 29:45, Michael BURR 26:47, Alison COLQUHOUN 32:13, Joseph WADE 18:01, Stephen Edward TOMLINSON 24:26, Emma HOLT 19:55, Dominic RICHARDSON 18:42, Clive HALL 25:03, Julia WALDRON 32:54, Emma POTTS 25:32, Jodie INGLE 27:30, Lucy LYNCH 33:35, Craig WILSON 25:54

We were also delighted to welcome 61 first timers this morning, and many tourists from Milton Keynes, Barnsley and some from as far as the Isle of Wight!

5 of you were running your 100th parkrun this morning which is an absolutely fantastic achievement and we look forward to seeing you with your 100 t-shirts soon! Well done to Stella Spetch, Adeline Augustine Druce, Sharon Haylett, Rob Hardy and Philip Riley, a great effort.

Another massive thank you to the volunteers who rallied last minute to support the event this morning, we really could not have done it without you and your efforts are so appreciated! Thank you to:

Dave John WILLIAMSON • Graham WORSFOLD • Helen WORSFOLD • Kate LEVICK • Raymond NICHOLAS • Lynn HAZELTON • David LEVICK • Lucy HOOK • Jacky FAIRFAX • Chris AMERY • David BUTLER • Richard BALDWIN • Jo JOHNSON • Tony WEIGHTMAN • Hannah SHARPE • Joanne ARMITAGE • Megan CROFTS • Martin PEARCE • Katie PEARCE • Michelle PEARCE • Mandy VERNON • Susan MCILROY • Lindsay BAKER • Gill FREER • Andrew HAYLETT • Jonas RUGINIS • Lynn THURSBY • Richard HOPKINSON • Julie AITCHESON • Phillip PARKIN

That being said, the new year will soon be upon us and a reminder that there is no event on New Year's Day as the park is closed.

So the next event will be next Saturday 5th January 2019 (how time flies!) If you would like to give something back to the Parkrun family, then why not volunteer in the new year? You can earn a jazzy t-shirt for 25 times volunteering! Please let us know if you can offer your time and it will be greatly appreciated with a free drinks token for the cafe!

I didn't manage to capture any photos today but if you did feel free to post on the Facebook group!

All that remains to be said is enjoy the rest of your weekend, have a very happy new year and we will see you all next Saturday!

Results are here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/rothervalley/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=251



Rother Valley parkrun #238 – The one with PB chimes!

A dull, yet gloriously cool and calm Saturday beckoned upon us for this weekend gone, with the turnout of 238 people not quite to the usual number we’ve come to expect nowadays. Despite this, it didn’t stop 40 newcomers (both visitors and parkrun first timers alike) from descending upon the park, and the conditions were also remarkably calm.

The result of the favourable conditions? The PB bell was inundated with constant resonation, signifying the sweet PB victory of many parkrun participants. To all of you who managed to nab a glorious new PB yesterday, a big congratulations is in order to 55 of you who achieved this feat!

In addition to the impressive new PB’s, we also had a number of notable visitors, both locally and from afar. We had an influx of club runners from Lincoln, a tourist from Strathclyde (near Glasgow in Scotland, which our RD Chris had to shamelessly ask to elaborate whereabouts!), and even a tourist venturing all the way from Auckland in New Zealand! It should go without saying that we were ecstatic to see you all this weekend, and we hope to see you back at RVp again sometime in future.

To see a full glimpse of the results, they can be viewed under the link here. Since Rother Valley parkrun has started, we’ve had no fewer than 8,929 different participants run at RVp, which ultimately translates to a total of 44,113 runs around the park!

Thanks to the Volunteers!

We had a positive turnout of hi-viz heroes this week, which ultimately transpired to a smooth and effectively run event for all. This week’s event was brought to you by the following:

Suzanne Price, Pete Flynn, Helen Worsfold, Sarah Marshall, Robert Hitchmough, Karen Webster, Lucy Hook, Alison Foster, Keith Bailey, Mark Plant, Caroline Saunders, Rachel Summers, Chris Amery, Richard Baldwin, Steven Ross, Tom Copping, Many Vernon, Kathryn Hope, Andrew Haylett, Juliet Cresswell, Steven Braithwait, Julie Aitcheson & Andrew Aitcheson.

A big thank you goes to everyone involved for putting up yesterday’s event! While we’re always ecstatic to have a healthy roster, we’re always equally keen to have a healthy roster in-place for the subsequent weeks. Parkrun is a community driven event hosted by volunteers on a weekly basis, and we can’t do it without your invaluable support. With that in-mind, if you’re able to help us out at all in future weeks, then we’d love to hear from you! You can either let us know on our social media channels, or via our e-mail address at: rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com.


While we had no official parkrun milestones to mention this week, a big congrats goes out to Timothy Fellows for running his 200th event this weekend! Timothy has been with us since our humble beginnings here at Rother Valley, clocking no fewer than 126 runs with us. Congratulations Tim on a phenomenal achievement! Just another 50 parkruns, and that prestigious 250th t-shirt will be yours!

Pacing Bib/Donations Update!

Roughly a month ago, we reached out to you all in an appeal to raise funds towards new pacing bibs, as well as invest any additional money received into additional equipment that would attribute towards the event. We’re happy to report that we’ve received some generous donations from amongst the community, and we’re equally happy to report that we’re looking to purchase some new pacing bibs!

The plan is to order bibs which comprehensively satisfy times ranging from 18 minutes, to 40 minutes. We will be looking to order these very shortly, so be sure to keep a lookout in future, as we’ll be keen to put these into action on a future pacing event!

In addition to the pacing bibs, we’ll be looking to invest some of the money received into new posts, which will enable us to further extend the finish funnel. As the event continues to expand with ever growing turnout numbers, this warrants the need to accommodate additional traffic of runners at the finish, as to ensure participants can safely cross the finish line, and still collect their designated finish token. As a result, you may encounter changes to the finish funnel in the not-too-distance future.

Lost Property

We’ve noticed that our lost property pile in Bessie has been accumulating unclaimed property from our participants recently, with some items left unclaimed for several weeks. Could we remind anyone who thinks they’ve forgotten property of theirs in recent weeks, look into reclaiming what is rightfully theirs? You can let us know either via our social media channels, or through our RD on any future parkrunday, if you think any property has been accidentally left behind with us.


With summer drawing to a close, and following a stint of various cancellations, we do still have one more to speak of at least before the year is out: the 17th of November. With that in-mind, and should you need to seek your parkrun high on that date, we’d advise to pencil in an alternate parkrun establishment visit on your calendars! You’ll be quite spoiled for choice on an alternate venue too, we should add.

That’s all from us for now…

From all of us here at RVp, we’d like to express thanks for attending this weekend – we all hope you enjoyed yourselves. For anyone that participated in a range of 10K races occurring around the region on Sunday, we also hope you all achieved what you aimed and set out for.

We look forward to welcoming you all back for another fabulous round of parkrun next Saturday. Happy running!



RVp round up: Event #233

We had a large turnout, of 309 parkrunners, on a lovely morning at RVp for Event #233 ahead of our final planned cancellation of the Summer. Next weekend, on Saturday 18th August, we'll be making way for the 'Theo's Inflatable 5k' charity event for the Sheffield Children's Hospital. The next planned cancellation after this is 17th November.

There was a warm and happy atmosphere in the park, as runners and volunteers all enjoyed a sunny morning. And although it was a little cooler than it has been during the recent heatwave, it was still a fair bit warmer than the forecast predicted, and everyone looked pleased to see the finish line at the end of their 5k efforts!

Of the 309 people that ran, jogged and walked the course, 56 were first timers and 59 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 35 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rother Valley parkrun Results Page


Congratulations to Scott Wilson, who bagged a nice PB, on the RVp course, during his 50th parkrun. A new red milestone t-shirt awaits you, Scott. RVp regular, Andrew Roscamp, completed his 200th parkrun. A great achievement and just 50 runs to go until you can get your hands on that highly acclaimed 250 t-shirt!


The event was made possible by 22 volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped out:

David ELSOM • Pete FLYNN • Graham WORSFOLD • Helen WORSFOLD • Anne SLATER-BROOKS • Kate LEVICK • Nicola BATES • Lucy HOOK • Mark PLANT • Anastasija TURNER • Chris TURNER • Chris AMERY • Richard BALDWIN • Caitlin HAZELTON • Valerie MEARES • Gill FREER • Paula RODGERS • Julie AITCHESON • Andrew AITCHESON • Marie VAGUE • Pauline WILLIAMS • Helen LENTHALL

A huge thanks to our Volunteer Coordinators, Dave and Chris, who work super hard, behind the scenes, to make sure that we've got a full roster every week. If you follow us on Facebook, you'll have seen that we are regularly appealing for volunteers, and a quick glance at the upcoming roster shows that we have loads of roles to fill. Please check out our Future Roster Page and let us know if you can help out at one of our upcoming events..... volunteering is easy, fun, rewarding and also a great way to see another, very enjoyable, side of parkrun!

To get in touch with us directly, just send an email to rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com


A belated 'Thank You' to The Clowne Road Runners Running Club, who provided the pacers for our most recent Pacing Event, which took place a few weeks ago. There's always a great buzz around these events and loads of PBs.

These funky new 'pacer bibs' have recently been made available for parkrun events to purchase. A lot of parkrunners are probably not aware that 'parkrun UK' only provide events with essential equipment, such as stopwatches and barcode scanners. All other 'non-essential' equipment has to be bought through raising funds. Often in the past, non-essential items, like the PB bell, the loudspeaker etc, have been funded by the core team volunteers, or gifted to the event, by generous parkrunners.

We really think that the bibs would enhance Pacing Events in the future, and would love to buy some...

The pricing of the bibs is as follows:

Pacer bibs with numbers on the back
1-9 bibs with front and back print – £8.50 each
10-19 bibs with front and back print – £7.50 each
20-35 bibs with front and back print – £6.50 each
36-50 bibs with front and back print – £6.00 each

Pacer bibs without numbers on the back
1-9 bibs with front print – £7.75 each
10-19 bibs with front print – £6.75 each
20-35 bibs with front print – £5.75 each
36-50 bibs with front print – £5.25 each

So, parkrunners, we'd like to appeal for your help in raising funds. Ideally we'd like to get somewhere around 15-20 bibs (based on the numbers of pacers we've had previously) and if we were lucky enough to raise more funds than we need, any additional money would be used towards other equipment that would benefit the event.

We're not allowed to handle cash at parkrun, and any donations must be made through the official channels, where you can see a full record of what's been donated, and how it's been spent. Obviously there's absolutely no obligation and any donation, of any size, would be HUGELY appreciated.

You can find out more about donation process on our About Us page. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any other questions about this.

That's all for this week. We hope you enjoy a nice little bit of parkrun tourism during next week's cancellation and we'll see you back at Rother Valley on the 25th August.

Happy Running!


Event #224 – Birthday Extravaganza!

Another glorious Saturday dawned this weekend, albeit with a difference: it was our 5th birthday! To mark such a momentous occasion, 365 eager parkrunners turned up to celebrate, accompanying a mix of wonderful confectionary and treats to celebrate in the café afterwards. To further sweeten the occasion, we had 69 new timers to the event, and 73 new PB’s recorded!

A fabulous, and exceedingly delicious birthday cake baked by one of our regular parkrunners - Lorraine Muir!

The results from this weekend’s event can be found here. To date since we’ve started the event 5 years ago, we’ve had 8031 participants attend Rother Valley parkrun, with no less than 39595 runs recorded (with 8296 of those being PB’s), all totalling an impressive total of 197975 kilometers. To put that distance into perspective: that’s over half the distance between Earth and the Moon!

In addition to the fabulous stats from this weekend, we even had a number of parkrunners attending in some wonderful fancy dress outfits! It was certainly an impressive showcase all round, ranging from Peter Flynnstone, to sheriff’s from the Wild West.


We can never contain our excitement when it comes to fancy dress on our birthday, and as is tradition in recent years, we always like to award our parkrunners for their dazzling efforts. This year, we awarded the following:

  • Best Female Fancy Dress - Lorraine Muir & Ruth Albaya
  • Best Male Fancy Dress - Andrew Aitcheson
  • Fast 6 Legged Finish (runner & dog!) - Beverley Hancock & Magic
  • Fast Chariot (runner & pushchair!) - Daniel Stanley & Matilda
  • Fastest Sprint Finish - Isabelle Thorpe

In addition to our fancy dress winners, we felt inclined to nominate one individual for their exceptional efforts over the past year when it comes to volunteering. While we always value all our volunteers highly, and in great regard, our nominee we felt has gone to extra lengths over the past year to provide invaluable assistance. A big congratulations goes out to our nominee, which was Martin Pearce!

Event Parking

As we’re approaching the Summer months, in addition to a forever growing popularity around parkrun, we’re anticipating larger turnouts to the event. With that in mind, we’d like to further remind everyone to ensure they allocate sufficient time to arrive into the park safely. It may be worth starting your journey’s into the park a little earlier, as to allow for this.

Thanks to the volunteers!

Speaking of Peter Flynnstone, our run director for the event, we had a wonderful array of volunteers who came down to help this week: Craig Ellis, Richard Ferguson, Andrew Roscamp, Andrew Lewis, Graham Worsfold, Lucy Graham, Georgina Williams-Mahoney, Stephen Carford, Nicola Waller, Karen Webster, Andy Wilson, Paul Davidson, Sian Dickinson, Marion Adkins, Chris Amery, Jeremy Braithwait, David Butler, Leigh Balding, Richard Baldwin, Tom Copping, Michelle Softley, Martin Pearce, Katie Pearce, Michelle Pearce, Mandy Vernon, Kathryn Hope, Joanna Fakayode, Lynn Thursby and Julie Aitcheson. Thank you all for your invaluable support!

It doesn’t go without saying that we’re always in lookout for our hi-viz heroes to make parkrun happen. Please see our roster page here, as to see the current state of our volunteer roster for the next coming weeks. If you can help us at all, please drop us a line on rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com, or via our social media channels. We’d really appreciate your help… and we can assure you it’s good fun!

Future Cancellations

With event cancellations imminent, we thought it’d be a good idea to remind you all again as to when we’re not scheduled to be hosting the event. Planned cancellations are currently due to other events taking place in the event, which doesn’t make it feasible to put on the parkrun event. Such events generally tend to occur around the Spring/Summer months, so we’d recommend keeping an eye out for any further potential cancellations. The current cancellation dates are as follows:

  • 9th June – Cancelled due to 10KM running event
  • 23rd June – Cancelled due to Hovercraft event
  • 30th June – Cancelled due to Colour Obstacle Rush event

With these cancellations in mind, why not spend the opportunity to try out one of our fine neighbouring parkrun establishments?

The Parkrun Code

As always, for everyone’s enjoyment including your own, please ensure you adhere to the parkrun code:

parkrun code

That’s about all from us this week, from the team here at Rother Valley parkrun. We’re looking forward to welcoming you back down at parkrun for this coming Saturday. Happy running everyone!


Event #223….. Scorchio!


What a glorious morning we had at RVp for event #223. The sun shone over Rother Valley and 314 people ran, jogged and walked the course. We were joined by 56 first timers and a whopping 50 parkrunners recorded new Personal Bests.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rother Valley parkrun Results Page.

Jess sent us this snap from her marshalling point at the far side of the park, which sums up the morning quite nicely:

sun over rvp

Graham was in the Run Directors vest this week and was helped out by the following team of high-vis heroes:

Pete FLYNN • Craig ELLIS • Andrew Peter ROSCAMP • Graham WORSFOLD • Lorraine MUIR • John WALLER • Paul SMITH • Murray WARING • Colin JORDAN • Andy WILSON • Mohammed AHMED • Lucy HOOK • Marion ADKINS • Chris AMERY • Richard BALDWIN • Tom COPPING • Deborah BARBER • Joshua SIGGS • Gill FREER • Karen BROOKS • Julie AITCHESON • Jessica ROCHE • Belinda WHITE

PLEASE NOTE: As the event grows, and the weather improves, we expect the park to get busier and busier. Please consider starting your journey a little earlier and allow plenty of time to arrive safely. The birthday event is always a big turnout, so please bear this in mind.

Which brings us nicely on to.....



The countdown is on... just a few days to go until we celebrate our 5th Birthday! On the 12th May, we'll be getting together in the usual birthday fashion and we can't wait to see you all getting creative with the fancy dress and baking - you lovely lot never fail to impress, and we're sure this year will be no different.

So please come along, get dressed up, have a run (or volunteer) and share a cake with your fellow parkrunners in the cafe afterwards and join us for the traditional, and fun, awards ceremony!

birthday runner

We're in need of some volunteers for the next couple of weeks. Please see the forthcoming volunteer roster page at for the current state of the volunteer roster for the next few weeks at Rother Valley. If you're thinking of helping out, and have never done it before, we can highly recommend it :)



We've got no less than three planned cancellations coming up in June, due to other large events that are taking place in the park. A good opportunity to try out a little bit of parkrun tourism, and to visit some other events:

  • 9th June – Cancelled due to 10km running event
  • 23rd June – Cancelled due to Hovercraft event
  • 30th June – Cancelled due to Colour Obstacle Rush event

For anyone new to parkrun, we want to point out that we may have to make planned cancellations during the Spring/Summer months for when events are scheduled to take place in the park. Such notifications on when these take place can be found via the Rother Valley parkrun homepage, or via our social media channels.



And remember, for maximum enjoyment on a Saturday morning, please follow the parkrun code.

parkrun code

See you next week for the big birthday bash!


All the two’s… Event #222, run report and news!



Haven't we grown?! Another great parkrun anniversary is upon us, and on 12th May we'll be celebrating our 5th birthday. We'll be marking the occasion in the usual fashion... with fancy dress, prizes and, of course, cake!

5th birthday balloons

There's no theme to the fancy dress, so get creative and show us what you've got. As usual, we'd also like to ask parkrunners to bring along cakes, party snacks, treats, or anything else fellow parkrunners will enjoy at the café for a good social get-together, following a good run. As is the tradition at RVp birthday parties, we'll also be giving out some fun awards on the day. We hope to see you there!



We've got no less than three planned cancellations coming up in June, due to other large events that are taking place in the park. A good opportunity to try out a little bit of parkrun tourism, and to visit some other events:

  • 9th June – Cancelled due to 10km running event
  • 23th June – Cancelled due to Hovercraft event
  • 30th June – Cancelled due to Colour Obstacle Rush event

For anyone new to parkrun, we want to point out that we may have to make planned cancellations during the Spring/Summer months for when events are scheduled to take place in the park. Such notifications on when these take place can be found via the Rother Valley parkrun homepage, or via our social media channels.



These small little pieces of plastic may not look like much, but they're REALLY important and we LOVE them. Without these (and your personal barcode) you wouldn't get a result. Unfortunately these magical tokens go missing... A LOT.

When tokens go missing, we have to replace them with printed barcodes, which we stick to spare 'blanks'. This can be quite time consuming for our volunteers and the replacement tokens often don't work as well as the originals. Please, please, PLEASE, make sure that you, and your friends/family all hand back our beloved finish tokens after your run.

If you do happen to take one home by accident, please let us know and we promise we will welcome you back with open arms the next week. THANKS :)

missing finish tokens



It's been great to introduce this volunteer role at our parkrun, where people can have a run and also be our eyes and ears out on the course. We thought it would be a good time to shine a light on this high-vis hero role, in case anyone was looking to take it on or for anyone who would like a refresher of what the role entails. Please read on...

parkrun volunteer

Any adult can volunteer to be a running marshal. If you undertake this role, we ask that you report to 'Bessie', our green hut, at 8.30am for a brief chat with the run director and to collect a high-vis vest. At this point you should ensure that you have your mobile phone with you and you can take the run directors number down if you haven't already done so. There are a few things that we would politely ask you to do and don't do while you are out on the course:


  • Smile and be friendly to other park users (not all of them like a herd of runners heading towards them at 9am!)
  • Look out for potential obstacles, and make the runners around you aware
  • If you see a runner stop, or appear to be in distress, ask them if they are ok
  • If you are concerned or not sure what to do, call the run director and they will assist you


  • Wear headphones while you're running
  • Run absolutely flat out. We'd ask you to run at a more comfortable, conversational, pace if you run marshal, so that you can be more aware of your surroundings and enjoy it!

A small point to note is that we have a limited number of free drinks tokens at the end to give to volunteers, and, while we value all our volunteer roles very highly, we give priority to the volunteers who are in finish area roles or those static marshalling out on the course. If we have any leftover we are happy to give them to anyone who helps us by run marshalling.

We'd love it if you'd like to join our team as a run marshal on a Saturday morning. Just drop us a line and let us know. If you can help with this, or any other role in the near future, please get in touch, either via Facebook or drop us an email: rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com



Thanks to Run Director Chris and his awesome team of volunteers for making the event possible. This weeks event was brought to you by the following superstars:

David ELSOM • Pete FLYNN • Georgina WILLIAMS-MAHONEY • Nicola WALLER • John WALLER • Ray KING • Karen WEBSTER • Lucy HOOK • Jacky FAIRFAX • Chris AMERY • Jeremy BRAITHWAIT • David BUTLER • Richard BALDWIN • Sharon JAMES • Suzanne KANE • Martin PEARCE • Katie PEARCE • Michelle PEARCE • Mandy VERNON • Andrew HAYLETT • Lynn THURSBY

We saw a big turnout, as 327 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 77 were first timers and 59 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 39 different clubs took part. Wowsers!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rother Valley parkrun Results Page.



On a final note, for maximum enjoyment on a Saturday morning, please remember to follow the parkrun code.

parkrun code

See you next week!


Rother Valley parkrun #212 – The one where it was extra parky

Another weekend of winter yielded another parky Saturday morning then, and despite the adverse conditions, 243 of you still decided to defy them by running, jogging, or walking our course. We even had 35 first timers from tourists, and newcomers alike to experience RVp for the very first time. Despite the less-than-favourable conditions, the lack of wind did yield an impressive number of PB’s this weekend, with no less than 49 recorded. Well done everybody!


Of course, this event wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent directing by our ED Pete Flynn, and the crew of volunteers to brave the cold, who we hope have all thawed out by now! That list includes: David Elsom, Caroline French, Pete Flynn, Nicola Waller, John Waller, Sharon Burton, Sarah Butler, Lucy Hook, Gillian Neal, Mark Plant, Marion Adkins, Gary Cadman, Chris Amery, David Butler, Richard Baldwin, Martin Pearce, Rita Temple, Michelle Pearce, Michael Temple, Mandy Vernon, Joshua Siggs, Lynn Thursby, Julie Aitcheson and Andrew Aitcheson.

Incidentally, we’re on the lookout for volunteers to fill out roster for the coming Saturday, with various roster spaces left to fill. If you could help us out by becoming one of our hi-viz heroes, please let us know! You can notify us via rothervalleyhelpers@parkrun.com, or on our social media channels. You can check out the roster here.


We do have a few reminders that we'd like to send out to our parkrunners...


We’d like to remind all of our parkrunners to abstain from parking on any grass verges, and use the car parks provided. This is due to otherwise considerable damage caused to grass verges around the park, and there’s the likelihood you will get stuck!

Parkrun Rules

We would like to provide a reminder on the ‘parkrun’ code to all of our parkrunners – new and existing. It is important that all participants adhere to the rules, as to ensure the event runs smoothly, safely, and enjoyably for everyone in the park:

Future Cancellations

Following from last week, we’ve recently been made aware of future dates, where our event will clash with other planned events in the park. Some of these instances will mean that we have to cancel, as it’s not possible to host both events co-currently. As it stands, the confirmed dates are as follows:

  • 28th April – Bluebell Wood Colour Dash
  • 23rd June – Hovercraft Championships
  • 30th June – Colour Obstacle Rush
  • 8th September – Gung Ho Event
  • 17th November – Festival of Running


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Rother Valley parkrun Results Page here.

  • The female record is held by Calli THACKERY who recorded a time of 17:00 on 6th July 2013 (event number 8).
  • The male record is held by Jonathan TOBIN who recorded a time of 15:26 on 23rd January 2016 (event number 120).
  • The Age Grade course record is held by Yvonne TWELVETREE who recorded 93.37% (22:23) on 29th July 2017 (event number 188).

Rother Valley parkrun started on 11th May 2013. Since then 7,465 participants have completed 36,212 parkruns covering a total distance of 181,060 km, including 7,663 new Personal Bests.

That's all from us for now. Weather permitting, we look forward to seeing you all down at RVp next Saturday!

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