Roundhay parkrun #422 – 18th May

Today at Roundhay 332 people ran, jogged and walked the course. There were 45 first timers and 56 personal best times! ...and several hundred greenflies!

A huge thanks to all the volunteers, there were 23 volunteering today including our Run Director John. This photo looks like he was dancing, I can confirm he wasn't!

John RD

We had several milestones today and lots of cake for afterwards. Barney Smedley ran his 100th, Raj Boughan his 50, Craig Maffey his 300, pictures here is David Orbaum who ran his 250th! congratulations to you all and thank you for the cake.


We had several 4 legged friends enjoying the morning, this lovely boy looks so happy I couldn't help but include it.

lady and dog

A reminder Roundhay will be cancelled on the 8th June for the Triathlon and the 17th August for the Ed Sheeran Concert. Your nearest parkrun to us is Potternewton.

See you next week!



Roundhay parkrun 421 – 11th May

This week 359 people ran, jogged and walked at Roundhay. We had 50 first timers and 13 of these were new to parkrun. 48 participants recorded new Personal Bests and 25 different clubs were represented. We had visitors from Manchester, Warrington, Milton Keynes, London and Newcastle (the one near Sydney!!)

The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

20190511 volunteers


with the crazy Wheatley ladies being stationed at the top of the #hillofdoom to encourage us all to keep going.

This week I have the pleasure of writing a guest run report as me (Jan) and my husband (Pete) both managed to hit our 100th parkrun today.

20190511 Jan and Pete 100


My first ever parkrun was Roundhay #1 on 23rd April 2011 so it has taken me just over 8 years to get this far whereas Pete made his debut at Oakwell Hall #82 on 5th March 2016 so it has taken him just over 3 years to make the same journey. 70 of his parkruns have been at Roundhay and his time here has gone from 30:46 to 20:50, 67 of my parkruns have been at Roundhay and I started at around 41 minutes, improved to a best of 37:46 and am now doing around 46 minutes. Between us we have done 354 volunteering roles (at Roundhay, Roundhay Juniors, Potternewton and others)

But for me the most interesting thing those stats show is that parkrun means different things to different people and we all experience it in our own way, there is no "right" way to "do parkrun".

Some of us turn up and can't help but run flat out, some of us turn up and trundle round, some of us turn up and do what we can, some of us like the social aspect and enjoy a natter, some of us like the space away from the kids/husband/dog/housemates, some of us prefer to volunteer, some of us participate so we can go out for breakfast when it's over. But the most important thing is that we all turn up and do what we do.

I've made my way round 5k putting the world to rights, I've been a mama-mermaid, I've pretended to be a plane running down the big hill with small people (and sometimes without), I've dog sat, I've baby sat, I've had days when I've bailed at the top of the hill the first time I get there, I've had days (not very many admittedly) when I get to the end and feel like I can just carry on, I've cursed that winter course, I've marvelled at the race-walkers, but no matter what I always feel like I'm part of the Roundhay parkrun community.

For me the most important thing about parkrun is the community and the people. Over the last 8 years I've met lots of great people at Roundhay (and other places of course but this report is about Roundhay) and I've made some good friends. I know that no matter what kind of day I'm having there is always a friendly face, someone to have a chat with, someone who can empathise with whatever kind of week I've had, someone to offer a hug, someone to remind me that it will all get better, someone to have a laugh with, someone to be silly with, someone to remind me not to take things too seriously (it is only a run after all and if it all goes wrong there will be another one next week) and hopefully I can play my part in offering those things to other people too.

So, the upshot of all this is that I love parkrun, particularly Roundhay parkrun. I'm not fast, I'm never going to set any records but it doesn't matter. I know that I can keep rockin' up to the bandstand on a Saturday morning, doing something that makes me happy with a great bunch of people. I just hope I get through the next 100 a bit quicker than it took to do the first 100.



Roundhay parkrun 420 – 4th May

Today 382 people ran, jogged and walked Roundhay parkrun under the close supervision of our Run Director Andy.

We had 50 first timers, here they are listening to a briefing from Tim.

first timers

Today was a beautiful spring morning, it was much colder than it looks in these pictures from before the start!

start May 4hill start


Andrew Thorpe and Heather Holliday ran their 50th today! Well done to you both.

We had 55 people record new PB's including one of our regulars Dermot, pictured below with Heather. Great work!

dermot and Heather

A great morning as always and a huge thanks to the 21 volunteers who made it happen.

A heads up for some future parkruns, Roundhay will be cancelled on the 8th June for the Triathlon and the 17th August for the Ed Sheeran concert. This is an ideal opportunity for some parkrun tourism. The nearest to us is Potternewton park.

See you all next week!




Roundhay parkrun 419 – 27th April

So this was a special parkrun day as Roundhay celebrated its 8th birthday. On this day in 2011, 12 volunteers ensured that 139 athletes could enjoy 3 laps, equating to 5k, around Roundhay Park in Leeds. Today, 22 volunteers were involved in making the event happen for 358 participants. Who knows how many more will be involved by the time the event is a decade old?

This morning the weather was very different to last week when summer did arrive. Today was much more wintry, however I do think that the park seemed to escape the worst of the storms during parkrun time. Beforehand it felt quite cold and was very wet resulting in most people sheltering under the bandstand whilst we waited to start. Some of us had to brave it a bit earlier to go and listen to Dave deliver the first timer’s briefing. Over we all went to the start line then to listen to the regular and special announcements. The regular volunteers had all been, deservedly, crowned and everyone showed their appreciation for all the time and energy they put into making the event happen each week. Volunteers are also very welcome on an infrequent basis. There are lots of roles available, which aren’t too demanding or time consuming and can actually be quite enjoyable (such as bar code scanning, marshalling or writing this report to name but a few). If you have never volunteered or haven’t done in a while, please do so and don’t forget that when you have done that 25 times you are entitled to claim a purple milestone T-shirt. As volunteering is so important, there was a Volunteer of the Year award given at this event and this went to Joel Giddings. The other special award was the memorial Cathi Core one and this was given to Richard Fennell. Very well done to you both.

Other acknowledgements were offered to first timers who were made very welcome. This included a special group from Mini Mermaid’s Running Club from Newlaithes Primary. We hope that you enjoyed your first event and hope that you come back soon and support the event as it continues to grow in its first decade. Most of the completers today were fairly local with a handful of visitors from Leicester, Durham, Newcastle and myself from Pennington Flash parkrun. Touring to other parkruns is great as you get to experience lots of lovely outdoor spaces whilst having the familiarity of all things parkrun. If you haven’t tried touring yet maybe give it a try? The 358 participants were made up of 221 males and 137 females. Whilst this is not a race and everyone benefits in their own way, the podium finishes for those undefeated by the hill were as follows:

Males – Andrew Scott 18.19, Calum Clark 18.52, Ian Sheppard 19.36

Females – Myra Jones 20.37, Rachel Davidson 20.54, Sarah Mann 22.01

Everyone was treated to an array of excellent baking which, was well received. Additionally, some lucky runners were even awarded an array of spot prizes including wine and chocolate.  You couldn’t ask for more on a Saturday morning!

I hope you all continue to be involved in parkrun and thank you on behalf of the visitors. You have a lovely route in a beautiful and well-maintained setting. Happy birthday and keep on running everyone.
Thank you,


Roundhay parkrun 418 – 20th April

What a beautiful morning for a parkun!  This week at event number 418 we were blessed with a sunny  Easter morning, here at Roundhay park, in which 365 people ran, jogged and walked the course, from 24 different clubs, Leeds, London and even the USA.  We welcomed 49 first timers
Run report PHOTO1

and despite a hot Hill of Doom (or maybe because of it?!), there were some staggering sprint finishes throughout the field and a whopping 58 of us recorded new Personal Bests. Congratulations on that hard work paying off. The event was made possible by 23 volunteers

  Run report PHOTO2

captained by Jan

Run report PHOTO3

and brought to a conclusion by our tail walker X

Run report PHOTO4
Many thanks to ALL of our volunteers who are the engine that drives parkrun -if you want to volunteer please do let us know.

Next week we look forward to welcoming the Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons back.  Additionally it will be Roundhay parkrun’s 8th birthday on Saturday 27th April. Feel free to bring cake!  We’ll be presenting the annual awards that morning and would also like to give out some “spot prizes” at the run. If you’d like to donate a small prize (eg running magazine, chocs etc) and/or nominate the spot-prize category please let us know and bring the prize in advance or on the day (previous spot prizes have been for first finisher in a hat, second dog, finisher 247, first wearing glasses, first in a 50 t-shirt, etc). Please see us at parkrun or email in to:

There is also a committee meeting after the birthday run which is open to anyone who is interested.

See you next week!


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