Roundhay parkrun Event #82 – It’s getting colder!

Roundhay parkrun Event Number 82

Saturday 01 December 2012

This week its Simon and I am covering for the 'legend' that is Neil who normally writes the run reports and who decided to have some quality time spent being a Dad.  I am sure he will be ready to spell check this report with a fine tooth comb

In timely fashion it appeared on Friday that Winter was maybe about to arrive and that means the dreaded ice!  I went down to the course late on Friday night to check and see if there was any icy patches and at 8 pm it was already - 1.5 and the hat and gloves were out!  We try not to cancel runs the night before, just in case as happened, it warms up overnight and is safe to run.

Myself, Ronnie, Ronnie Junior and Louisa were at the course before 8 am and it had rained overnight and the temperature was up, and thankfully there were only a few patches of ice and Ronnie set off with some salt and did his little bit for safety.  its worthwhile to say that we have a proud record at Roundhay of only cancelling due to other events in the park as we love to run, but we would not hesitate to cancel, if we though that somebody may get hurt.

This week we were pleased to welcome the visiting Leeds Series and this is a FREE to enter series of runs in the Leeds area that is set up and ran organised by the Leeds Athletic Network, further details by following the link below:

This week we were blessed with brilliant numbers of Volunteers and after recent weeks where numbers had gone down, we are seeing the numbers rise again and we have a brilliant core group of hardy Volunteers.

One of those Volunteers is Violet Gill and she was voted by the Core Team as the Volunteer of the Month for November and we are glad to have her on board. We locally produce a certificate to thank one Volunteer a Month as we feel that we should thank Volunteers as much as we do runners.

I would have thought that there would be lower numbers due to the recent lower temperatures, but we had 152 hardly souls who wanted to have a run through the amazing Roundhay park and it continues our trend that has seen the run go from averaging 100, to around 150 odd a week since the Olympics.

This week, I was Run Director, it had been a while since I had actually been RD, due the fact that we now have so many fab Run Directors who stand in at a moments notice and it means that we can all have time away from the run, or even just run!
The usual Run Brief was given, and we make no apology for the length of the brief, especially when we have a number of new runners and the fact that safety might be an issue, and we know that a lot of you have come to enjoy the fun that we have. I was really happy to give Ed Halliday his 100 Club jacket, thanks to parkrun sponsors adidas, a brilliant achievement by Ed who seems to be around almost as much as our other favourite fellow and 100 Club Member, Graham Pawley.

Ronnie was on the timer and gave the obligatory 1,2 3 and go and I was pacing at 22.30 and away the field went. The Marshals were in fine fettle and thanks to J-P who was at the top of ‘Gambon Corner’ encouraging everybody and warning runners of the nice downhill that we have and also being directed around some ice at the bottom of ‘Gambon Corner’

I was not surprised to hear that our Course Record Holder James Smith won by a country mile in 16.42, I ask him to try and set a new course record of 14.59, and I am sure that he will be back from some more, even better is that James has shown that even the fastest runners can also Volunteer at Roundhay and we are thankful to have him as a runner and Volunteer. Alas there was no John ‘The Headband’ Robson, who has more Top 5 places than I have ran at any parkrun, some say he waxes his head especially for his headband, all we know is that he is John Robson!

Overall, you could see the effect of the Leeds Series as it was a tighter affair behind James, with the next four men separated by only 30 odd seconds.

For the ladies we had Nicky Green go round in a super speedy 20.24 and her Club is Barnsley, I wonder if she thinks that Roundhay is tougher than Barnsley parkrun? After all, we all know that we have the ‘toughest run’ 2nd was Josie Cram from Uni of Leeds and 3rd was Roundhay stalwart Liga MAGDALENOKA-KEEN

There were a few notable performance as ever and James Smith came in with the highest age grading of 77.84% and a brilliant run by Hetta Morath with 76.26% and I am sure that she will not mind us mentioning that she is in the 70 – 74 Age Category and still running 30 minutes for 5k!

We also had our highest ever number of 100 Club Members running with 6 and also we had 6 50 Club Members as well and we have Carol and Adam Bull fast approaching the 100 Club and are both on 93 runs!

Performance of the day though has got to go to little Oliver Renshaw, who I am told is 4 years old and completed the full 5k with his Dad in 40.32. What an amazing run and a pleasure for us to cheer him over the line after many others had gone home! Seeing runs like this makes you remember what it is all about and to see the face on children as they finish is brilliant.

At the end we had the new and fab Tea and Coffee Team on hand to serve drinks to the now pretty cold runners and our thanks go to Bekki and Rachel and also to the David Young Academy for providing the equipment. Bekki will be doing this for at least the next 10 weeks and although it is FREE, she would be grateful for any spare pennies that you have that will go towards her fund raising for the Virgin Marathon 2013.

The Official Results are below:
Men's placings:

James SMITH (SM30-34) of Leeds City AC, was first over the line in 16:42 - 6th time in 6 appearances.
Peter HOPSON (SM25-29) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:16.
James WILKINSON (SM30-34) of Pudsey & Bramley AC, was third over the line in 18:26.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Graham PAWLEY (Unattached) 2345 pts.
Adam PARTON (Valley Striders AC) 2211 pts.
Jeremy RICHARDSON (Unattached) 1802 pts.
Women's placings:

Nicky GREEN (VW40-44) of Barnsley AC, was first (11th overall) over the line in 20:24 - first appearance.
Josie CRAM (SW20-24) of University of Leeds AC, was second (20th overall) over the line in 21:06.
Liga MAGDALENOKA-KEEN (VW35-39) of Chapel Allerton Road Runners, was third (23rd overall) over the line in 21:34 - Has been first to finish on 7 previous occassions.
Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:

Bekki WHEATLEY (Chapel Allerton Road Runners) 2288 pts.
Patricia Ann NOLAN (Unattached) 1882 pts.
Lindsay SHORT (Unattached) 1856 pts.
The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

James SMITH (SM30-34) was graded 77.84 % for the time 16:42 (first overall).
Jim WHELDON (VM60-64) was graded 76.29 % for the time 21:01 (19th overall).
Hetta MORATH (VW70-74) was graded 76.26 % for the time 30:11 (122nd overall).
This week there were 152 runners, of whom 19 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 19 different athletics clubs took part.
Roundhay parkrun started on 23rd April 2011, and since then 2,139 different runners, including participants from 118 athletics clubs, have completed 9,964 runs covering a total distance of 49,820 km, and there have been 2,405 new Personal Bests.
The Women's course record is held by Charlotte WILLS who ran in a time of 18:35 on 15th October 2011 (event number 24).
The Men's course record is held by James SMITH who ran in a time of 15:34 on 19th November 2011 (event number 29).
The Age Grade course record is held by James SMITH who recorded a 83.30 % run (15:34) on 19th November 2011 (event number 29).

A few notices:

Please remember that if you do not remember to bring your barcode that you will not be allocated a time, you will appear as the now famous ‘unknown runner’ There are no exceptions to this rule and the Volunteers and Run Directors are asked to enforce this rule. Please do not use the “but at X parkrun we are allowed to do it”

Please check Facebook, Twitter and this page for notices to see if the parkrun is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will normally not take the decision to cancel until early on Saturday morning and it is your responsibility to check.

On 22 December we will be having our Christmas Run, please wear your Santa Suits and any other Christmas fancy dress, there will be prizes for the best dressed and I hear that there will be mince pies and the like as well!

There will be a Christmas Day run on Tuesday 25 December and the time of the run is yet to be decided. It has not been decided whether there will be a New Years run, if you are able to Volunteer on either day, please let us know as we have to have at least 4 people to put a safe run on.


As ever, we are always on the lookout for Volunteers and so if you have never Volunteered before, are injured or just want to give something back to your local run for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning, please drop us a line at

That’s all for this week, we will hopefully see normal banter and facts and figures return this week from resident ‘hack’ Neil ‘I also have a headband’ Holloway

Stay warm and safe!