Roundhay parkrun Committee (Next Meeting 12 Jan 13 @ 1000)

As Roundhay parkrun approaches its 2nd Birthday in April 2013, a Committee is being formed that will take on the responsibilities of this run.

Roundhay is a brilliant community and has many people who can bring different things to the run and it is right that the responsibilities for this run should be shared between a Committee and that no one person should carry the burden and responsibility of a run.

There has been an initial meeting and the first meeting of 2013 will be held after parkrun at Napa Bar on Street Lane at 1000.  This will be chaired by David Ellis and we thank him for Volunteering.  The meeting is open to any person that has an interest in Roundhay parkrun and there will be at least one meeting per month. 

These meetings are informal and are intially to share the responsibilities of parkrun and form a Team that can continue the brilliant community run that this has become.

It is worth remembering that since Roundhay parkrun has started, nearly 10,500 people have ran in the park and over 1000 people have Volunteered.  This run has had a positive effect on the local community and will continue to do so.

If anybody has any questions about the Committee, please feel free to drop an email to Simon at or speak to him at parkrun or any Run Director or Committee Member.

We look forward to seeing some of you on 12 Jan 13.