Roundhay parkrun Event #87 – Sat 29 Dec 12.

Event #87

They say that it never rains on a parkrun day?  This week the rain started just after the run brief had started, but we are 'hardened' in Yorkshire!

The Run Director this week was the charecter that is Mike Mansfield, and he was supported by a growing number of Volunteers again.  Of course without runners we cannot have a run, but I take my hat off to the Volunteers that stand in the rain and scan barcodes when they can hardly feel fingers and toes.

Tom Williams from parkrun UK was down from Harrogate and this time he had a run and managed to find time to take the kit for New Year and process the results (someone who shall remain nameless SIMON forgot to give him the power lead for the laptop)

On cold and rainy days, the Bandstand is usually a hub of activity and noise and it was again this week, its a shame that we cannot have shutters and a nice warm fire, but the warmth of parkrunners is close.

Tea and Coffee will return to Roundhay very soon and it will be FREE!  We will be asking people to provide some tea and coffee though and you can always make a donation through the donations button as we don't need or have to have any money changing hands.  Committee Member Dave Weight has kindly agreed to speak to the Lakeside Cafe and the Tropical Centre Cafe and hopefully we will have access to a cafe and toilets in the morning.

Mikes Run Brief was as vocal as ever and he even managed to get a shout out to me for my 100th time Volunteering at parkrun.  parkrun is a passion and you do it because you want to and because you want to give something back, I love running, but I also love seeing others do well around our amazing park.

The rain came down, but it did not seem to dampen spirits in the park and it was great to see some old faces back and to have some very fast juniors in the park, its quite humbling to be beaten by a 9 year old who is running 21 minutes and the brilliant think at parkrun is that it is hopfully helping us find the next Mo Farah or Paula Radcliffe.

News from the field

Carol and Diane Bull are cruising towards 100 runs together and are now on 98!  We will help them celebrate on 05 Jan 13 as they reach the fantastic 100 together!

Malcolm Coles does not look like ever stopping as he is at 125 runs and ran 22.59 yesterday in the 70 - 74 Catergory!

Howard Smith has flown past 50 runs and is now on 52 (Note from Simon, I now know who you are and we had the same with Pete Twigg)

The lovely Denise Drinkall is on 49 runs and will hopefully celebrate her 50th on New Years Day and is an ever present at Roundhay.

Adam Parton is not far behind on 46 runs.

Top Age Grade of the Day was our winner Kieren Savage with a whopping 79.52%

Malcolm Coles not far behind on 78.68%

Tom Williams gained a 26 second PB at Roundhay and that was in the wind and rain!