Event 239 14 November 2015


Do you ever wonder how people train to run in fancy dress? Two runners today abandoned their usual running garb and ran in fluffy onesies. This was to mark World Diabetes day, the connection being onesies – type one diabetes.  Well done to Claire Welling and her niece, Zara.  Claire pledged to donate her time in money. Next step will be the head masks, perhaps?

In spite of Storm Abigail and Abbey Dash on next day, we had a reasonable turnout today, with 194 runners, including 12 first timers.  The fallen leaves and rain do not make for the best running conditions on this course, so well done to those athletes who achieved a PB today: 29 in total.

Here are some of our younger runners who gave of their all:

Olivia Howard achieved a new time of 35:45 (just a little ahead of her sister)

Chloe Hainsworth knocked almost two minutes from her previous best with 31:03

Ellen Clement knocked over two minutes from last week’s time with 30:37


Congratulations to Janet Cliff and Paul Crossan who completed their 100th run today. You will soon be wearing your black T shirts with pride.

The official stats are


Men’s Placings

1              Huw LIPPIATT    18:43

2              Mick LOFTUS      19:06     VM45-49

3              Unknown

4              Dan MURRAY     19:38

Women’s Placings

1              Caroline POTE    21:56

2              Kate BELL             22:10

3              Aileen LOFTUS  23:16

Debbie Bland achieved the highest age grading with an impressive 78.73%.

Finally, huge thanks to the volunteers this week; they are the stars of the event. If you, too, would like to be a star why not have a look at the roster for the next few weeks and consider what you might like to do.  Thanks to J, our volunteer coordinator, who has produced details instructions on what is required of each role so there is no need to be afraid.


Happy running!