Run Report for event #444– The Cold One (With No Ice!).

By Dave Lingwood.

A bumper crowd of 446 parkrunners overcame freezing temperatures and descended on Roundhay Park on Saturday to get their weekly parkrun fix. Despite the cancellation of a fair number of parkruns across Yorkshire, the North East and further afield, there was thankfully no sign of ice at Roundhay and even (dare we say it in November) a little sunshine.

Gathering at the start, the Run Director went through some of the milestones. Congratulations to Alistair URQUHART and Phil GILLIBRAND who completed their 100th parkruns respectively, and to Ben MEEKS and Reuben RUSSELLWOOD who celebrated reaching their 50th. Finally, there was a big round of applause for the Mini Mermaids – a fantastically enthusiastic group of youngsters who were out in force to celebrate completing the Couch to 5k challenge. Judging by the speed I saw many running off at, I can fully imagine Roundhay will see many more of them in the future!

With the Briefing done, we were off. Visiting from York – where we do not have hills! – I was excited to test myself on the course. This test came early, starting predictably enough on a hill! After conquering this first climb, I was able to get into a good rhythm. Running past Mansion House, standing dominantly on the hill, it was a joy to set foot on such wide paths. Dropping down to the left at the end of the park, I particularly appreciated the warning about the slippy conditions. Navigating this, I enjoyed the downward stretch and then the snaking section towards the boating lake. At the end of this section, I tackled the full hill with relish. Looking around from my modest position, it was a real joy to see the first runners hammering it around the course and a sea of people both behind them and myself. What other course can offer this I thought? From thereon, I completed two more laps. Whilst each was more challenging, on the positive side it gave many more opportunities to take in the stunning surroundings. All in all – a fantastic parkrun, a stunning location and a great, friendly Yorkshire welcome.

Many congratulations to all the participants including the following:

Daniel JOSEPHS – First Male Finisher (18:14)
Jihanna ALLARD – First Female Finisher (20:08)
Sue SUNDERLAND – Best Age Grading (79.89%).
Adam BULL and Carol Diane BULL - Most Experienced Parkrunners, amazingly completing their 439th parkruns together.

For the benefit of the statistically inclined we welcomed 63 first time visitors from different parkruns, and runners from clubs in Dublin, Selby, Harrogate, Tadcaster, High Peak, Northowram, Woodhall, York and Beverley. Congratulations to the 54 parkrunners who all smashed their PBs, an amazing achievement given the cold conditions and challenging course.

We finally welcomed 17 first ever parkrunners to Roundhay. Well done to Jack BACKHOUSE, Richard SELLMAN, Ugne STANIULIONYTE, Ben MCCARRICK, Alex MCCARRICK, Lance COBURN, Conor DEVLIN, Minnie DEVLIN, Eloise DUTESON, Harvey SPONG, Dan DUMMER, Gary GAIR-DUMMER, Darren GREENWOOD, Ben BEDFORD, Louis SPONG, Nathan TAYLOR and Nick TAYLOR. Congratulations to you all and welcome to the parkrun family. If you can make it today on such a cold day, next time will be a breeze I’m sure!

Today’s parkrun wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to ensuring the event went as smoothly as ever. Thank you to the following awesome volunteers who braved the challenging conditions:

Emma BLUEMINK, Sidney BLUEMINK, Dan BORDOLEY, Ann CHIVERS, Daniel CHUBB, Eshana DASANJH, David GEE, Elaine GEE, Joel GIDDINGS, Agamya GUPTA, Christine HUCKERBY, Karen ILLINGWORTH, Steve JONES, Philip LIM, Dave LINGWOOD, Mary O’DONNELL, Philip RIXHAM, Penelope ROBINSON, Anthony STONES, James TARRAN, Dave WEIGHT and Andrew WICKS.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Roundhay parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by James SMITH who recorded a time of 15:34 on 19h November 2011 (event number 29).
The female record is held by Lizzie BROWNE who recorded a time of 17:46 on 13th June 2015 (event number 217).
The Age Grade course record is held by Gill MYERS who recorded 85.52% (20:22) on 31st August 2013 (event number 122).


Roundhay parkrun #443 – 2nd November

Autumn is most definitely upon us with the park throwing some beautiful colours via the falling leaves and 288 of us got together this morning at the 443rd Roundhay parkrun.


In amongst us were 10 doing their first ever parkrun and a further 30 running with us here at Roundhay for the first time; well done to you all and we hope to see you with us again.


Congratulations to Jennifer WHITEMAN who joined the 50 club today and Ian MEIKLE who joined the 100 club as well as the 34 recording PBs this morning.


Our Run Director John reminded us about the working party next week helping the Friends of Roundhay Park doing a general spruce and tidy. We’ll meet at the bandstand at the end of parkrun, if you can lend some time to help improve and maintain the beautiful park that we call home, please simply stay behind and make sure that you’ve your gardening clothes.


27 volunteers helped to make today's event happen – if you fancy volunteering in the coming weeks, have a look at the roster and then send us an email – AND, whilst we’re at it, if you want to help our sister event Roundhay Junior parkrun which happens here on a Sunday morning then please feel free to have look at their roster and get in touch.

Until next week – stay warm!


Roundhay parkrun #441 – 19th Oct

It was a lovely Autumn morning in the park, 316 people took part and we had 18 volunteers. Today we welcomed 11 first timers to the parkrun family.

The park is beautiful this time of year, the autumnal colours are stunning. There was lots of leaves on the ground and a few puddles but none of that ruined a great parkrun morning!

first timers 19th oct


Congratulations to Judith Lebof who ran her 100th and Kelsie Johnson for her 50th!

junior volunteer 19th octvolunteers 19th oct

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers today led by Jonathan our run director for the morning. We have been finding it hard to fill our rosters lately so please consider volunteering if you can do. Email

On the 9th November there is a working party helping the Friends of Roundhay Park straight after parkrun. This is a volunteer group that look after the park. Anybody can join and it's a brilliant way to give back to the park. It's usually bits of gardening, you don't need any experience or skills. I have zero gardening skills and have helped at many! There is also often coffee and biscuits!! (can't guarantee that!)

See you next week!




Roundhay parkrun #440 – 12th October

357 were at the 440th Roundhay parkrun this morning.

Unfortunately we started with the sad news that a young member of our community is no longer with us and we’d all like to extend our thoughts and best wishes to his family.


It was lovely to welcome 17 of you who ran your first ever parkrun with us today and 40 of you who were new to Roundhay, including a lovely contingent from the Northowram Pumas, (pictured above) and a parkrunner from ‘that there London’, we hope to see you all again soon

Well done to Steve JONES, Lucas JOHNSTONE (pictured below), Ian Mark HARRIS, Martin MCGUIRE and Margaret MCGUIRE who all joined the 100 club, and Matthew BLAKELEY and Oleksandr PETUKHOV who joined the 50 club – we look forward to seeing you in your new milestone t-shirts soon.


Congratulations to the 57 of you who achieved a PB

18 volunteers helped to make this event happen – if you fancy volunteering in the coming weeks, have a look at the roster and then send us an email… all are more than welcome.

See you all next week for #441.



Roundhay parkrun #439 – 5th October

A crisp autumnal morning drew 338 of us together to the 439th Roundhay parkrun. In case you hadn’t realised this weekend parkrun as a whole is 15 years old and to celebrate there are a few golden batons going around parkruns as part of the Big Community Relay, and there was one here ably spotted in the hands of Janet TODD and photographed by volunteer Duncan HINDLE - we're told that it might make an appearance at Castle Howard parkrun next week...


Just so you know, our birthday is on April 23rd and we’ll be 9 years old next year… not sure there’ll be a golden baton though!

It was lovely to welcome 16 of you who ran your first ever parkrun with us today and 30 of you who were new to Roundhay, we hope to see you again soon


24 volunteers – a full roster – helped to make this event happen – if you fancy volunteering in the coming weeks, have a look at the roster and then send us an email… all are more than welcome.

Well done to Rachel DAVIDSON who ran her 50th run with us today and the 56 of you who achieved a PB.

See you all next week.


Roundhay parkrun #438 – 28th September

It wasn't a surprise to have a lower than normal attendance today as it was pouring down with rain! Today 268 people walked, jogged or ran at Roundhay. 51 were first timers and there were 36 PB's today!

It was raining before the start as many people huddled in the bandstand.

28th sept - bandstand

The rain didn't stop the enthusiasm of the many runners who did attend. As a back of the pack runner I get the pleasure of seeing all the runners spread around the cricket pitch. I've often thought about stopping to take a picture and today I did!

28th sept - cricket

We had a big milestone today. Two years ago Dermot registered for parkrun and completed his first ever parkrun at Roundhay in September 2017, today he celebrated his 100th run! Well done Dermot!

28th sept - dermot

Big thanks to the supporters who came out to celebrate Ed Powells 40th birthday today. You may have seen banners and a lot of runners (and dogs) in headbands. Happy birthday Ed!

28th sept - Ed

Well done to everyone who took part this week

See you next week!



Roundhay parkrun #436 – 21st September

What a lovely morning to meet up for parkrun; 353 of us did!


A huge well done to the 21 people who did parkrun for the very first time and the additional 32 who tackled the Hill of Doom for the first time.


21 awesome volunteers brought you todays run including Harriet Carlyle who not only celebrated her 100th parkrun but managed to combine it with her 100th time volunteering - well done and thank you.


Remember that if you want to follow in her footsteps you are more than welcome to volunteer at Roundhay on any given Saturday, just drop us a line!


In addition to Harriet, we celebrated some other milestones; Megan Moore, Caroline Richardson, Helen McGrath, John McHale joined 1,291 others across the parkrun world who joined the parkrun 50 club – a huge well done to you all, we look forward to seeing you in your new red shirts soon.


There were also 59 of you who got that sweet feeling of a PB – a lovely way to start the weekend.

As an added treat Philip Bland was with us with his camera his pictures can be found here.

Until next week…


Event number# 435 -September 7 2019

A stand-in report writer this week so I am afraid that there are no photos.

It was back to school week and, perhaps, this was why we had 55 new parkrunners among the 347 people who ran, jogged and walked round our lovely park. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. The weather was in our favour with glorious sunshine.

There was one major milestone run:Oliver Lunt ran his 100th parkrun .

Debbie Bland was very close to toppling the age grading record with a staggering 83.54%.

The event was made possible by our wonderful hi- viz volunteers:

Joel GIDDINGS • Graham PAWLEY • Rob MARSH • Dave WEIGHT • Philip BLAND • Jonathan SMITH • Sidney BLUEMINK • Emma BLUEMINK • Julie OLDFIELD • Robin COGHLAN • John WALKER • Helen ROBERTS • Hannah CORNE • Claire WELLING • Richard FENNELL • Penelope ROBINSON • Hannah PARMLEY • Nick DEWSNAP • Richard HARTLEY • Dan BORDOLEY • Jo PEAKE • Heather BUTTERWORTH • Juliet NOWELL • Agamya GUPTA

See you next week.


Roundhay parkrun #434 – 31st August

Today was a beautiful day in the park. 316 people ran, walked and jogged their way around the course. Including 19 people doing their first parkrun, welcome and we hope you enjoyed your morning!

27 recorded new PB's today including our first finisher Callum who ran 16:06 making it the 3rd fastest time ever at Roundhay.

31 Aug. start 31st aug funnel

Thank you to everyone who volunteered today, it always makes it easier when there is a full rota and today we had a fantastic 26 volunteers!

31 aug volunteers


Roundhay regulars

Today we meet another of our regular runners and volunteers at Roundhay, Penny Robinson.

Penny has completed 156 parkruns (141 of those at Roundhay) and today was Penny's 100th time as a volunteer! You can often find Penny looking after the tokens and making sure they are in the correct order for next week.

31 aug Penny

Penny started running a few years back and was running regularly but wasn't really enjoying it. Although she had heard of parkrun, Penny decided it wasn't for her, she didn't feel she was a good enough runner and the idea of mass participation didn't appeal. Now she regrets that and wishes she had come earlier! Penny did her first event in 2015 and was addicted straight away. It started a whole new world for her. She found the people lovely and felt welcomed into a group she never though she would belong to.

Penny enjoys being a part of the parkrun community and feels everybody can be a part of it.  Since joining parkrun Penny has gone onto join a running club and has completed 10k's and half marathons.

That's it for this week! I'm away for the next 3 weeks, if you'd like to volunteer and write a run report please get in touch!





Roundhay parkrun #433 – 24th August

After two weeks of cancellations due to Ed Sheeran in the park it was great to be back! We had glorious weather and great to see the park regrowing after the concerts.

We had 341 people take part today with 70 first timers. Today we had our 15,000 finisher since Roundhay parkrun began in 2011!

Today was brought to you by 24 fabulous volunteers under the watchful eye of our Run Director today Jan. As ever we are always looking for volunteers so please get in touch if you are able to help out.

One of the volunteer roles is first time briefing, below is Dave doing exactly that!

24th Aug 1st timers


There were a number of milestones today, Chris Simpson and Ron Pogue completed their 50th. Tom Storey completed his 100th. Phil Burton and Danny Smith completed their 250th and provided cake! Well done to everyone hitting milestones today

24th Aug Phil nd Danny

Some of you may have noticed a bride and bridesmades running today. Today is Aisling's hen party! On arriving at Roundhay, her friends surprised her with the outfits. It didn't hold Aisling back and she still managed to finish 3rd lady! Thanks for joining us and have a fabulous hen party.

24th Aug

Thats all for this week, I'll see you all same time next Saturday!



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