Roundhay parkrun and inclement weather


At Roundhay parkrun, safety is always paramount, we want every single person to get round without injury and touch wood, that after 81 Events, we have had no major incidents and we would like it to remain this way.

We are at that time of year when it can become very cold and ice can form overnight and this means that we have to decide whether the course is safe enough to run or not.

It can be a very tough decision to have to take at the last moment if you are faced with 150 people who have made the effort to come to Roundhay in order to run, but I am sure that you will understand that getting you all home safely is top of the agenda and that this is the time to remember that this is a fun and FREE run and that there is always next week.

Decisions about whether the run would take place has to be taken as early as possible on the day, as Tom (UK parkrun Manager) has recently stated, he took the decision to cancel a parkrun the night before due to ice and then it cleared by the morning.  We can not always get it perfectly right as we are human beings and cannot control the weather.

Where possible, we will not cancel if we can find a route that looks okay, and we will run 1 lap on the morning to check it, but it also needs an amount of common sense from runners, to understand that they should take care when running round and to remember that they can take the decision to run and that it is not our responsibility if you cannot run.

It can often be very easy as a runner to sit on the sidelines and make decisions that affect many Volunteers and runners and we ask for your support when we make these decisions based on a number of things that you may not be party to.

Here are a few helpful points:

1. If it is cold, please wrap up well and warm up and down to prevent injury.

2. Please take care on the course if it is wet or slippy, you would be advised of this on the run brief.

3. Remember that it is a FREE run and that you can always run quicker when the course is in better condition.

4. REMEMBER that safety ALWAYS comes first.

Please see below an extract from the parkrun f.a.q

Thank you as always for your continued support and we shall see you wrapped up well in the morning.

If you have any feedback or comments, please send an email to

Thank you

Event Director


Children Running at Roundhay parkrun

At Roundhay parkrun, we are proud to say that we have a very family orientated event that has a growing number of children who are attending.

As some of the Team have children, we are sure that you will understand that safety is paramount and that the safety of children in the park is even more paramount as we never want any situation to arise in an unblemished event.

The undermentioned is taken from the parkrun F.A.Q section and we ask that you adhere to this at all times:

"Can children take part?


Yes - we love to see happy children taking part and finishing. We ask that children under 11 are accompanied throughout the run by a parent or guardian. We should make clear that the governing body (UK Athletics) say children aged under 13 should not take part in any road race of distance greater than 4km. However, provided younger children are not put under any undue pressure to perform by teachers, coaches, parents or guardians they may take part for fun."

We thank you for your understanding with this and hope that you agree that we should safeguard our children at all times.

If you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to speak to Simon or Ronnie at parkrun or the Run Director of the day, or drop an email to

Thank you

Roundhay parkrun Team



Reverse Run, Roundhay Runners Take Over, Halloween Run

We have some fab events that are coming up in October as we say goodbye to Summer, what Summer I hear you say?  Its ALWAYS sunny at parkrun.

 On Saturday 06 October 2012, we have the reverse run and it does what it says on the tin, we reverse the route and you get the big hill going up and get a nice run coming back down to the finish and its a bit of fun.

Facebook Event Page

On Saturday 13th October 2012, we have Roundhay Runners taking over the event as part of our 'adopt a parkrun'  We invite running clubs around Leeds to promote the club and take on the major roles and it is a great way to see what a running club does and you may even want to join.

Facebook Event Page

Roundhay Runners Website

On Saturday 27th October its a rather spooky Halloween Run, we would like you to join in the fun and come dressed spookily, we understand that Ronnie will be coming as himself, although he is not that scary as he does give HUGS as well :)

Facebook Event Page

A few different events to be involved in and to have some fun along the way and we hope to see some of you come along as either a runner or a Volunteer.

Events in October at Roundhay parkrun


Message about today run (22-9-2012)

Unfortunatly, this morning we had an issue with one of the barcode readers and Adrian and Ronnie, spent 2 hours trying to resolve this and do what they could.

It may mean that you have either a duplicate result, no result or an incorrect one, if you feel that there is an issue with your result, please send an email to with your Name, Barcode Number and what you feel the issue was, we will then look at them later in the week and re-send the results if this needs to happen.

Somethimes these things happen and we are a Group of Volunteers, who will always do our best to get a correct set of results out and after all its FREE!

Thank you for your patience and again, we offer our apologies.

Simon, Ronnie and Adrian


parkrun T-shirts & this weeks timer

Just to let you all know we have a backlog of T-shirts at parkrun HQ so everyone WILL get their shirt eventually if you can just bear with us that would be great.  Also there was an issue with the servers uploading results - we had a record 24,000+ runners this week! - but they are on the way if yours is missing.  Many thanks for your understanding.Roundhay parkrun team


A nice letter …..

Hey parkrun, 

If someone had said to me six months ago that I’d complete a 10k course I would have laughed in their face! Having spent three years at university drinking too much alcohol, eating take-aways most nights and not really looking after my health, running was the last thing on my mind. That was until my sister Bekki Wheatley invited me to join her and run 5k at Roundhay parkrun. I came up with excuses for a couple of weeks and then decided to just bite the bullet and give it a go. I was so nervous on the way there the first time but needn’t have been! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I became part of the Roundhay parkrun family straight away. The volunteers and marshals encouraged me the whole way round as they do every week at Roundhay. 

Now I’ve done 13 parkruns since March at three different parkrun locations. I’m about a stone lighter, a lot fitter and am going to complete my second 10k this Sunday! All this in just over 4 months and it’s all thanks to Bekki and to parkrun! Woop woop! 

Rachel Derry 


Bring a Friend Day !!

Together with Join In Local Sport, we are aiming to make the parkrun on Saturday 18th August the biggest ever! 

If you only do one parkrun this summer*, make sure it’s Saturday 18th August – on the first weekend between the Olympics Closing Ceremony and the start of the Paralympics. 

That’s when we’re teaming up with Join In Local Sport to help create the UK’s biggest ever celebration of local sport. 

Join In aims to bring the huge enthusiasm for sport from London 2012 back to every community in the UK. It’s a once in a lifetime celebration of everyone who helps to make an Olympian – from the coaches to the tea ladies, the competitors to the volunteers and supporters. Find out more at 

There are already 5,000 special events happening between 13th to the 28th August at sports clubs and community groups, but parkrun will be kicking off the Join In Weekend in style with a Super Saturday. 

Bring a friend 

The idea is to get as many people running on Saturday the 18th August at every single parkrun around the country. 

So if your friends have been inspired by Mo, Jess or the Brownlee brothers, make sure they join you at your parkrun on the 18th. Don’t forget to get them registered on the site first! 

No country has ever done anything like this before. It is the UK’s biggest celebration of local sport and we'd love parkrun to kick the weekend off in style. 

Of course we will need some extra friendly lovely bubbly volunteers to make sure any first timer runners are warmly welcomed as always without volunteers we have no run. So if you feel you can give up your weekly run this week and help out we'll meet you at the bandstand about 8:20!  If not don't forget to bring a friend!

 Lets have a great weekends parkrun and keep the Olympic spirit burning in Leeds!


The parkrun show

If you have never heard the parkrun show its a weekly podcast of all things parkrun and this week we had a terrific review of our run following one of the presenters visits. Like parkrun its completely free and this weeks review really does capture what we are about at Roundhay so why don't you have a listen in ?

Subscribe for free:-

More Info:-



A lovely letter

 Hi parkrun, 

I run as often as I can with my husband Ian and our 10 year old Thomas at Roundhay parkrun in Leeds. 
Last year I had my third brain tumour surgery before which I had never run any distance, apart from for a bus! When I came round from the operation I couldn’t use my left hand side at all and had to teach a different part of my brain to allow me to walk. Once I had mastered that I had lots of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, during which time I was desperate to lose some weight and get fit again. I decided if I could learn to walk again then surely I could teach myself to run! Thus I did! 
A friend then mentioned parkrun and I’ve never looked back. Thanks to the hard work - parkrun and training runs during the week - I managed to run the Leeds Run for all 10K last week for BTRS (Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire) in 65 minutes. As with parkrun I told myself that if I could go through 3 lots of brain surgery, the last op being an awake one, then I can manage to run ‘X’ amount of kilometres! 
Thank you parkrun, especially all those involved with Roundhay parkrun, for helping me to improve sufficiently to be able to succeed in spite of health issues. 
Carpe Diem, 
Cathi Core 

Roundhay parkruin goes French!!

We will be going all en Francais tomorrow so come wearing your Berets & Onions as we celebrate all things French!!. Baguettes, Vin Rouge, Croisants and soft cheeses etc etc etc will all be making an appearance!


See you all at Le Bandstand!