Children running under the age of 11

At Roundhay parkrun, we pride ourselves on the number of familes that we have running and that we have a great number of young children that are running.

We ask that you do not allow your child or children who are under the age of 11 to run unaccompanied and that you remain with them at all times.

If your child is much slower than you, or even faster than you, we suggest that you either stay with your child or children or do not bring your child or children and have your own run.

We ask for your co-operation with this request and a Member of the Team will speak to you, if your child or children is running by themselves and they are under 11.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact Roundhay parkrun at



Sweatshop Prize Winner for December 2012 – Tim Crew

We are delighted to announce that the December 2012 winner of the Sweatshop Prize is Tim "Booming Voice" Crew.

Tim is now an ever present at Roundhay parkrun and has been chipping away at his times and finally at Event 90 he broke 20 minutes!

He has become an asset to the Team at Roundhay, Volunteering on a number of occasions in December and offering to step up at a moments notice.

Some of you will have heard him before you saw him when he was a Marshal at Gambon Corner, he certainly has a far reaching voice and encouraged many of you on a very cold day.

Tim has recently shadowed a Run Director and we look forward to seeing him Run Direct in 2013 and carry on his brilliant support for Roundhay parkrun.

There can be many winners each month of this brilliant prize, but for December it is Tim Crew.

Tims prize is a fantastic one as well, a brand new pair of trainers courtesy of parkrun sponsors Sweatshop and our thanks as always go to them.

The Sweatshop Prize is decided each month by the Roundhay parkrun Committee

I wanted to add a picture of Tim, but I can't do it at the moment, BUT I will be back!



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